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November 23, 2020, 01:00:14 PM

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Author Topic: Compass: Magical Disturbance Agency Eastern Divistion  (Read 383 times)

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Offline Smitten EndymionTopic starter

Compass: Magical Disturbance Agency Eastern Divistion
« on: October 04, 2013, 03:13:28 PM »

Hello everyone! Like I said in my other Compass request thread I have opened up the eastern division of the Compass agencies. The difference with this one is well obviously its centered in a different place but also I will only be providing the cases. So I will also need some one t be the head of this agency as well as a second in command. I will manage the Cases Posts in IC, Also creating and fixing the Reference thread and finally the OOC thread. Look at the other Compass IC, OOC, & Reference Threads on how the RP will be played.

Introduction: This town, is pretty quiet. If you Ignore the howling every full moon. The visits from our dead family members every Halloween or 5 de Mayo. Oh; and the occasional headless rider. It's still a quiet town , never said normal though. We at Compass Star East never hear much from Compass Rose Council or their thorn agents. Unless they are lost really. Not that they don't do their job, they never bother with reporting to us that whatever job they are doing is done. So we never hear much from them usually but now its even less than normal. What a time for them to stop coming around too, the millennium Switch is coming up right on Halloween of all times. The Millennial switch is when the two lay lines that cross at the center of our town switch directions. But, in order to do that they lift out of the ground and become so concentrated with natural magics that they become visible to the non magical people that are around. That is a big inconvenience for us whose entire job it is to keep magic a secret from them. Well, we will manage as we always have here at Compass SE.

Concept: This is an extension of the other Compass thread. Slightly like a spin off. There wont be any interaction between the two; but they are apart of the same universe. They are not close in location to the council. This is again far east of "The City" from Compass SC. This is also a Supernatural Detective agency who is charged with protecting and preventing the Normal populace from knowing the knowledge of anything supernatural. So they are also in charge neutralizing any threat to the mortals of this town and surrounding area.

Posting Frequency: once or twice a day

Setting: Compass Star EAST aka Compass SE, a large town to the far east of the city. Not far from conveniences with a sizable population. This town lays on directly on the crossing of two lay lines leading to a lot of supernatural occurrences.

People Limit: Minimum 6 max 10

Character Sheet:
Code: [Select]
[b]Magical Type:[/b] [i][witch, wizard, sorcerer, voodoo priest, tao monk etc.][/i]
[b]Magical Type Explanation: [/b]
[b]Personality: [/b]
[b]Description:[/b] [i][anything not apparent in the picture provided eye color, weight, height etc.][/i]

Accepted Characters:
~: TheVillain

Header Example: will be using a header for simplicity
Code: [Select]
[b]Status[/b]: Fighting, Chasing, Idle, Working etc.

Town: Pictures coming soon.
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Online TheVillain

Re: Compass: Magical Disturbance Agency Eastern Divistion
« Reply #1 on: October 04, 2013, 08:42:52 PM »
Interested, wrote up a profile, sent to Smitten. Just keeping it on the downlow for now.

Offline Smitten EndymionTopic starter

Re: Compass: Magical Disturbance Agency Eastern Divistion
« Reply #2 on: October 07, 2013, 01:00:32 PM »
Thanks for the reply.