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Author Topic: Cheating On The Hero! (D&D-themed, Cheating) (F looking for M.)  (Read 612 times)

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Offline iridum248Topic starter

Cheating On The Hero! (D&D-themed, Cheating) (F looking for M.)
« on: October 03, 2013, 11:17:06 am »
(Links are NSFW.)

A Great Evil is arising, and a Hero must gather a party of misfits, rejects and various other do-gooders to oppose it. You have the compulsory Rogue, the soldier with issues (i.e. 'the Carth'), the party mascot...

And of course, the girl who's supposed to be the love interest! It's almost in the charter - Laws of narrative causation push the two together, and (After plenty of level-grinding and selecting all the right dialogue options) you're guaranteed a tasteful fade-to-black sex scene or at least some awkward groping right before the final battle. At least, that's how it works out in countless Bioware games...

-Except that's boring.

Now, there's always this other guy:

A fat and lecherous old merchant, who delights in all types of pleasures of the flesh. Overweight and ugly, his tastes run to taking beautiful young women and dragging them down to his level by humiliating and degrading them. Many are the fair young maidens who have been tricked, blackmailed or otherwise persuaded into letting him have his way with them, shamefully moaning and cumming on his cock as he slams into them, gasping and heaving his fat sweaty body back and forth while his hands grope at their titties. Enough is never enough for this horny old coot, however and he is always on the lookout for more young women to exploit!

...Also known as the Store Vendor - The guy who turns up at every juncture to buy your vendor trash and sell level-appropriate gear, otherwise dispensing essential services like Save Points and/or vehicles..Or just providing exposition at every juncture!

The idea I've had in mind is - I'm looking to play one of a variety of fantasy vixens, who's having a filthy, lustful and entirely lewd affair with the horny old coot on the side. After all, what the Hero doesn't know won't hurt him...And all the deep, significant conversations, the hand-holding, and the Paragon options get sooooo boring! Sometimes, a girl just wants to have fun~!

This is basically a rather tongue-in-cheek (And sleazy!) take on the standard heroic fantasy arc. I'm looking to play a mischievous and rather naughty girl who'd traditionally be earmarked as the heroine...And all the fun she has on the side - Possibly not just with the aforementioned Merchant, but with things like Bosses, filthy goblins, and other staples of hentai fantasy~! I was thinking that part of the fun would be keeping it as furtive and as out-of-sight as possible...And see if she can go the entire campaign without being discovered~!

(I do think that the story works better if the girl's closer to the Hero's age - That is, Cassandra Alexandria from Soul Calibur instead of Sophitia.)

Archetypes that might work for the girl:

The Pure-Hearted Cleric:

The Runaway Princess:

The Lady Knight:

The Eastern Ninja/Martial Artist:

The Elf Girl (Because There's Always One):

The Sorceress:

...And so on.

Note that I'd love to play this as a kind of mutually smutty game, where the risk of discovery just adds fuel to the fire - Our heroine gets to have some sleazy fun on the side, and the other party gets to bang one of the hottest women around! It's win-win~!
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Offline iridum248Topic starter

Re: Cheating On The Hero! (D&D-themed, Cheating) (F looking for M.)
« Reply #1 on: October 06, 2013, 11:00:56 am »
Right, a quick addition: I have a kinks list here.

Offline iridum248Topic starter

Re: Cheating On The Hero! (D&D-themed, Cheating) (F looking for M.)
« Reply #2 on: October 11, 2013, 08:49:45 pm »
And updated with some new images~!