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September 19, 2017, 08:49:07 AM
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Author Topic: M x F ; from up here i surrender to the trust that we're high together [updated]  (Read 7805 times)

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Offline newbloodTopic starter

So.. general junk about my style:

- I roleplay over e-mail, PM and threads.
- Please write well! I like to be challenged by writing and to be totally, completely engaged. Grammar mistakes and such happen, but I will probably bow out if you're a boring writer.
- I only play women in hetero pairings and all characters are 18+.
- I only play humans characters (except in the case of some light fantasy/sci-fi.
- My characters are fierce, witty, stylish, badass. When it comes to sexy-time, my ladies like to have their hair pulled and feel their toes curl. Sometimes they like to be thrown around. Sometimes they like to do the mounting ; )
- I like to explore the many levels of our interactions of our characters. Building politics and motives and tension is my jam.
- I am SUPER laid back - if you decide you do not want to continue, you are under no obligation to let me know. Just move on, I won't harass you.
- I try to respond once a day. If you really make me squirm anxiously for responses, I will serve you massive responses many times a day.
- I do have a busy job sometimes. I'll let you know if my attention will be somewhere else for any significant amount of time.
- I'm super visual and often have many photo references for my characters/ settings/ situations. Not necessary, but it would be cool if you did too!
- I have dream face-claims. Show me yours and I'll show you mine.
-I have an F-List here:
- I also have a Tumblr of images that inspire me. It's super NSFW. Let me know if anything tickles your fancy and we can build around it? :)

My current cravings include but are not limited to:

-Hunger Games
-Walking Dead (Will play anyone for a Rick or Daryl, but OC x OC is just as preferred)
-Star Trek (2009/ Into Darkness/ Beyond)
-Star Wars (give me REYLO(nsfw) or Kylo x force-sensitive OC and watch all of your dreams come true : p)
-Firefly/ Serenity
-Being Human (US)
-Game of Thrones/ ASOIAF

Fantasy (modern, medieval, alt universes/realities):
-medieval fantasy: 
*arranged marriage between nobles
* knight x princess/ queen
 (knight who she demands protection and pleasure from at any turn)
*prince/knight x whore
*a battle worn prince/knight who has a favorite whore at a favorite brothel who can ride his tensions away)
commoner x noble
warlord x princess
(warring nations finding common interests in pleasures of the flesh)

-modern fantasy:
*vampire x vampire / human
*werewolf x human
(a kidnapped girl who becomes plaything for the pack)
*ghost x human
(a ghost who becomes corporeal in the dead of night to give a girl dreamy, sleepy sex that she thinks she is imagining)
(a witch who gains strength through sex)

Other misc pairings & genres:
*band member x band member/ groupie(s)
*celebrity x celebrity/fan
(two (oc) celebrities forced to fake a public romance that turns.. real?, actor x actress, athlete x pop star, literally any combination of occelebrity you can think of, so suggest)
*villain x heroine
(a slow, dark, steady decline to the dark side)
*hero x heroine
*villain x villain
*artist/musician x muse
(painter x nude model)
*hot nerd x popular girl
(a babe of a college professor and a particularly enticing freshman?)
-modern Bonnie & Clyde
-'friends with benefits'

Themed word soup
-erotic thriller
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
- thrilling and erotic (lol)
- two college kids break into a haunted house, old spirits toy with their bodies
- dark, sexy, dramatic
- sense of danger
- young couple goes into the woods for a relaxing retreat, ample sex followed by a slasher
- slow burning
- unquenchable desire
- feeling of dread
- hair pulling, toe curling, eyes in the back of head orgasms

-sensual apocalypse
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
- zombie apocalypses are my favorite
- any apocalypse is fine
- dark, brooding, dusty, abandoned
- hopelessness and despair
- sex is like a refuge among the ashes of civilization for our couple
- intimate, adoring, worshipful fucking
- could end in devastating tragedy for our couple

- villainous crush
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
- dubiously consensual
-make her give in
- REY X KYLO, my otp
- so wrong but feels. so. right
- hate-fucking?
- fantasy. horror. vampires. demons.
- dance of darkness and lightness
- make her want it, make her scream your name
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Offline temptressdragon

You have some interesting ideas here. I'm a novice to the art of role playing and attempting to expand my skills...and I admit to being a little intimidated BUT I like that. *guess this is more of a free nudge/bump of response*

You have so many good ideas listed...its super hard to narrow down...but I'll keep an eye on your list as I think it over. I need something to challenge me...and you might be that person.

