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Author Topic: Naturally Dom M seeking Sub/Switch F  (Read 693 times)

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Naturally Dom M seeking Sub/Switch F
« on: October 07, 2013, 11:52:27 pm »
Alright so I'm back on Elliquiy after a hiatus.  Now that I'm back I'm craving some juicy role plays.  I am looking for female writing partners to partake in mainly smut based role plays since I get my fill of plot/story-based role plays elsewhere.  So I'm shamelessly saying that I'm here to get kinky.  This does not mean that I don't like story and plot, I love them both.  Even a story set up to have a lot of sex scenes still has a plot and a story behind it, so I'm not saying that we cast it out I'm just looking for a good balance between the two if not leaning more slightly toward the smut. 

I'm looking for females that don't mind reading and writing at least a couple of paragraphs.  Quality is always better than quantity, but there comes a point where a little bits of text cannot hope to achieve quality.  So I'm looking for someone that likes the juicy details like I do.  Don't be afraid to describe the surroundings, what your character is wearing, thinking, feeling or doing.  Also don't hold back on those naughty and lewd descriptions during the sex scenes.

NOTE:  Not all the ideas have to involve humans.  I like other various races too such as elves, demons, angels, furries/anthros, werewolves, vampires, etc.

Inspired Ideas
The Prototype (Inspired by the game Prototype) - My character was turned into a weapon of destruction.  He was just a normal human before, a soldier until they took him and started to perform fatal experiments on him.  He survived, his body adapting to the virus they injected him with as he gained inhuman strength and powers.  He was meant to be used as a weapon...but it does not work out that way.
-I see this going many ways.  She could be one of the scientists that help to free him and work alongside him to perhaps bring down the government/agency that has been experimenting and infecting innocent people.  Maybe he was a stolen Prototype, he was still in the stasis tank and asleep and she is a soldier/bounty hunter...a leader of a team that is sent to retrieve him, unaware that this prototype weapon is actually a person (this could be a space/futuristic setting as well with her boarding a spaceship and finding him in a lab).  Or...he infected her with the virus and her body adapted too, finally he found someone to fight alongside him so he won't be alone and he trains her to use her new found powers.

For Hire (Inspired by GTA) - He is ex-military and can handle any gun or vehicle.  He is strong, fast, intelligent and well trained in the field.  She is a hacker and can get into any system or database and pick any lock...not to mention kick some ass if she must.  The two of them are a team.  They may be hired to collect an item or bag and tag a target for a fee or they may plan and execute a heist.  It's their living, it's not honest but they are damn good at it and it brings in a lot of cash.  It allows them to travel all over the world, which they have to anyways to keep the heat off and the officials guessing as they cover their tracks and delete their records.  Beyond being a team with great chemistry in the field they also have incredible chemistry in the bedroom and often experience the hot and passionate throws of rough and steamy sex.

Her Knight (Skyrim Inspired) - A young woman is found out to be the Dragonborn and he is assigned to protect her (maybe hired by someone in her family, or he could be assigned her housecarl or whatever).  He is a Nord, a strong, tall and burly man with full heavy armor and a master at using shields and melee weapons.  Perhaps she could be a young mage or archer, more of a long range and stealthy fighter while he is up close and personal.  The basic idea is that he is there to of course protect and serve, but there is an obvious physical attraction between them, maybe even an exotic one depending on her race.  Basically I'm looking for some contrast between them, not just their size and appearance but also their abilities and strengths in a battle as stated above.  Another example may be that he does not know magic, but he has learned some shouts and has studied and trained hard to use them.  She being the Dragonborn can learn and master them in seconds which may frustrate him.  So that's the set up I had in mind.  Maybe she is important because they need her to fight off the Dragons, she could be the only current Dragonborn or there could be very few left.  Perhaps at some point their village is attacked and they two of them have to go running off together.  I would like to have them traveling and adventuring around the lands of Skyrim together and create interesting scenes such as huddled up by a fire, or cuddling in a tent on a snowy mountain to stay warm or even bathing in the same river.

Older Male Roles
The King - As king he has given himself the right to sleep with any woman within the Kingdom or within his grasp. This could range from his daughters, to the daughters of others, to women about to be married, women already married, to various virgins or women that have just become of age and are seeking marriage.  Also slaves/servants/maids/harem girls and women captured from another Kingdom/Village are also fair game to him. Interracial can definitely be a thing here as well, such as if she is of a different Kingdom and different race.  There can be many forms of public scenes such as servicing him on the throne, at war meetings, or while his chariot is riding down the street.

