Anthology of horror and macabre (small group for a collection of short stories)

Started by IrishWolf, October 04, 2013, 08:17:09 PM

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Welcome my friends,

It is now the month of October, we have passed the autumn equinox, the Harvest and Hunters moons dance through our night skies and we approach Halloween, Samhain, Día de Muertos, along with other festivals of harvest and the dead. It is a time of spirits, a weakening of barriers between the worlds and of course, horror. Movies of monsters and deranged killers, the supernatural and unexplained fill the airwaves, as other channels turn the terrifying shows of the past, to indulge our love of being spooked.

And it is those shows, I wish to honor, the anthology series in fact, there the cast changes every week, as do the stories. I have always enjoyed the works of Rod Serling, such as the Twilight Zone and Night Gallery but other honorable mentions such programs as Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction, Goosebumps, Tales from the Crypt, The Outer Limits and Amazing Stories.

So I would like to propose a little project. I'm going to call it, After-hours at the Museum. Much like Mr. Serling's Night Gallery, I envision a curator walking darkened halls, as if give tour to an unseen audience, stopping at random statues, paintings and artifacts, to tell stories of horror and the like, mixed with sexuality and darker pleasures. What I am looking for, are a handful of writers, to tell the stories, our dear curator introduces.

Who's up for it?