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Author Topic: A Naruto Game (Interest check, Looking for M and F)  (Read 802 times)

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A Naruto Game (Interest check, Looking for M and F)
« on: October 04, 2013, 09:14:03 AM »
Twenty years have passed since the end of the fourth shinobi world war everything had been going relatively well, peace had somehow managed to remain strong. Naruto managed to become Hokage and earned the respect that he had desired for so long. While villages still had small quarrels they remained loyal to the alliance. The only problem were the smaller shinobi nations who continued to cause problems meaning shinobi were still important to keep the peace and looked as though they would continue to do so for a while to come.

Recently there have been numerous attacks by a group of unknown loyalty. The group often go to small towns and raping and pillaging and has turned from a small issue into a growing crisis. As such the Kage at the most recent Kage Summit decided to do something about it. It was the Kazekage Garra who suggested a team consisting of representatives from each village which was received well from the others. And that brings us up to now each village had decided on their specific representative and they were now being sent to meet and discuss how they were going to handle the problem of these raiders.

Alright that’s the basic plot that I have thought of and I am looking for 4 other people to make up this little team of mine. As stated earlier we are going to have a member from each of the 5 major shinobi nations (Fire, Wind, Lightning, Earth and Water). In terms of characters each must meet a few small criteria. I will Supply a Character template when you supply your interest.
  • All characters must meet the age requirements of Elliquiy
  • Characters have to be Chunin or higher ANBU is allowed
  • OC’s Only, no canonical characters, children of said characters are allowed however
  • Characters aren’t allowed to be overpowered (eg. Have immense amounts of Kekkei Genkai)
Konoha: Sessha
Suna: Vorian
Kumo: Orcath
Iwa: Facet
Kiri: Lezna

PM me your interest and/or questions
Ren Yuki (Lezna)
Name: Ren Yuki

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Village of Origin: Kirigakure

Rank: Chunin

Appearance: Stands at 5 feet 10 inches and has a body that would best be described as toned obviously build for speed. He has dull grey eyes, his hair, black with the occasional white streak, falls just past his shoulders however he keeps it tied in a pony tail most of the time. he wears a pair of standard shinobi pants and sandals from his waist to his neck he is wrapped in bandages rather than an actual shirt. Over this he wears the standard Kiri flak jacket. He wears his headband around his neck.

Personality: Quiet Ren is never the type to start a conversation preferring to only put in his opinion every now and then when he feels that his input may be helpful. He has often been the type to blend into the background people often telling him that he doesn’t stand out and he is easily forgotten.

Any information that you deem useful: Member of the Yuki clan, as such possesses the kekkei genkai of Ice style being able to control and manipulate the elements of water and wind at the same time to make ice.

Taijutsu: B
Genjutsu: D
Ninjutsu: A
Speed: S
Weapon skills and preferred weapon: C, prefers to rely on his Ninjutsu however he is at least capable with most weapons.

Michiko (Vorian)
Name: Michiko (she would have Temari’s family name, which as far as I can find isn’t given - should I come up with one?)

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Village of Origin: Suna

Rank: Jonin (just promoted)

Appearance: Michiko is 5 feet 5 inches tall with a slight build, trained more for agility and precision than strength. She has dark blue eyes, and wears her shoulder length black hair tied up in a ponytail. On missions, she wears the standard Sunagakure uniform for her rank, complete with flak jacket, with the exception that she wears her headband around her left arm. She keeps her puppets stored inside storage seals until they’re needed.

Personality: Michiko is confident in her abilities and willing to take command when necessary, but prefers to leave the responsibility to others when possible. She is generally quiet and somewhat cautious, preferring to listen to others and gather as much information as possible before offering advice or taking action.
Any information that you deem useful: Michiko is the result of a short lived relationship between Shikamaru and Temari in the aftermath of the fourth shinobi world war, raised in Sunagakure. She took an interest in her uncle’s puppet jutsu from an early age, and later learned fuinjutsu and medical jutsu to supplement it, with the eventual goal of understanding and perhaps adapting Sasori’s jutsu. She is able to enhance weapons with wind chakra but has not yet developed elemental jutsu beyond that. She has no official status with the Nara clan, or knowledge of the clan’s secret jutsu.

