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Author Topic: The Red Wind is Searching (M for F/maybe M)  (Read 691 times)

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The Red Wind is Searching (M for F/maybe M)
« on: October 05, 2013, 05:05:34 AM »
Greetings [you], and everyone else, my name is TheRedWind and, despite being here for about two months, I am still a metaphorical adult RPing virgin. Even though I've talked to several people about starting a roleplay or discussing a story, nothing has taken off. I figured that, since I've done basically fuck-all here so far, I should make an interest check with the two original worlds I built in my World Building thread and my general preferences. *copy-pastes*

(Read it BEFORE contacting me)

MY ORIGINAL WORLDS/RPs (all things negotiable)
So, I was in the middle of writing the premise for my first RP on this sight and I thought it'd be cool if I could get input from people on E. It's not really "done" yet, so I'd like any suggestions of things I could add to make my world complete and make an interest check. Any changes/additions I make will be in colored lettering.

What I have so far:

Setting Summary:

In the year 2023, every major city in the world was obliterated by mysterious meteoric objects that fell from the sky without warning. The week-long rain of destruction brought about a complete collapse of society as it was known. More than half of the world population was killed immediately, while even more died from the famine, disease, and chaos the event wrought. The "Hailstorm", as it is now called, destroyed any and every semblance of government on Earth, leaving humanity to an anarchic world of pain and survival.

After five bitter years of death and despair, humanity finally began making an effort to rebuild society. Settling on the largest Lifezone areas, thousands of people started to form communities of city-states and territories. Lifezone areas controlled by a governed communities became known as states, and were eventually named as unofficial nations. A large portion of the U.S. east coast, dominated by people who wished to restore their old nation, became Columbia. The north-central portion of the U.S. and part of what was Canada became the Saunders Republic. California and it's north-neighboring areas became the Western Commonwealth. The remaining area in the Nevada and Four Corners states simply could not sustain stable communities without technology, and was left as the Badlands.

The current year is 2037 AD, or 14 Post-Hail. Tensions among Columbia, the Commonwealth, and the Republic are becoming increasingly high. Skirmishes between Columbia and the Commonwealth are very common, due to their differing ideals. Saunders Republic becomes more and more like a dictatorship with every passing week.

As if the terror that the Hailstorm itself brought wasn't enough, humanity now had to fear the areas in and around Hail-stricken cities known as Deadzones. In the ruins of the once-great cities, mindless, primal, and insane humans, now called  Ferals, roam. Though appearing to be mere malnourished husks, Ferals are actually both stronger and faster than average humans. Ferals seem to only have one focus: To sate any instinctual desire that overtakes them. It is assumed that they share the needs of humans, so they eat when they’re hungry, kill when they are angry, and rape when they are ‘restless’, seemingly any and all cost. Ferals will blindly charge any target, and attack relentlessly until they are either dead of satisfied. However, for some reason, they will not stray too far from Deadzones. Avoiding those areas is the surest way to avoid Feral encounters. Though their origins are not known for sure, most believe Ferals are humans gone mad from being in a Deadzone too long.

Stuff I'm thinking about:

- The actual PLOT. I need a Plot to go with my setting.

- Origins of the Hail. I started this idea over a year ago, and originally intended for it to be an alien attack. I'm leaning away from that now, but don't know what else it could be. Mad experiment? Ninja pirates?

- Technology. I've been wondering quite a bit about this. I was thinking that maybe the Hail dispersed a massive EMP of sorts, so we'd have to recover from THAT too. Even more, I'm playing with the idea of having Hail debris emit some signal that both creates Ferals and disrupts electric fields (or something). Also, since the Hail happened ten years from now, what technology WAS there?

- Other random shit. Yeah, that definitely explains everything.

-Currently have TWO RPs using Hailstorm concept. For now, I am accepting no more requests for this setting.

1. The Ferals are infected with an alien spore that inhibits their non-primal tendencies. Story revolves around a group of mercenaries searching for Pre-Hail equipment and tech within deadzones. [CURRENTLY CONSIDERED INACTIVE]

2. A story focused on the hardships of the collapse and relapse of society and the horrors of war. The story is about two members of a rebellion against the oppressive Saunders Republic.

Gods Within Us

The world began when the First God sought light in the endless darkness of the universe. The land known as Terros became the home of God’s decided base elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Light, and Void. On Terros,theses elements gave rise to an unexpected variable: Life. Even for an all-powerful being, both regulating all the fundamental elements and observing life became taxing. Eventually, God decided to create six seperate beings to preside over each of the basic elements, each with a portion of his power. The six elemental gods were born. For centuries, this system of separate elemental deities worked well. Humans, the first sentient race, grew to recognize and worship their gods, and built shrines and idols in their honor.

