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Started by HeavenAbove, October 05, 2013, 08:52:32 PM

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This will be a mature story with sexual elements and violence, etc.

Haven’t you ever wondered what it would be like if Justice League members had children who grew up to take their place when they finally decided to retire from fighting evil and injustice? This story revolves around that very idea!

The story is set far into the future where popular Justice Leaguers like Aquaman and Superman have long since retired and have settled down and had children who are now young adults. Evil never takes a break, no matter the past, present, or future. When an evil far greater than the Earth has ever known surfaces to destroy everything, these reluctant heroes must unite to reform the Justice League. Personalities will clash, romances will develop, and truths will be uncovered as these young adults learn to look beyond the pasts of their parents and force a new alliance that will either save the world or destroy it.

So you are asking yourself? Ok sounds decent so far, what exactly should we expect?

WELL, since we are on the subject. Most if not ALL of the characters can be original characters if you so choose! BUT let’s keep in mind that Batman isn’t going to go around and have children with three different women. So let’s not have one character with Batman as a father and Wonder Woman as a mother and another character have Batman as a father and Catwoman as a mother. It’s just not feasible ok?

If you wish more than one character to be direct siblings, that is perfectly OK with me. Just make sure they have the same parents? As I just mentioned, let’s not get crazy with the parent pairings ok? I highly doubt Martian Manhunter would have settled down with Zatanna, or Green Lantern with Wonder Woman. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but if you have a crazy idea like that, then you need to provide a good explanation as to WHY your character’s parents decided to fall in love and have a child (or children).

Certain pairings that I COULD see out of the DC universe:

Wonder Woman x Superman
Aquaman x Mera (cause the guy needs to be faithful ok?)
Green Arrow x Black Canary (One of my favorites)
Batman x Catwoman

Keep in mind that those are just IDEAS for pairings, and you don’t necessarily have to follow those ideas at all. If you are interested, please use the character sheet below and fill it out. You don’t necessarily need an ‘in costume’ pic for your character, though some kind of face claim visual is necessary so everyone can have an idea of what your character will look like.
Also for your superhero alias, you can come up with something original if you like, or if you are having difficulty with a cool name, I’m sure we can come up with some cool ideas as a group to help you out.

Character Sheet –

Age: (most should be somewhere between early and late twenties)
Visual Appearance: (can put a photo or two here)
Personality: (doesn’t need to be very long, a paragraph at most)
History: (just a brief history, paragraph or two at most)
Sexual Ons:
Sexual Offs:

I am looking for somewhere around the neighborhood of 7-8 other interested people to really get a solid group going with this story.
I would prefer the gender ratio to remain EVEN but it is not absolutely necessary.

The current list of characters w/ superhero alias and who is playing each character.

1. Damian Wayne (Going to be taking up the mantle of Batman) played by (HeavenAbove)
2. Ted Grant - alias : Wildcat played by (TheVillain)
3. Malcom Turner - alias : Bronze Tiger II played by (BlackestKnight)
4. Holly Quinzel - alias : Harlequin played by (Latooni Subota)
5. Elizabeth Roth West - alias : Empathy played by (A Japanese Dane)
6. Zack Al Ghul - alias : Cloak and Dagger played by (Batman4560)
7. Skylar Grayson - alias : Nightlantern played by (apygoos)
8. Theron Prince - alias : Theron played by (Primarch)
9. Kyla Olafsdotter-Gardner - alias : Warrior played by (BarbaraGordon)
10. Alexa Veshri - alias : Owletta played by (ladia2287)
11. Deirdre Damfino - alias : Ditto played by (Neysha)
12. Moira Laura Queen - alias : Green Arrow played by (AribethAmkiir)
13. Cassandra Prince - alias : Herculine played by (MzHyde)
14. Iris Roth West - alias : Redline played by (Orange Marmalade)
15. Jessica Mckenzie "Mac" Lance - alias : Silver Siryn played by (Darwishi)

Capped at 15!

UPDATE 10/09/13: As of now we have our roster. However, as the story progresses and the need arises, we will open up recruitment again to expand the league. So if you are still interested, hold onto those ideas and check back in the future for more openings! Thank you.

AribethAmkiir has agreed to step in and help to Co-GM! Yay!

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask away. Once we get enough interested people and character sheets up, we can start the story.

Oh and one last thing. The story will be set around the events of Bruce Wayne’s funeral. Yes I went there, Bruce Wayne has died of a rare disease that he contracted which led ultimately to heart failure. It’s his death that is the catalyst used for bringing a new team of heroes together to reform the Justice League!