Taijutsu: C
Genjutsu: C
Ninjutsu: A
Fuinjutsu: A
Speed: C
Weapon skills and preferred weapon: B, she is capable with most light to medium weight weapons, but prefers to use thrown weapons enhanced by wind jutsu and puppet techniques when her puppets are not available.

Tomoko (facet)
Name: 'Cloud Rifle' Tomoko

Age: 19

Gender: F

Village of Origin: Stone

Rank: Jonin (Primarily admin/ personnel)

Appearance: Tomoko is fairly frail-looking if not sickly. She holds herself rigid, and her expression varies between wistful and stern. Her hair is brown and stays tied in a tight bun at the back of her head. Her clothes are conservative and especially light. Her clothing somewhat resembles Neji's in Shippuden, but not because of any associate with the Hyugas; instead because that mode of dress is modest as well as weighing very little.

Personality: She is very committed to her work, which focuses primarily on the bureaucratic aspects of ninja politics. She is most comfortable surrounded by paperwork, balancing the books and being instrumental choosing which squads are composed in what way. She is primarily a utilitarian and values others for their abilities. She isn't callous, but she doesn't cooperate well. That is to say, her mind seldom strays far from efficiency and minimising wasted action. Thus, whilst she may assess and feed back on other members' performances (asked for or not) she does so out of a desire to help them, though she may just come across as a stickler/ negative. She prefer to avoid getting her hands dirty wherever possible.

That isn't to say that she shirks any acountability for the recommendations she gives or the formations she has selected; only that the battlefield is far more chaotic than the comfortable environment of her office. where conflict is entirely a problem-solving exercise for her. She dislikes her 'Cloud Rifle'  moniker, since she is loyal to her own village and resents the implication that her aptitude in lightning jutsu should mark her out as somehow unpatriotic.

Any information that you deem useful:

Owing to a fairly weak consitution, Tomoko is rarely called to do field work. In any direct Taijutsu situation she would be easily overwhelmed. It is through her augmentative jutsu and other ninjutsu techniques that she is able to hold her own if necessary.

Skills: Aside from an analytical eye that allows her to dispassionately appraise a given situation without letting emotion cloud her perspective, her greatest ability lies in her incredible speed owing to an aptitude for Lightning-Style jutsu that increase the user's physical potential. Through careful use of this type of technique she makes an excellent scout for her abilities to move significantly ahead and return at great speed. This is complemented by her moderate aptitude for Earth-Style jutsu such as Hide In Stone. Wherever possible then, she remains fast and hidden, preferring not to engage the enemy.

Taijutsu: C She lacks skill in this area, but supplemented by other techniques she is competent. Typically she will engage using a scaled down version of her Railgun Jutsu; that is, propelling herself rapidly around the battlefield and evading opponents before diving in and striking with a rock-encased limb.

Genjutsu: D/ (N/A)

Ninjutsu: B

Cloud Rifle Jutsu (C Rank): At range, Tomoko picks up and compresses a stone or clod of earth into a denser shape, causes it to rotate rapidly and uses an electromagnetic pulse to fire it at distant opponents. This is a time-consuming process unless she has pre-packed several 'bullets'.

Railgun Jutsu: In combat, Tomoko first charges herself with lightning before launching herself at the opponent. En route, she quickly performs and earth technique rendering herself temporarily and aerodynamically encased in a bullet-like shell of rock. This technique echoes her Cloud Rifle Jutsu, but is far more difficult to accomplish. In this way she compensates for her lack of strength by firing herself at opponents at great speed and with increased weight and density. This Railgun Jutsu (Sole A-Class technique) is her signature technique, and coupled with the Stone Mirrors Technique (C Class; basic earth manipulation whereby she creates vertical platforms prior to launching in order to rebound and replicate the first, second etc attacks) comprises the showpiece of her arsenal. It allows her to attack quickly, minimising the chance for prolonged engagement, as well as demonstrating a strong defence for her otherwise weak form. The technique requires a great deal of chakra however, as well as being tremendously disorienting. Ultimately she has to aim and plan subsequent passes before the first 'shot'; once in motion she is unable to discern her opponent's location and seldom notices whether the attacks hit until she breaks the barrage.