Offline temptressdragon

Re: Looking for solid male writers interested in smut & story.
« Reply #2 on: November 12, 2013, 06:47:20 AM »
You know what...I have just had a craving for Pacific Rim. Lemme research you a bit more before I contact you.

Offline Jakobos

Re: Looking for solid male writers interested in smut & story.
« Reply #3 on: January 16, 2014, 11:47:06 PM »
Whoa! I am extremely interested.

Did you know that it's actually pretty hard to find someone who won't back down from threads with posts regularly breaking fifteen paragraphs? That being so, I'm still kind of amazed that this thread hasn't elicited a thermonuclear explosion of interest, this site being what it is. Well, you got one good-looking one. Lrrr looks like he could be a fantastic partner. But still... just one? Seriously? This must be remedied.

Now there are two. :)

A little about me. I broke into the roleplaying scene on another site in early 2012, and had a grand old time for about nine months or so. I came over to this site in December 2012 and started a little group and a few 1-on-1 plays until January 2013. A freak time travel accident blew me one year ahead to January 2014, and now here I am.

I like long responses in roleplay. Once I really get into something, I've sometimes gotten up to 1500, 2000, 2500 words in one reply (about forty paragraphs, if you prefer that metric). That's fairly rare, but it's so great when it happens. You know the feeling? When you're completely immersed in your writing and it just keeps going and going and going until you finally wrap it up, scroll up, think "Whoa!" and put it into a word counter and immediately feel a little twinge of pride? Or is that just me?

As for the type of play, a surprising number of the ones you suggested appealed to me. You're really good at this. But of all those, two in particular stuck out: of the settings, "Robot x Maker", and of the plots, "The Wolf and I." Particularly the latter. Whenever I'm interested in a plot like this, I usually take the time to write out a snippet of what my writing might be in the actual thread. Two reasons: so I can figure out if I'm actually interested, and so you can see what it'll be like if we do get on it.

Turns out I am actually interested. Here's what I got.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

It wasn't a feeling he knew well. Sure, he'd felt its equivalent a few times before: in high school, freshman year, when he hadn't made his first tryout for the football team, and in his first year of college when he'd come within a whisker of losing his scholarship due to low grades. Those had been panic-worthy occasions, definitely. Not getting to play a sport that had passed from hobby to lifestyle for him in middle school? Not getting to stay in a college program where he got to feel like a real champion, and be a real champion on top of it? Terrifying prospects, even to someone like him.

And yet both incidents seemed to pale before what faced him now: an image reflected back from the full-length mirror in the small apartment. He had four legs and a tail. A thick grey coat of fur. A long muzzle hiding sharp canine teeth. It backed up what his altered senses had been telling him: either he had completely lost his mind, or he was a wolf.

If someone had asked him yesterday if he could think of any situation that would freak him out of his mind, he would probably have answered no, and he would probably have meant it too. His toughness wasn't just a show; he could generally take what life threw at him, and toss it right back in life's face if he didn't like it. But this? No. No, this wasn't life, this was some sick fantasy-world thing. This couldn't possibly be happening. Dream? Hallucination? Madness? One of those, but there was no way this had actually happened to him.

Perhaps if he had been in a more clear and composed state of mind to begin with, he would have noticed just how agitated his thoughts were becoming. He would have realized how unnaturally fearful and increasingly aggressive he was feeling. But he was in no state for self-analysis. Unlike the transformation of his body, the delayed transformation of his mind was all set to go entirely unnoticed.

Fear. Anger. Terror. Fury. They pounded in his head like hail on a tin roof. He had to get out of here. He had to get out of here now.

That's extremely abridged, but you get the idea. That took about four minutes to write. My inspiration for this one is through the roof.

But before I go any further, a warning: I've never actually done any sexually explicit roleplay. I'm all set to satisfy on the 50% story, but I can make no promises on the 50% smut except that I'll give it the best effort I possibly can. (I've read plenty of smut, so I'm not a total newbie there. Just never written any.)

So, you interested?

EDIT. I forgot to mention this, but you might have picked it up when reading the sample above: I don't know what style of werewolf you want to go with, so I just made something up. Do you have a preference on what "rules" we should use?
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Re: Looking for solid male writers interested in smut & story.
« Reply #4 on: October 26, 2014, 02:53:10 PM »
Hey there, I am an experienced roleplayer with over a decade of experience to bring to my writings.  After having read your listing of interests and such I have found a number of things we have in common and would love to discuss them with you.

Star trek and other sci-fi related themes like that, is on the top of my rping list of interests.

Offline newbloodTopic starter

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