I played a Wonder Woman/Superman kid before, wouldn't mind doing it again.


I still have my superhero character I never got to use, she'd make a good Superman/Wonder Woman offspring. Siblings, Primarch?


Quote from: MzHyde on October 05, 2013, 09:52:37 PM
I still have my superhero character I never got to use, she'd make a good Superman/Wonder Woman offspring. Siblings, Primarch?

Certainly not against it. I'm heading off now but if you fancy PMing me what you have in mind for your character I can check it out in the morning and we can hash out the details?

Orange Marmalade

I might do a son of Wally West/Flash. Anyone got any good suggestions for the other half? :)

Also I need to figure out if I'm overextended in some of my other RPs that are vaguely starting up right now. I'll know more in a day or two if I can handle another. But I'm interested because this sounds like a blast!

Latooni Subota

Since some of my other rps fell through, I'll give this one a shot! I'll need a bit to think up a good concept though . . .
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Take your time everyone. Glad to see this has gained some interest so far.


Status: Stepping away for a while.


I is interested. Does anyone know who the Martian Manhunter would pair with? Or who would pair with Zatanna. Does be my fav dc people.
I wanna be loved by you. Just you. And everyone else too. I wanna be loved by everyone. ;o)


*contemplates shipping dick x babs, and make that child a green lantern.*


Ooo! Had an idea!

Name: Ted Grant

Age: Physically he appears to be somewhere between his mid-30's to early 40's, but in fact is far older - old enough that he has championship heavyweight boxing titles from the 1930's.

Alias: Wildcat

Parents: Orphan

Powers/Abilities/Skills: When Ted started his superhero career in the 1930's he had no powers but was a World Champion-Class Heavyweight Boxer. So much so that multiple other superheroes have gone out of their way to undergo Ted's training for combat - a list of heroes confirmed to include the original Batman and Batgirl, the original Catwoman, all of the Black Canaries, and even Superman has had a lesson or two. Ted has also gone out of his way to learn other fighting styles including but not limited to Muay Thai, Capoeria, Krav Maga, and Hapkido. Ted is also an accomplish motorcyclist known for being able to keep up with Hollywood stuntmen.

However, he acquired some magical abilities during WW2 when cursed by King Inferno while on a JSA mission. Heroic magician teammate Zatara was unable to remove the curse but he was able to alter it into a form that was beneficial. Most notably, Ted's aging has slowed to a crawl if it hasn't stopped altogether and while he can be harmed - even lethally - Ted doesn't stay dead. As far as he knows, whenever he dies his body reconstitutes himself and he'll be resurrected as long as he dies less then 9 times "a cycle". How long a "cycle" lasts is unknown, but it is believed that Bast; the Egyptian Goddess of Cats, Warfare, the Sun, and Motherhood; considers Ted to be one of her Earthly servants and as such the length of a "cycle" is believed to be "Whatever Bast says it is". Sometimes Ted also seems to have a supernatural ability to see in the dark, once again this power is believed to last "As long as Bast says it does".

Visual Appearence

Personality: On the surface he seems to be a rowdy tough guy with a streak of male chauvinism, even going as far as to have been quoted as saying 'Fists are nature's problem solvers'. The tough guy part is to be expected as a street urchin turned champion heavyweight boxer. What comes out though is that he sees himself as 'in the corner' of the 'underdogs' of the world. Has been a guest trainer at several women's defense schools for example, and really doesn't like it when people abuse children - especially orphans. Amusingly, his powers may be magical in nature but he still prefers solving problems by punching them.

History: A street orphan, Ted was brought in off the streets by Henry Grant - a boxer and gym owner with more heart then talent. Ted though, Ted was a natural who was determined to make the old man proud - and he did when he took the Gold Medal in the 1936 Olympics for Boxing and his first World Heavyweight Championship Belt in 1937. He'd hold onto the title until 1941 when the Mob tried to make him throw a fight. When he refused, they first tried to kill him but Ted Grant ain't an easy man to kill - so they cleverly went for Plan B and rigged a fight so that it looked like Ted murdered his opponent in cold blood. Between clearing his own name and the coming war with Germany, Ted Grant decided to don a costume to help on both fronts. One of the original Superheroes he'd even eventually be a member of the JSA in good standing until the group broke up in the 1950's.