Medical Jutsu: As a consequence of her occasionally dangerous dynamic style as well as general ill health, she has a C-rank familiarity with medical jutsu capable of treating her own health and administering minor field treatments. She is competent, but no substitute for a medical ninja.

Screaming Spire Jutsu (B-Rank) Where possible, she also likes to complement Hide In Stone by  grabbing an opponent's ankles and quickly holding them in a shell of mud before blasting them with jolts of electricity. This remains the only lightning technique she can perform aside from self-augmentation, but it remains one she is proud of. Though it lacks the raw power of her more common techniques, this one uniquely allows her to remain hidden and her opponent helpless. It is also, by virtue of being contact-only, incredibly potent in terms of electrical output. As such, though it doesnt do as much damage, it is far more painful. The high pitched screech of the technique coupled with the flailing tendrils of yellow light that spew from the head of the paralysed victim's head give it the name: Screaming Spire Jutsu.

Speed: A (when lightning augmented)

Weapon skills and preferred weapon: Aside from any stone or earth acquired in the field she doesn't use weapons. She has a good working knowledge of projectile weapons, though that does not always equate to personal aptitude. Owing to dilligent practice though, she is generally a very competent marksman provided she is unhurried. Rapid-fire type weapons ill suit her, and melee weapons of all kinds are wasted on her. Owing to her earth jutsu though, emplaced weapons of essentially any size are possible for her (provided that she has enough chakra to lock them in place with stone).
Kyo Yagami (sessha)
Name: Kyo Yagami
Alias:   Cherry Blossom Ninja
Birthday: 9/23
Age: 21
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual but curious indifferent
Sexual Likes/Kinks: Oral, anal
Sexual Dislikes/Turn-offs: scat, watersports(anything that has to do with peeing) beasitality.
Gender: Male
Village: Konohagakure no Sato [Hidden Leaf]
Country: Hi no Kuni [Fire Country]
Rank: ANBU
Position: Squad 8
Blood Type: O-
Chakra Nature: Wind

Special Abilities: Kyo's family posses a bloodline limet that allows for them to disappear in a cloud of either leaves or flower petals.

Weaknesses: Kyo's biggest weakness and drawbacks to his combat style is that most of his attacks and his most powerful attacks require the use of a sword and even then most of the them require that they be drawn from a sheath in a battojutsu style strike. Also without his sword Kyo is almost exclusivily limeted to melee attacks. Also being that he is a kenjutsu user his taijutsu is not as strong as others and he lacks genjutsus altogether.

Appearance: .

Personality: Kyo has a bit of a tragic past which he doesn't speak of to anyone, but he doesn't let it get in his way. He's actually quite a friendly and likeble person. Though most folks who meet him will see that he always no matter what keeps a glove on his left hand to cover up the scar on his left ring finger. He lives alone in an apartment that his family pays for until such a time as he can make enough for himself to live off of. After learning about his bloodline and what they could do he in a sense of romatisizm decided to use cherry blossom petals for his bloodline limet.

History:  Kyo's history is as much his history as it is about his family's history. Kyo's family  began roughly about a thousand years ago when a simple farmer's daughter was making a journey through the woods to return home from the market to aging father. As she was walking thorugh the woods she came upon a man sitting on a rock on the side of the path. As she came up to him she couldn't figure it out but there was something about him to her that commanded her respect. It could not have been his clothes for he was dressed a simple peasent man but Akemi as she was called knelt in respect for him. When the man noticed this he inquired about why she would show him respect even if he were a simple man. Akemi replied. "Sir I know not how to explain but something inside he tells me you are worthy of respect and honor." she said. The man was impressed with this and revealed himself to be a wind god. "Because you have seen through my disguise you must have great spiritual power young maiden. If I may ask to accompany you to your abode?" Akemi nodded her head to him and she led him home. After he revealed himself to her father he asked for her hand in marrige as well as for him to build a shirne to him on his land and the old farmer agreed. A year later the god himself had to return to the heaven's but he told Akemi that they would always have the favor of the gods. A year later she gave birth to a son and as the boy grew a teacher showed up to teach the boy the sword style of the gods kami-ryu.