However, conflict arose among humanity from the favoring of certain gods and ideals. Wars were fought and blood was shed. The friction did not appear in humans alone: The gods themselves began their own altercations. Each having their own personality and opinion, they bickered and fought much like humanity. In the two-thousandth year of Terros, the gods of Light and Void began a destructive battle, and the other gods were forced to take sides. The god of Life--the First God—urged the others to stop their fighting for the sake of the world they’d created. No matter how desperate his pleas though, the fighting did not cease. Terros was ravaged by the resulting storms, earthquakes, tsunamis, and fires caused by the conflict. Unable to stop his brethren himself, the First God went to humanity. In desperation, he chose six of the strongest-willed humans to serve as Keepers of the gods--containers for their power and will. So, through several complex ritual and the sacrifice of the god of Life himself, the elementals were sealed away inside of six human beings.

With the success of this plan, the age of gods came to an end. Humans became the masters of their own destinies. Technology flourished and lasting peace through societal advancement was achieved on Terros.


Keepers are the vessels for the six elemental gods of Wind, Earth, Fire, Water, Light, and Void. Also imbued with part of the god of Life's power, they live unnaturally long lives, age slowly, and heal rapidly. They may live up to four-hundred years in some cases, often becoming completely isolated and apathetic from outliving entire generations.

There are six elemental temples located in the isolated parts of Terros. Each has a monk-like order dedicated to protecting the Keeper of its respective god. The orders have three distinct ranks: Student, Acolyte, and Master. Students are children and teens who have joined the order to become either a Keeper candidate or acolyte. Acolytes are ordinary followers dedicated to protecting their Keeper and order. Finally, masters are both the teachers of students and the superiors of the Acolytes.  The cultures of each temple vary, but all share a general philosophy of staying separate from society and nurturing a Keeper.

A very complex, four-day ritual is required to transfer a god between vessels. Candidates for future Keepers must complete several years of training and conditioning before being considered fit as a possible host. Candidates are often tested as children for Keeper affinity and trained until they are in their early twenties--the prime age for hosting a god--to be a future Keeper. Since Keepers live so long, candidate training tends to become very lax until a Keeper becomes significantly aged.


Light: The god of Light, Lumus is the most arrogant of the Six. He thinks of himself as the most important, giving the gifts of sight and colors to Humanity. Because of the association of light with good, Lumus thinks he cannot be wrong. Since humans never directly met him, Lumus was the most loved of the gods besides the First.

Void: Skotos, the god of Void, or the lack of matter and light, is the loneliest god, and possibly the angriest. Among humans, Skotos was feared because he represented the unknown. Seemingly the least important among his godly peers, a deep-seeded hatred of both humans and the other gods—especially Lumus, their most-loved god—grew within Skotos. This was likely the reason for the war among the gods.

Air: Aerema, the god of Air, is the most mischievous and care-free of the gods. In the age of gods, she would often play tricks on humans—and sometimes go too far—making them hear things, destroy property with great winds and tornados, et cetera. In the war, she sided with Skotos because she hated Lumus’s hubris and bad manners.

Earth: Chóm, god of earth was the most serious and “down-to-earth” of the gods. He took his duties as a god very seriously, and was most grateful to the First. One could say he was the exact opposite of Aerema, so he sided with Lumus, and against her.

Fire: Igniri, god of fire, fits her stereotypical role the best. She is indeed “fiery” and perhaps the godly equivalent to a femme fatale. She is not afraid to speak her mind or share her feelings, but is also no stranger to deception and manipulation. She most likely sided with Skotos in the war because it suited her mood at the time.

Water: Lacura, god of water, is the gentle, caring soul among the gods. Like the First God, she objected greatly to the gods’ fighting due to her love for both the world and her fellow gods. In the end, she was forced to side with Lumus in hopes of ending the fighting, finding his side more just.

Life: The First God that gave birth to the world has no official name. Humans called him Vivus, but the god of life never recognized himself as anything but "God of Life". It is said that the First’s love for all things transcended comprehension. This is evident by his willingness to sacrifice himself and his fellow gods to preserve the balance of the world.


I have a few possible plots thought out for this one. No matter what though, I want a main plot over a standalone romance or adventure.