What nobody knew at the time was that at one point during his early superhero days, before he was even a JSA member, he took down a doctor who was tricking pregnant women into taking experimental drugs - leaving behind a string of miscarriages and bloodthirsty mutants. Taking down this criminal that preyed on pregnant women somehow got the attention of Bast - the Egyptian Goddess of Cats, Warfare, the Sun, and Motherhood. In 1945, on a mission with the JSA he was cursed by a demonic sorcerer known as King Inferno. The powerful curse couldn't be removed even with the help of all of his magic teammates but Zatara - with subtle help from Bast - was able to alter it. His aging was slowed to a stop, and now when he dies he'll always reconstitute and resurrect as long as he dies less then 9 times a 'cycle', and 'cycles' seem to be however long Bast says they are.

He's kept it on the downlow but he's been an active superhero ever since. He may just be a guy with a solid right hook, but he's also the man who could of seen Batman's left hook coming even in the Bat's prime. He's fought 'in the corner of the underdog' for over a century now - and many others. And now, the Wildcat is going to put up his dukes some more.

Sexual Ons: Women, especially 'Spitfires'. He likes the ones with some fire in their bellies and some fight in their eyes. He likes a pretty lady, but to really get him going she's got to be able to put up a fight on her own.

It's worth noting that this has led to a bit of a secret shame within Ted. Between his long life and possible manipulation of events by Bast, Ted will sometimes admit that he's fathered children with several women. He's not proud of this and is actually said to be a decent Dad when he has the opportunity to be.

Some Offspring of Note
Jake Grant - son by his first wife Irma Grant, was later murdered by the supervillain known as the Killer Wasp.

Yolanda Montez - daughter by Maria Montez, wife of a sparring partner with whom he had an affair. Believed to have been the daughter of "Mauler" Montez until a DNA test when Yolanda was an adult. Interestingly, Yolanda had cat-themed metahuman abilities, originally thought to have been the product of experimentation but now he's not so sure. Briefly served as Wildcat 2 until murdered by Eclipso.

Tom Bronson - son by Paula Brooks, the first villainous Huntress. At the time she was a were-panther, since cured, also giving Tom cat themed powers. The product of a one-night stand, Ted was honestly unaware of Tom's existence until Tom's were-panther abilities surfaced. Tom was for a time known as Wildcat 3, but had decided to establish his own identity is Tomcat instead. Is now retired.

[Rumored Amazons] - More a rumor then an actual known statement of fact but an Amazonian political scandal revealed that the original JSA Wonder Woman, Queen Hippolyta of the Amazons, and Ted Grant actually have an on-again-off-again-currently-off romantic relationship. Amazonian traditions say that Amazons are reincarnated souls of women throughout history who have died because of mistreatment by men they should of been able to trust - whether or not this is true is an entirely different question. However since then there are rumors that refuse to die around Paradise Island that at least a couple of the Amazons are actually daughters of Hippolyta and Ted, secretly conceived and birthed the old fashioned way. How true these rumors are is unknown, though it is well known that Ted is the only man who can get away with calling the Queen of the Amazons "Polly" without getting stabbed.

Sexual Offs: Ted is old enough to have seen the sexual revolutions first hand, but he's still not gay. Nothin' against it - just doesn't work for him. Also thinks poop and pee stuff is disgusting, and treads lightly around BDSM stuff.
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I would be very interested in playing Helena Wayne, the Daughter of Batman and Catwoman!
She grows up to be the Huntress!!!


Sounds like we'll be going the full legacy with the Huntress name as well.

Huntress 1 - Paula Brooks, villainess, opponent of Ted Grant mostly in the late 1940's. Later married the original Sportsmaster and had 2 daughters, but then she contracted the curse of the were-panther. The good news being that this slowed her aging, the bad news being that this eventually led to either her accidentally killing her husband or him leaving her. At some point in the 1980's she and Ted had a one-night-stand in which a son was conceived. Eventually the curse was cured and normal aging has resumed.

Huntress 2 - Helena Bertinelli, heroine-ish, considered a ruthless vigilante even by the standards of the Batfamily but her heart was in the right place. Fate unstated but implied to have been unpleasant toward the end.

Huntress 3 - Helena Wayne, heroine, named for a tragic young woman and close friend of both of her parents who would later take up her hero identity too.