 That was the first half of Kyo's story. The second half is of course how he came to be. His father had come to Konoha for one of the many religous ceramonies held in the city and as a member of the fire nation he became enchanted by a woman that lived there. He spent the festivale with her getting to know her before he returned to his home. During the next year he made many vists to Konoha just for the purpose of seeing her as he had fallen in love with her. Soon after that he asked her to marry him and she accepted. His new wife Kasumi revealed to him that she had a special power gifted to her family from long ago. This power was the ability to disappear in a cloud of leaves or cherry blossoms. They lived happily for over a year before Kyo was born. Unfortunetly tragaty struck them when his mother was killed in the line of duty and as such his father was forced to raise him on his own. This of course now brings us to Kyo's part of the story.

 As part of keeping thier divine bloodline strong during the families history either a son or a daughter would marry someone of celestial origin. The latest in this line was to be Kyo. Kyo had grown up with the tenshi he was to marry and he of course fell in love with her and was ready to marry her. But someone else also loved her as well and that was his friend and one of the shrine attendents, Iori Kusanagi. Unfortunetly the shine angel had fallen in love with Kyo and not Iori. Iori who was a year older than Kyo did not take this very well. 

 One day while the Shrine Angel who was known as Shuri greeted him as she always had when he suddenly pulled a sword on her. Kyo having been across the shrine at the time heard Shuri's scream. His legs were already in motion before he even knew what he was doing. He flew like the wind across the ground towards the smaller temple rooms. As he opened the door he saw Shuri laying on the ground bleeding from a cut in her side and Iori hold a bloodied blade. He went after Iori to stop him. "Why are you doing this?!" he questioned him as they crossed blades, but Iori proved to be the better of them as he threw Kyo across the room into a wall knocking the wind out of him and dazing him. He then turned back towards Shuri reached down grabbed her by her neck before lefting her up. He turned back to Kyo with an evil smile on his face. "No...Iori..please...don't!" Kyo gasped out before his friend suddenly rammed his sword through her chest killing her. The world for Kyo suddenly stopped. As her body slumped to the floor one could have almost heard an audible snap before Kyo in a burst of rage flew at Iori. Iori being the older of the two and thus more experenced had always had an edge on Kyo but not now, Kyo's rage had filled him with all the power he needed to hold his own against Iori, in fact going so far as to slice open his cheek. It was about then that the rest of the temple attendents arrived. Iori knowing he was out matched decided to flee rather than be caught.  As Iori fled Kyo's anger finally left him. He surveyed the scene before going over to Shuri's fallen body and pulling it to him as his tears began to fall. They would continue to fall for many days to come. It was only after the funeral that they stopped falling. After the funeral he went to his father and asked him for his knife. After assuring his father he would not commit sepukku his father relented and gave him the knife. As he drew the blade Kyo cut a line from the corner of his right eye all the way down his cheek and then he made a circle cut around his left ring finger before handing it back to his father. He left the temple that day and returned to Konoha. He made contact with his mother's family there and with thier help he entered the ninja academy, that was two years ago.

•Explosive Tags
• Katana
•Fingerless glove
•Explosive bombs filled with cherry blossoms x30

Summoning Contract: His family has a contract with Wolves.

Specialties: Ninjitsu, Kenjutsu, Taijutsu


Jutsus: [By Rank. Explain Customs at the star mark]
Kenjutsu: (Ten Ken Surasshu - Heaven Sword Slash) When Kyo attacks with this battojutsu strike it is kill move. It is multi-stage attack that rends an opponents chakra coils and causing them to explode and immolate the target in their own chakra.

