Female looking for male... Sub/Dom -or- slave/master story. (I be the sub/slave)

Started by Kimbersqk, October 03, 2013, 07:39:21 PM

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Hello there.

I am looking for a male who can "take charge" of a story. I either be a sub or a slave to you. We can discuss details, as I have not thought of them yet. :D

I would encourage you to read my o/o. I know they are not quite updated, but there isn't much to add to them yet. YET is the key. I do not post everyday. Here on E is for fun, not for stress. If i can't get to a story someday, i can't get to it. I really try to post, for sure, on the weekends. I try to slip in during the week and post too. If you are a "daily requirement" poster, I'm not the partner for you. haha!

This story will be fun because we will be creating it together. PM me if you are interested. Thanks!

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