One More Glass- M/M Idea

Started by Captain My Captain, October 04, 2013, 12:40:11 PM

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Captain My Captain

One More Glass- A bartender in a slow local bar is polishing up glasses and hoping to close up shop. Business has slowed down since a new night club came into town and rumors of his bar's closing hang in the air. After being hassled by well-wishers and people trying to buy the bar he just wants to go home. Enter the patron. A last-minute gentleman who orders a simple drink. This gentleman, however, is a thing of the paranormal. Be it a vampire, were-creature, or devil. This thing has the capability to fix his problems (though he has no idea) and perhaps it's bored. Regardless, he can either be a rude host or the man he always has been.

Why turn away a stranger asking for just that one glass?

This idea is for MxM only. I am willing for my bartender to be a switch this round. This can be a one shot or perhaps a full-length thing.

The character I would be controlling is the Bartender. As stated in the idea my character is a willing switch. I just want the concept of this game of wits.
Persons interested please pm me. Thanks.