Kenjutsu: (Kokoro no ten'nosabaki - Heaven's Judgement of the Heart) This move is different from others in the style in that it is a thrust manuver rather than a cut or a sword draw. It is also the first of the style's two death moves. What this move does is that it uses a small chakra blade inserted into the heart causing it to burst.

Kenjutsu: (Kaze surasshu - Wind Slash) By focusing his chakra into the sword itself Kyo can cause the blade to cut as though it's cutting edge was that of a blade of wind.                                                                                                               
Kenjutsu: (Seishin surasshu - Spirit Slash) This technique is used by members of Kyo's sword style to slice a person's body despite any armor they were wearing
Ninjitsu:  (Seishin no yoroi - Spirit Armor) A technicque Kyo developed to give him protection from enemy jutsus by coating his body in chakra armor.

 Kenjutsu: (Kaze no tsubasa - Wind Blade) When Kyo attacks with a battojutsu strike he can cause a barrage of scything wind blades to emerge from his sword hitting his enemies
 Kenjutsu: (Seishin burēdo - spirit blade) When Kyo uses this attack he can release a barrage of razor sharp chakra blades from his sword against his enemies.
 Ninjitsu:  (Kaze tenohira - Wind Palm) By infusing his hand with wind when he strikes an enemy's body he releases it with pile driving force.
 Ninjitsu:  (Seishin tenohira - Spirit Palm) When Kyo focuses his chakra into his hand and hits an enemy he releases the chakra into their system overloading it.

 Kenjutsu: (Seishin dorō - Spirit draw) Kyo can cause throw a blade of chakra from a sword draw
 Kenjutsu: (Kaku kaze - Wind draw) Can throw a blade of wind with his sword draw
 Kenjutsu: (Shinseina ejji - Sacred Edge) Can focus Chakra into his sword creating an even sharper edge to it

Henge no Jutsu - Transformation Technique
Bunshin no Jutsu - Clone Technique
Nawanuke no Jutsu - Escape Technique
Kawarimi no Jutsu- Substitution Technique
Kakuremino no Jutsu - Cloak of Invisibility Technique
Kenchi (Orcath)
Village of Origin:Kumo
Rank: Veteran Jonin, Right hand of the Raikage

Appearance: 5'10 with shaggy white hair, Kenchi would actually resemble the Raikage if it weren't for his green eyes and whiter skin tone.  Wearing a short sleeve uniform with an over the shoulder flak jacket typical of Kumo ninja.  Has the tattoos for Water on his left shoulder, and Lightning on his right shoulder.

Personality: Completely and utterly dedicated to the Fifth Raikage, Kenchi would die for his homeland in an instant if needed to protect it. 
Any information that you deem useful: Born with the Storm Release Kekkei Genkai, Kenchi was destined to rise in the ranks of Kumogakure.  It was unknown who the child's parents were, as he was simply dropped off at the door of an orphanage. Determined to become a ninja, just like the heroes he'd heard about during the 4th Ninja World War, Kenchi was estatic to know that he was in possession of the same blood line as his greatest hero, Darui.  The fact that he could possibly be related to the man that had defeated the Gold and Silver brothers drove the child even harder to prove that he was worthy of being a Kumo Shinobi.

Graduating from the academy at a young age, the fresh Genin felt like he was on cloud nine when his jounin sensei turned out to be none other than his idol.  It should have been obvious to the boy that he'd be placed with the man due to their shared bloodline, but that didn't mean the boy couldn't be excited about it.

Through the years, Ken has stuck by his sensei, always wishing to be partnered with the man even after the squad had all achieved Chunin status, and eventually Jonin. He always felt there was more to be learned from him, even after Darui had said there wasn't.  When the successor to A was to be announced, there wasn't a doubt in his mind on who would be named Raikage.

With his master elevated to leader of the village, Kenchi was ever at the man's side.  Darui's right hand, much like how the new Kage himself had been to A, and the Third Raikage.

Taijutsu:C (Style is mostly focused on kicks and letting the hands be free for Ninjutsu.  Playing keep away with the enemy is his strongest suit but he can fight head on if needed.)


Ninjutsu:A (Borderline S)Master of Lightning Ninjutsu, and his bloodline, Very skilled in the use of Water Ninjutsu as well.


