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Author Topic: Heathen's school for despicable Villainy...  (Read 335 times)

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Heathen's school for despicable Villainy...
« on: October 09, 2013, 04:10:28 AM »
I think I've been listening to too many Disney songs but now that I've got this idea in my head it will not go away so here goes the premise...

Very fantasy and fairy tale based with magic lore etc, there are the good and the evil characters from possibly every story, however they are getting on in years and so wish to bestow their knowledge on the next generation of heroes and villains. The all too goody goody princes and princesses set up a school for future heroes to learn the lawful ways of the world, some learn to fight others learn good magics and the rest take on more benign learnings.

But as there are good things there are also evil, the villains of the world too create a school, a terrifying fortress of black rock in the gnarled dark forest. Vicious beasts prowl the grounds while the dastardly wizards and witches impart their dark ways on the younger generation of evil doers. The big bad wolves, the evil step mothers and dark spirits teach their students how to fight dirty, how to get what they want, to steal from the good and to weave much darker spells.

Now that the back drop has been set in place the story can take a few twists and turns from here on in. I plan to play a female character (Good) who has gotten mixed up with which school she is to attend, originally she had her name down for the school of heroes, instead she finds herself surrounded by the dark forces of the world. However undeterred by the harsh mix up and being ever the eager student she tries to learn from the teachers, much to their chagrin.

The plot could thicken with the teachers thinking to taint a born hero into being as evil as she can be, my character will be doing the opposite with other students that she makes friends with there (Unknowingly doing so I might add). Now this I hope will be quite a long rp and this will happen gradually, with plenty of opportunity for drama, action, adventure, angst, sexual tention and romance. But wait Akuma these rp's usually have pairings where are you going with this?!

Fear not this is where diversity comes into play, not the dance group, but pairings that can go a few ways.

I love teacher student relationships (my character being the student.) and being a sucker for the bad boys (Or bad girls) But I digress! So we could have a teacher/student thing going on here but that is not all. (I'm not very good at playing males or dominant roles, just to let you all know.)

I like anthropomorphic characters so big bad wolf is also an option here,

Another student perhaps? The son/daughter of a well known villain. Now this could either be interest at first sight or a slow growing love hate relationship building up over their years (Yes I'm hoping to go through some years at this freaky school)

Pen pals with some mystery figure from either schools that could turn out to be any one of the above, only their only communication would be through letters and or notes passed in class.

I will happily play multi roles of some students and teachers if you are willing to do the same. I would like my character to be something of an outcast at first but start to gain friends perhaps towards the end of her first year. Heck even making friends with oddballs of the school like the evil sludge kid, the bald werewolf, the not so magic witch etc or maybe with some cool bad asses. The regal and ever popular vampire prince (NOT EVEN FUNNY TO MENTION THE T WORD!) Proper vampire of Christopher Lee proportions. The invisible man (loved him in hotel Transylvania.)  and the wicked witch girl. I'd love for you to add in your own ideas this will be a team effort after all :)
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