-> Group: Keepers and/or normal protagonists; Keeper/organization antagonists

-> One-on-One: KeeperXKeeper; romance

-> One-on-One: KeeperXHuman; romance

-> One-on-One: KeeperXKeeper; rivalry


Set 1 (original): Light Sci-fi, cyberpunk-ish. The humans of Terros have progressed much farther in technology in a much shorter time than we humans of earth. Their skyscrapers dwarf our own, and their transportation is much more efficient and developed. Flying personal transports known as P-Crafts, or PCs, are most commonly used in metropolitan areas. A world devoid of major religion after the Sealing, Terros has been free of real war for centuries, so ballistic weaponry is underdeveloped and very rare.

Set 2: Heavier sci-fi. Similar to Set 1, technology has reached a level higher than our own. Nanotechnology is prevalent in society, used for everything from augmentation, to medicine, to weaponry. In such an advanced world, it is hard for the Temples of Keeping to maintain their traditions. Each of the six orders is seen as an old-fashioned cult in a world of science.

Set 3: Terros is in a stage of development similar to our 1700s. Major overseas transport is done by boat, and land is traversed by carriage (early automobiles are possible as well).


So yeah, this will take place several centuries/millenniums after the gods were sealed away. Not sure of the plot route I want to go with this exactly. I thought it'd be interesting to focus on young characters who aren't so young. Having superpowers, and inner god, and the life of four-plus people can make for some interesting inner and relational conflict.

-I currently have ONE GWU RP started. The plot is not solidified, but may contain more dystopian elements.

-I AM CRAVING TWO RPs with this setting. I think I'm good with GWU plots for a while. If you REALLY like the idea, I may still do it with you.

My Genre/Setting Cravings

Bigger = More favored



High or low fantasy

Science fiction/Science fantasy










Alternate History

Alternate Universe/World



My biggest thing is that I don't want to do an RP centered around the sex/romance.

*watches as half of you leave*

As of right now, I want any romantic and sexual elements to be *elements* in the story, not the story itself. In the future that may change, but right now that's how it is.

Character Cravings
==> Gruff man in 30s-40s; cold and pessimistic; may have experienced combat or past trauma I've got two RPs with this persona, so I'm set with that.

==> More idealistic man 19-30s; brilliant but sometimes naive

==> Mixture between the two former: Cold and calculated man 20s-40s; socially isolated; arrogant tendencies, but has an underlying inferiority complex

PMs and posts here are acceptable from all. I also have Skype/Yahoo/AIM,  for anyone who'd rather chat there.
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Offline ladyelizabeth

Re: The Red Wind is Searching (M for F/maybe M)
« Reply #1 on: October 05, 2013, 07:45:08 PM »
I like the fact that regardless of how long you have been here you are still wanting to find plot rather than just smut.

I'm not much into creatures... however I am into intrigue.  I am willing to discuss some opportunities with you if you would like.

Consult my o/o's and perhaps send me a PM?  :)

Hope to hear from you soon!

Lady Liz

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Re: The Red Wind is Searching (M for F/maybe M)
« Reply #2 on: October 08, 2013, 12:36:23 AM »
Updated -- Added three specific character cravings I would like to play as. Still open to things outside what is listed.

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Re: The Red Wind is Searching (M for F/maybe M)
« Reply #3 on: October 18, 2013, 02:17:20 AM »
Reformatted the OP quite a bit and updated the statuses of things. For example, my adult RP virginity has been taken by the lovely Bekah Boo, and I am currently craving another (active) RP in my "Gods Within Us" world.

If you have a roleplay idea you think I would like, be it group or solo, post or PM here. I am currently available.

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Re: The Red Wind is Searching (M for F/maybe M)
« Reply #4 on: October 20, 2013, 02:46:56 AM »
Basically rewrote "Gods Within Us" because I suddenly realized that basically everything I wrote was either: Full of errors, written nonsensically, changed completely in my mind but not in print, missing important details.

Now I know why no one wanted to RP it and the ones who did were confused.

EDIT: Speaking of which, the one person I was RPing GWU with has dropped. I am now pretty much writing nothing with nobody. I needz teh RPs!
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Re: The Red Wind is Searching (M for F/maybe M)
« Reply #5 on: October 23, 2013, 01:37:19 AM »
Updated my various cravings and current RPs.

-> One Hailstorm partner has her computer once again, while the other inactive one plans on a post soon.

-> I have a GWU roleplay started, so I don't think I'm craving anymore. If you really like GWU I may still write it with you.

-> My cravings for sci-fi/sci-fan and punk genres have been bumped up, as well as victorian/colonial settings. I'd really like to do an RP in a setting that doesn't use modern guns so much as flinlocks and swords. I may develop some sort of plot for that craving later.