Weapon skills and preferred weapon: A rank skill level with a specialized sword based off the one used by Darui.  Ken's sword isn't as thick from front to back, using it more for speed rather than hitting hard.

Black Lightning: Technique passed down from the Third Raikage, to Darui, to Kenchi.  Upon mastering this much more dangerous form of lightning ninjutsu, the user is rewarded with a Tattoo showing as such.  Allows for the use of Black Lightning techniques.

Raiton: Black Panther (Lightning Release: Black Panther)  A-rank ninjutsu.  Offensive.  Long Range. 
 After generating black lightning from their body which takes the form of a panther, the user can manipulate it to affect multiple victims at once by electrocuting them. Like various other Lightning Release techniques, the potency of this ability can be increased through the application of water.

Raiton: Kangekiha (Lightning Release: Wave of Inspiration)  B-rank ninjutsu.  Offensive.  Short-Mid range.  The user generates a large amount of lightning from their hands, which can also be passed through conductive materials to improve the electrical power of the technique, to attack foes

Raiton: Kaminari Shuriken (Lightning Release: Lightning Shruiken) B-rank Ninjutsu. Requirements, Shuriken. Mid-Long range.  The user augments the shuriken with Lightning chakra then throws it above his enemy.  This will rain down sever bolts of lightning towards the opponent.

Raiton: Kyuuzousekka (Lightning Release: Surge Flash) B-Rank ninjutsu. Offensive. Mid-range.  The user will form lightning chakra and use hand-seals to focus it in their hands.  They will then release the energy with the friction provided by snapping their fingers in the form of multiple baseball-sized sparks that when hitting the opponent will deliver a devastating shock on contact.  Has the capability to be lethal depending on amount of Chakra used.

Storm Release: Laser Circus   This technique creates several beams and shoots them at the enemy. First, a halo of bright energy spreads around the user's hands as this technique is activated, then the technique encircles the user's hand and from that the beams are shot out towards the enemy. The user is able to alter the beams direction after being shot, making it possible to strike multiple enemies with pinpoint accuracy, even bypassing hostages held in close proximity. The user can increase the number of beams to a great amount to pin down an enemy.

Suiton: Suijinheki (Water Release: Water  Wall)  B-rank ninjutsu.  Defensive. Short range.  This defensive technique creates a wall of water around the user. Enemy attacks are completely intercepted by a fence of water blown out from the mouth, and is raised from below with tremendous might. The water is blown out in the form of a circle around the user, and it makes for a defence without openings.

Suiton: Teppōdama (Water Release: Gunshot) C-rank Ninjutsu.  Offensive.  All ranges.  The user kneads chakra, and converts it into water, and then spits it out in the form of condensed balls. The high-speed water ball attack possesses the power to crack bones if not kill.
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Online Sessha

Re: A Naruto Game (Interest check, Looking for M and F)
« Reply #1 on: October 04, 2013, 03:39:47 PM »
 I wouldn't mind playing in this game. I have a character I could pull out of mothballs and use. I will be going for the spot from Fire country.

Online Laughing Hyena

Re: A Naruto Game (Interest check, Looking for M and F)
« Reply #2 on: October 04, 2013, 04:16:38 PM »
Alrighty. I have interest
« Last Edit: October 04, 2013, 04:28:49 PM by Laughing Hyena »

Offline Vorian

Re: A Naruto Game (Interest check, Looking for M and F)
« Reply #3 on: October 04, 2013, 08:35:42 PM »
I'm interested. I would prefer Sand village.
« Last Edit: October 05, 2013, 12:52:15 AM by Vorian »

Offline Vaulera

Re: A Naruto Game (Interest check, Looking for M and F)
« Reply #4 on: October 04, 2013, 10:56:13 PM »
I think I'd like to do this roleplay actually! I would like to do Cloud or Mist, but preferably Mist. I love the water-style jutsu sooooo much.