Possible training by Ted, lois?
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Would make sense, if you wanna chat more Villian, add me on yahoo messenger as loislanekent01


Actually, if someone wants to play a character whose biological father was Ted Grant or was trained by Ted Grant, just talk to me first.
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Latooni Subota

Here's a question: Do we have to be the children of heroes? How about a villain's descendant that wants to do good, to make up for the bad things their parent/s did?
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I'd run with it, personally Labtooni. Rules are always relaxed for reasons of Awesome.
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So with there being more than one Flash (often at once even :P) does that mean we get to have an army of Speedsters? If so, I have an offspring of Barry Allen I'd love to play
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Orange Marmalade

Quote from: A Japanese Dane on October 06, 2013, 01:54:21 PM
So with there being more than one Flash (often at once even :P) does that mean we get to have an army of Speedsters? If so, I have an offspring of Barry Allen I'd love to play

I'm sure there could be some way to make them each unique depending on who the other parent was maybe? :)


I for some reason just thought of the weird possibility of having an offspring born of Superboy (Conner Kent) and Kara Zor-el
I have taken the Oath of the Drake
"--But every punished, but punished by death, no matter the crime. No matter the scale of the sin. The people of the city live in silence, lest a single word earn them death for speaking out against you."

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Quote"Costumed heroes fight to maintain a broken system. They refuse to cull the weak and the wicked... They refuse to knock down the walls of hell to plant paradise in its wake. "

Name: Malcolm Turner
Age: 28
Alias: Bronze Tiger II
Parents: Vixen/Ben Turner
Powers/Abilities/Skills: Mystically enhanced martial arts, Master Swordsman, Expert Marksman, Advanced Ninjutsu, Espionage, Assassination Techniques, accomplished writer/poet,  Malcolm possess a magic amulet that allows him to transform into a were-tiger.

Abilities gained upon were-tiger transformation:

Superhuman Strength
Superhuman Senses
Superhuman Agility
Superhuman Reflexes
Superhuman Endurance

Visual Appearance:

Malcolm takes after his father the eponymous Bronze Tiger, Ben Turner in almost every sense of likeness, he is roughly the same height(6'3"), possessing the same heavyweight type-build (240lbs). Not only does he resemble his father in terms of stature,  he inherited a few other equally impressive gifts to boot.

Malcolm dons a closely shaven almost bald skinhead appearance, he prefers not to deal with too much hair because he finds it bothersome.

(Were-tiger transformation)

Personality: Malcolm is a bit different from his folks in terms of personality, whereas his father was brainwashed into joining the league of assassins and spent the later half of his life in atonement and his mother a respectable role model despite her faults. Malcolm willing choose to become an assassin.

Malcolm is a highly disciplined warrior of fortune who can sway either good or bad for the right price thus making him a sort of wildcard to villains and heroes alike. Like his father before him he is an exceptional martial artist , perhaps one of if not the best, and in his transformed state he can tango with heavy hitters the likes of Wonder woman and Aquaman albeit briefly.

While he's not above the occasional underhanded tactics if commissioned or if he's fighting someone arguably more powerful than he,  he prefers to fight cleanly if possible. He's also known for his respectful casual-like demeanor with heroes and villains. He really isn't the type to hold personal grudges, he treats his work as just that.

He has no allegiances which has earned him many foes, but he's also a feared man few would dare cross so he's left alone-mostly. He kills for justice, or at least his concept of justice.

He also seems to be ambitious. Malcolm wants to use his money to start his own martial arts themed school for underprivileged youth.

History: WIP

Sexual Ons: Curves, Exotic Women, maturity, creativity, public sex, Roleplaying/dressing up, Athletic bodies, oils, scents, woman on top(riding), domination/submission, mild bdsm, oral, dirty talk, twerking, interesting positions, interesting people.
Sexual Offs: Boring sex, flat women(no ass, no titties), immaturity, overly shy types, cliched innocent chicks.

Latooni Subota

Well, assuming the GM likes the idea and her abilities (and the fact that she's the kid of some superVILLAINS), here's Holly Quinzel, the Harlequin! :3

Name: Holly Quinzel
Age: 21
Alias: Harlequin (Pronounced, obviously, Harley Quinn)
Parents: Harleen Quinzel and The Joker

Powers/Abilities/Skills: The combination of in-utero exposure to joker toxin, and Harleen's antitoxin given by Poison Ivy, as had an unusual effect on Holly. She has greatly enchanced agility and dexterity, to the point of being seemingly weightless, able to leap across rooftops and cling to walls as if she were a spider. She is an exceedingly skilled gymnast, a contortionist, and has a passing knowledge of the martial arts . . . though nowhere near as skilled as Damian Wayne, and her near-weightless state makes it impossible to throw a good punch. Instead, she's focused on practicing her throwing skills, shooting, and reaction time. She actually has a number of gadgets including sharpened metal playing cards, a revolver that shoots stunning rounds rather than real bullets, and small-scale explosives for dealing with threats that can't be defeated through normal means. Also, she's apparently immune to most toxins and venoms, much like her mother. There are some side-effects due to the sources of her abilities, though they're mostly psychological in nature, and she can generally keep them under wraps.