The Father/Step Father - He starts to take notice to how his daughter is developing.  Perhaps he catches her dressing, taking a shower, masturbating or even finds her with another boy. He can find ways to teach her to be his and how to please a man, or rather how to please him. If she is the rebellious type then of course he can teach her some lessons and punish her in various ways. Though he also loves daughters that are playful, curious and obedient. Maybe her mother is no longer around and she is to take her place by cooking, cleaning and tending to her daddy's dick...but maybe mom is still around and they have to be careful that they don't get caught or perhaps the mother does know and she allows it for whatever reason.

The Older Brother/Step Brother - Just like the Father in many ways, but instead it's the brother who has taken an interest in his younger sister. It could be for the same reasons as the Father or the Brother could have different reasons such as he is a young male in his prime, horny and desperate for sex. It can be rough and forceful or a bit more passionate if sister loves her big brother and wants to make him feel good and wants to be his...maybe even a girlfriend/boyfriend situation.

The Boss - He is a man of great riches and as such he has many people working under him, including a secretary that tends to more than just his business needs and in return she gets a big fat bonus in every paycheck. She is there to service him under the desk privately when meeting with a client or fucking on the desk when alone. If in the need and there is no privacy then they can always take it to the executive bathroom or go the the hotel for their lunch break. Of course he brings her on all of his business trips for fun in the limo and private jets. Married or not, he will call her away from home or make her stay late so they can burn a few extra calories that night thrusting against the large window and balcony that overlooks the city. He could also be part of a society where this is regular and takes her to a business meeting where all the men have someone sucking them off or riding them as they talk business.  Formal business orgy anyone?

The Boyfriend - She is younger than him, maybe younger than socially acceptable. He shows her the ways of sex and pleasuring him and experiments with various kinks. He is the jealous and possessive type though, meaning he may get a bit rough just to show that he owns her, especially if she is young and in another school than him and around other boys (such as if he is in college and she is in high school, or perhaps he is no longer in school at all). He will spoil her but also demand things from her. He may buy her slutty outfits and take her out to places where they can have some fun...and maybe record everything they do and take pictures of her to share over the internet. In the end she will be more than his girlfriend, she is also his sex pet but loves and craves every minute of it.

The Dealer - He is a crime boss of some sort or just a well connected dealer and peddles drugs. She is an addict. Maybe she has lost everything due to it or she is completely leaving her life behind for the drugs. Basically he starts trading her drugs for sex, getting her hooked and coming back for more and more until she is his or maybe she becomes his right away if she is that desperate. Soon it's not only the drugs she is addicted to, but him as well as she relates the drugs to being around him and the glorious rough and kinky sex that they have. She is his personal slut and whore, riding around with him and pleasuring him whenever he wants...he even brands her with a tattoo so men in the neighborhood know not to touch or mess with his property.

The Loan Shark - Desperate and in need of money?  He is there to lend it out and take advantage of people. She could be a young girl trying to make it on her own but when she can't pay him back then she has to become his sex slave to work out the debt. Or it could be an older woman/couple with a large loan that cannot pay it off and instead he takes their daughter and trains her to be his little sex pet in order to pay off her parent's debt.

Younger Male Roles
Son/Step Son - His mom or step mom may be feeling unattractive due to her husband/his father not paying attention to her anymore. Her son/step son is more than willing to prove her wrong as he wants nothing more than to fuck this MILF, loving her plump body and filled out curves. Maybe he wants to assert himself as the man of the household, perhaps his father is out of the picture for whatever reason or always off on business. Maybe he just wants to claim her right behind his fathers back and pleasure her in ways his old man never could. Or...his new step mom only married his father for money and now her step son is out to exploit her.

The Neighbor - Next door there lives a young stud who has his eye all over the older woman he lives close to. If she is married then he will visit her whenever her husband is out and give her the fucking of a lifetime. If she is single or her husband is never around then maybe he will come over to help her with something in particular...but the only payment he will want is her mouth on his cock and then deep inside her.