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Re: A Naruto Game (Interest check, Looking for M and F)
« Reply #5 on: October 05, 2013, 03:03:23 AM »
Code: [Select]
Village of Origin:
Rank: (Chunin, Jonin, ANBU)
Appearance: (this includes details including physique, hair colour, eye colour, clothing and anything else that you may deem useful to include)
Any information that you deem useful:
Skills: (these are ranked from D, the weakest rank, to S, the highest, please keep your character a acceptable skill level)
Weapon skills and preferred weapon:

This is the character template that I came up with I would like anyone interested to send me a PM of your character and I will reply if I have accepted it, I'll put my character template up so you may have a general Idea what I am looking for.

Offline Vorian

Re: A Naruto Game (Interest check, Looking for M and F)
« Reply #6 on: October 05, 2013, 09:08:32 AM »
Is anyone planning a dedicated medical ninja? I have a puppet master in mind, so I can easily work that in if not.

Online Sessha

Re: A Naruto Game (Interest check, Looking for M and F)
« Reply #7 on: October 05, 2013, 09:37:01 AM »
 I can safly say I am not playing a medical ninja. So if you want to play one go right ahead Vorian.  ;D

Offline Vaulera

Re: A Naruto Game (Interest check, Looking for M and F)
« Reply #8 on: October 05, 2013, 09:51:27 AM »
Actually, I have a lot on my plate. It wouldn't be wise to start another rp right now.

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Re: A Naruto Game (Interest check, Looking for M and F)
« Reply #9 on: October 06, 2013, 11:06:08 AM »
Is there still space available to have the character from Kumo, or has someone else already claimed that?

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Re: A Naruto Game (Interest check, Looking for M and F)
« Reply #10 on: October 08, 2013, 06:55:00 AM »
We have a kumo character coming so the roleplay will start soon :)

Online Sessha

Re: A Naruto Game (Interest check, Looking for M and F)
« Reply #11 on: October 09, 2013, 06:50:19 AM »
 I'm kinda excited to see where this is going to go.

Offline LeznaTopic starter

Re: A Naruto Game (Interest check, Looking for M and F)
« Reply #12 on: October 09, 2013, 08:07:01 AM »
Ok I shall make a OOC thread and the actual roleplay thread soon :)

Offline Orcath

Re: A Naruto Game (Interest check, Looking for M and F)
« Reply #13 on: October 09, 2013, 02:19:56 PM »
The sad thing about Kenchi is that I've got half a dozen more Jutsu on the back burner to use later if the opportunity shows itself.  Hell I've got stuff that isn't even Water or Lightning saved up.....

Offline Vorian

Re: A Naruto Game (Interest check, Looking for M and F)
« Reply #14 on: October 09, 2013, 02:44:09 PM »
I've got a few in mind for Michiko as well that I'd like to save for future advancement.

I really like Kyo so far.

Online Sessha

Re: A Naruto Game (Interest check, Looking for M and F)
« Reply #15 on: October 09, 2013, 07:17:25 PM »
 Well I like some of the other characters as well.  ;D

Offline Vorian

Re: A Naruto Game (Interest check, Looking for M and F)
« Reply #16 on: October 09, 2013, 08:26:45 PM »
yeah, should be an interesting group

Online Sessha

Re: A Naruto Game (Interest check, Looking for M and F)
« Reply #17 on: October 09, 2013, 09:42:25 PM »
 Indeed it should. But I was curious what you liked about Kyo Vorian?

Offline Vorian

Re: A Naruto Game (Interest check, Looking for M and F)
« Reply #18 on: October 09, 2013, 10:07:34 PM »
I really like the picture you chose and the general theme of his abilities, and I think there's some good plot potential between him and Michiko.

Offline LeznaTopic starter

Re: A Naruto Game (Interest check, Looking for M and F)
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Alright! here is the OOC thread :) were close to starting I'll have the initial post on the actual story thread up ASAP

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Re: A Naruto Game (Interest check, Looking for M and F)
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 Thank you.  ;D If you have some ideas you wanna run by me I'm open to PMs.

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Re: A Naruto Game (Interest check, Looking for M and F)
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 Gonna go ahead and bump this so we don't loose  track of our character sheets.