Visual Appearance:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Holly Quinn is a petite caucasian woman standing at 5 feet tall, with pale white skin and a toned figure. She has long blond hair that reaches down to her firm bottom, and bright, expressive blue eyes that tend to always twinkle with mirth. While her breasts are particularly large, they're firmed and well-formed enough that Holly is rather proud of them, along with her curvy but firm ass, which is why she doesn't mind wearing the modified version of her mother's old skintight costume. In fact, Holly looks remarkably like a shorter, gentler version of her mother albeit with significantly longer hair.

Personality: Holly is a cheerful, unflappable, practically fearless young woman. She is friendly and outgoing, and utterly convinced that she needs to be the greatest superhero in history to make up for her parents' misdeeds. After all, if her unstable mother could be a hero from time to time, the more stable daughter should be able to be a full-time hero no problem! Still, she has some . . . issues. She occasionally has wild emotional swings that while they only last for a short period, suggest some real problems deep down . . . though she's always sure to try and keep a proper lid on them. Every now and then though, she just needs to hold onto somebody and cry for a while, before she can put her happy face back on. She's a very touchy-feely kind of person, gesticulates a lot in conversations, and generally likes to have physical contact with the people she's friends with. She may or may not be a little obsessed with her role as a hero, and (as befits the daughter of the Joker) the current Batman, and has time and again tried to initiate sweet superhero team-ups with him insisting that Batman always needs a plucky sidekick. To her, sex isn't always an expression of love, but a phenominal way to be close to someone. She's not about to spread her legs for everybody, but there's a reason she likes to try and glom onto Batman wearing a skintight bodysleeve for a costume!

History: Holly doesn't know a lot about her early history, or the end of her mother's career as a superpowered individual. All she knows is that at one point her mother snapped for the final time, and needed to be locked up in Arkham Asylum for the rest of her life. At the time, though nobody realized it at first, she was also pregnant with Holly and it was pretty clear that the only possible father was The Joker, somehow. As such, Holly was born in Arkham Asylum's medical suite since it wasn't safe to transport Harleen to a real hospital.

Growing up in an orphanage (helped by a grant from the Wayne Foundation) Holly proved to be a surprisingly cheerful girl. A gifted gymnast, acrobat, and sneak she easily managed to find the truth behind her mother's identity, having somehow managed to sneak into Arkham Asylum before she was ten years old. The guards found her sitting outside of Harleen's cell, crying and smiling as she had a happy conversation with her surprisingly lucid mother through the armored glass. As she grew older it became that much harder to keep her out of the asylum, as she made friends with the truly repentant and 'innocent' crazies, and tried to help her mother become stable, though never truly succeeding. When the current Batman came onto the scene Holly decided to take up superheroing as well to 'redeem' her mother's name, snooping into an unfound old safehouse of her mother's and modifying one of her older costumes into a new one for her. Imagine the surprise of the police when a new Harley Quinn showed up at a bank robbery and helped the police, only to leap away and avoid questioning in old-school Batman style. In recent years she's been trying to tag along with Batman whenever possible, and convince him to let her fight on his side . . . among other things.

Sexual Ons: "Happy" sex, tall and muscular men and women, Batman, being topped, bound, and dominated. She's inherited her mother's taste for being manhandled and humiliated, it seems. Still, she's more than happy with just cheerful, giggly, happy snogging. She's has a bit of a thing for teasing, and has made good use of the last three years to learn a few 'adult' techniques like lapdancing and strip-teasing. She enjoys oral, anal, and even watersports with the right person . . . though that's more of a humiliation kink again.
Sexual Offs: Blood, serious injury, scat, true cruelty, non-humans.
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Quote from: Latooni Subota on October 06, 2013, 01:14:01 PM
Here's a question: Do we have to be the children of heroes? How about a villain's descendant that wants to do good, to make up for the bad things their parent/s did?

Actually you bring up an interesting point. If you have an idea, I would love to see it :)

Edit: After reviewing everything, I think we are off to a great start.

Villian, BK, and Latooni, I'll accept all of your applications.

Lois, if you decide to put up an application for Helena, that would be accepted too.


She already did dude - but I know I'm open to critique and I'm sure others are too.
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