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June 29, 2022, 01:20:53 am

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Author Topic: Fantasy. Good girl, dark god. M seeking F character.  (Read 842 times)

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Fantasy. Good girl, dark god. M seeking F character.
« on: October 05, 2013, 04:30:43 am »
Priestess of the Light and A god of darkness.
A priestess of the 'good' pantheon of light is forced to seek power from the scorned dark pantheon.
The World:
The gods of this world, Asatru, are divided into two pantheons, those of light and dark. In the past, both were revered equally, but in the last century, worship of the dark gods has been forbidden, their temples destroyed and their shrines buried. The kingdom grew to forget them, used their names as a curse and lived under a comfortable but oppressive theocracy. Magic exists, but is only granted by the gods to their mortal instruments: the clergy. Clerics of different gods get different flavors of power.

Light Pantheon:
The Lion: Justice, Obedience and Law.Gender: Male
The Doe: Chastity, Marriage and temperance. Gender: Sexless
The Dove: Peace and Calm. Gender: Female.
The Mare: Joy and Celebration. Gender: Female

Dark Pantheon:
The Bear: War and Conflict. Gender: Male
The Raven: Death and Mourning. Gender: Female
The Rabbit: Lust and Desire. Gender: Female
The Coyote: Bastards, Outcasts and Outlaws. Gender: Male

The Plot:
Something's wrong though. The high priestesses of peace and joy have taken their mandate a bit far, using the power granted by their respective goddesses to put their followers into a state of mindless bliss and obedience. They have even begun to bestow this 'gift' on the servants of the other two gods. Afraid of losing her individuality, your character, a priestess of one of the good gods flees the temple. Following an old legend she learned as a child, she takes refuge in a forgotten shrine to the dark gods. In desperation, she summons one of the dark gods. Her goal is to make a pact, and gain the power to save her country. But she may get more than she bargained for.

Themes: There is a strong theme of ownership. Once the pact is sealed, the priestess effectively holds the reigns to the dark god, but whether she is actually in control depends on her. Expect themes of temptation, not always sexual, and the possibility that light may not be good and darkness may not always be evil. Just what will this 'good girl' allow her god to commit, and what will she sacrifice to meet her goals?

Rules: My on's and Offs are by no means comprehensive, but they are in my signature for a reason. I'm interested in playing Coyote, the bastard god, as a conniving, manipulative and often casually brutal person, who's intrigued to see by just how far the priestess will go.

How you decide to create the Priestess is up to you, but I can tell you I would get bored by a weak woman or one who would give up her principles easily.

Don't expect this to lead to sex right off the bat. I'd much rather have a deep story with no sex at all than a shallow and lascivious one. If I just wanted mindless porn, there are better ways to get it.

I would prefer to roleplay in a thread format, as that makes the story easier to stitch together.

Finally, I am active duty military, so my time is not my own. I will do my best to post at least once a day, and I absolutely will warn you if something renders me unable to. I'll be as active as I can, but I can't always guarantee it.