Younger Brother - Younger brother has noticed just how sexy and attractive his older sister is, maybe even so that he has been masturbating to her and jerking off into her panties. All this time he is just waiting for a moment to take advantage of her. She could be asleep and he sneaks into her room to play with her, or perhaps she comes home drunk and he manipulates her poor sense of judgment. There are many ways he would like to jump her, while she is sunbathing...when she is dressing or taking a shower, he is always watching. Maybe big sister notices and has even spotted him watching or jerking off to her and wants her younger brother too.

The Exchange Student - For this one I would like the exchange student to most likely be an anthro/furry. The exchange program being between humans and furries in order to help thin the line of segregation and racism between them. I prefer to play canines, but I like playing as other anthros as well if you have a preference. Anyways the basic idea is that the exchange furry lives with the exchange family of humans. While there he establishes a sexual dominance over the MILF in the house as he shows his canine cock is so much better than that of her human husband's by fucking her and giving her the best orgasms of her life. Maybe his goal is to even impregnate her to further establish his dominance.

The Roommate - This is a college setting. An older woman has returned to college because she could not complete it at an earlier time due to various reasons, such as children/marriage/work/etc. Now that she is married though and with her husband bringing in a hefty income she can go to college and decides to go out of state and stay in a dorm so she can spend her time focused and studying rather than distracted by elements of her household and hometown. There she meets a young stud who wants nothing more than to claim her as his own. Perhaps he seduces her, or maybe she gets drunk at a party and he takes advantage of her and it goes from there. Basically the two of them enter into a sexual relationship at the college and even move into the same dorm together and he helps her with the college experience she never had before. Every night and morning he is fucking her brains out, even going so far to record it...with or without her knowledge. If she ever tries to back out he could blackmail her with it or just go ahead and send all the videos to her husband just to show him how his wife likes his dick so much better.

Plot Twist
The Masquerade - Either at some college party where the theme is to wear masks or a Halloween party, a couple ends up hooking up.  They dance and grind, their hands flow all over each others bodies, they get heavy into making out and foreplay until finally they find someplace to take it all the way.  Come morning they wake up together...take off their masks and find out they know each other...maybe even related.
The two of them exchange numbers and decide to hook up again and again, but they want to keep the game and mystery alive thus they meet up in places wearing their same mask and enjoying their carefree time together.  Even going as far to perhaps record their passionate sessions and post the videos online as a mysterious masked couple.  They could end up learning each others identity and just continue to wear masks or perhaps other items to spice things up...or maybe they are content without knowing each others true faces and identities.  Maybe one even has something they are hiding from the other.

The Glory Hole - Whether it be at a college party, a club or bar, our characters get into a situation where she is on one end of a glory hole and he is on the other.  She sucks him off and they have a good time, maybe she even bends over against the hole and lets him penetrate her.  The end result is they both end up leaving their stall at the same time and run into each other and find out they know each other...or are even related.

The Orgy/Sex Games - It's a sex party for singles.  Everyone shows up wearing a mask that covers the upper half of their face but other than that they are completely naked.  Either through drawing numbers or flirting and randomly hooking up, our two characters end up partaking in the orgy and sex games.  The games can vary from who can fit the most inches in their various orifices, who has the most stamina by fucking the longest and maybe even who can produce the most cum by the end of the night.  It would seem our two characters share amazing chemistry and wipe the floor with the other couples.  Then of course like the other plot twists...they find out they know each other or are even related after the party is over with.
They could already just be a couple, a boyfriend and her girlfriend going to a party to get a little kinky and have sex in front of other couples.  It could be on purpose, or maybe they were unaware and find peer pressure pushing them into the orgy.

The Online Hookup - Two individuals have been flirting back and forth for months, sending sexy messages to each other and even pictures but never with their faces because they don't want their faces and naked bodies out on the internet.  They cyber all the time and talk about how much they crave each other sexually, going into explicit detail of what they would do to each other and how they always masturbate to one another.  It becomes too much and they decide to meet up somewhere...and the plot twist being they actually know each other or are even related.
These two meet up on a fetish site and both of them have some very dark and interesting kinks that not many others have (such as mixing pain and pleasure, some bloodplay, watersports, etc).  They decide to meet up and have fun but after that they continue to meet, perhaps even a master/pet relationship forming.
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Re: Naturally Dom M seeking Sub/Switch F
« Reply #1 on: October 10, 2013, 12:30:05 am »
Added some alternatives to the Plot Twist ideas and also added a category for Inspired Ideas which include some role plays derived from Skyrim, Prototype and Grand Theft Auto.