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June 13, 2021, 12:26:32 pm

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Author Topic: [Extreme storyline idea.] Classical unicorns and modern dragons. Oh my.  (Read 840 times)

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I met someone on Elliquiy.  She was wonderful.  A sensuous sprite of a woman... with interests in fantastical beastasim.  At first I was... kind of turned off by this, but with concideration some old ideas of mine were reimagined.  I read an artical in Maxim which kind of compares beasticism to an extension of using foriegn objects like dildos.  Someone believes themselves to be so sexual as to scare off mere people.  Interesting.

Anyway, here are two ideas I wanted to pitch to her.  She had to go and its been months so now IM trying to see if there are others who are as sensual and explorative as she was.  Anyone game to such carnal and compleatly decadent storylines?

Idea one.  This is about the last male unicorn.  Its in the dark ages.  Magic is passing... and so is a king.  His vizer... a wicked hearted witch... knows how to use what little magic still existed to 'heal' the ailing, aged king.  His innocent daughter is used as bait, though she is ill informed on what is going on.  Once the unicorn is lured in and captured... a process is done of the next three moons during which they will drain the unicorn of his strength and give it to the king... and the queen will claim its mighty horn.  The daughter escapes at night and visits the unicorn whom ignores her.  Remembering that her nudity lured him into the trap, she takes off her top and then has his compleat attention.  She learns things from him.  She is part of an anchient line of unicorn riders... fey creatures who bonded with and helped shelter the unicorns.  Over time... she accepts this role... bonds with him and turns against her cruel, spiteful dad.  Ripping off her refineries, she rides naked on her new mount... wode-like sigils glowing on her body as from then on she covers herself only in druidic symbols.

Idea two.  Imagine a combination of 'Laura Croft' and 'La Blue Girl'.  This woman... Victoria Crown... or some other dashing, heroine-ish sounding name.  She is beautiful, smart, naturally athletic, and very rich.  Her family is a legacy... old money from centuries ago.  Her enemy is Dragons.  Western Dragons turned against humanity and its surrounding.  Finally tiring of this wantont cruelty a circle of mages cast the ultimate spell... sacrificing themselves to carry out the ceremony.  They took away Dragon-kinds females... all of which died immediately.  The breath weopon of the enemy was taken from them and now is thier ultimate weakness... binding this symbolicly to the sun.  Oh, and has anyone ever mentioned that the name Dracula means 'Son of the Order of the Dragon'.  In fact, this tries to tie anchient evil dragons whom have interbred with humans to make 'cold blooded' vampires.  Drinking human blood to drive thier movement... without it they are emotionless and slow... almost stone-like.  The Dragons can only breed with the descendents of the curse givers... a horible rebound of the powerful invocations.  Our young heroine is taken and tentacle raped... she is eventually busted free by dragonslayers who then adopt her into thier ranks... but there is one further complication.  To make her appealing to the full blooded Dragon, she had to be tortured.... and also a ritual is done to her by its underlings.  Kind of a draconic charm spell... making her extremely sexually attractive to these nasty, scaley gravedwellers she hunts.  Oh... what fun.

Do any of these interest you?  Ive done a lot of more toned down stuff... and other more outrageous stuff.  My favorite still is 'Paradise Lost', which is about Nazi SS submarines suprise slaveraiding Wonder Woman's homeland.  So... I can follow anyone down the rabithole... if Alice can follow me, that is.