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May 22, 2022, 06:34:32 am

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Author Topic: A Halloween one-shot: Are you Afraid of the Dark?  (Read 861 times)

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A Halloween one-shot: Are you Afraid of the Dark?
« on: October 10, 2013, 11:43:56 pm »
Happy Halloween!

Its October and with it Halloween, my favorite time of the year! Not just because of the costumes and candy, but because its the time of year where scary movies are the best to watch in the dark and craving monsters in your pumpkins is harder then it looks. So I wanted to do a one shot that has been haunting me for a while that falls into one of the great Halloween traditions, a Haunted House.

Here's my idea: My character Talisa is dragged by her sorority sisters to a haunted house that has been the talk of the town. Once inside they are separated and she gets stuck in a dark room where your character is working. While freaking her out by touching and guiding her into the wrong direction to be spooked, Talisa trips and awkwardly falls onto your character where slowly one thing leads to other in the dark room with no door. We can add on to it or if you are interested to play PM me! ^^

Sneak Peek
“I cant believe you Sarah! Remind me never to play truth or dare with you again.” Talisagrumbled as she pulled down the hem of her costume for what felt like the hundredth time that night. They had just come from Halloween party where her sorority sister dared her to go commando when they went out to all the popular haunted houses. “Well at lest you didn’t have to drink that shit she put together,” Jessie complained still trying to wash out the alcoholic concoction with a can of Dr. Pepper. “Ya’ll stop acting like babies and come on. There barely a line now,” Sarah giggled as they hurried to the entrance to the Slaughter House. Talisa looked up at the broken down building that was known to make you piss your pants and possibly scare you to death. It was dark and only a few lights revealed scary decor while movement in some of the windows didnt look human. Even in the line of day she could tell it was a creepy house. She knew most of the college kids worked here and was lucky to score free passes from her roommate a few nights ago. They walked up to a guy in a Michael Myers mask who was taking cash and checking tickets. Ripping off the stubs he gave the trio a thumbs up to their costumes. Talisa gave a small smile and again pulled on her Jason jersey as Sarah fluffed her hair and started to nibble on her Freddy claw while Jesse rolled her eyes and whacked her with her Chucky ax. “Ou!” “Move it or Ill find a real one to hack you with.” Sarah pouted as they all moved into a dim lit room with lines of benches. Up front was a guy that should have been on the cover of a WWE magazine, but with all the leather he was wearing maybe a BDSM book cover. Sarah jumped the benches and sat up front while Jesse slowly sat next to her either bored or too drunk to know what was going on. The man’s eyes looked over them as he explained the rules.

As he was barking at Jesse to toss her can of soda into the bin next to him, Sarah was giving him gaga eyes and showing a lot of leg. Fifty shades then turned to Talisa and pointed next to Sarah and she hurried to comply to his silent command not wanting to be shackled to any red room of pain here. She kept her legs tightly closed as the dress started to rid up as she sat, as he told them they were waiting while the others spread out throughout the house. “No rough housing, the actors in the house will touch you to scare you, be sure not to hurt them while they are trying to do their job. Please not flash photography and turn your cell phones off, and do not call 911.” With that a door to the side opened letting off a red glow. The man smiled an evil grin and waved them to the door, “Good luck…” Sarah and Jesse got up and made their way to the door and Talisa jumped to follow, turning back when she herd the gaint man laugh behind them.

Following her friends down a long narrow hallway Talisa clutched the plastic machete in both hands to tight she could feel it start to bend. Suddenly the lights in the hall when out and Sarah screamed while Jesse was laughing and calling her a chicken. Talisa let out a shriek as something grabbed her ankle with cold hands. Pulling away she stumbled on her heeled boots and fell through a swinging wall and was dumped in a dark room with two strobe lights that flickered every few minutes. Turning back to the wall she fell through she banged and pushed on it to go the way she came. "Jesse, Sarah! Hey!" Finding it locked and the rock music too loud for her friends to hear her, she turned back to the room. She couldn’t see the hand in front of her till the lights started to flicker but even then she couldn’t see the whole room or what was in it. She tried to calm down and swallowed as she followed the wall all the way around to see if she could find a door knob. Once she felt she circled the room a good three times she gathered all her courage to wonder into the middle of the room. She bit her lip feeling as if someone was watching her. “Hello?” she squeaked holding her fake weapon as a bat the fear of being trapped making her feel a little panicked and scared.