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Author Topic: All of Time and Space... Where do you want to start? [Doctor Who Inspired Plots]  (Read 5603 times)

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Offline Theta SigmaTopic starter

Hi there! I'm Theta. I'm a 27 year old Doctor Who enthusiast, and a lazy student.
I am selectively looking for a few new roleplays!
Gimmeh all the DW

First off, a little about me:

- My O&Os are here, though it is not an extensive list.
- And my A&As are here.

- I am slow. There is no avoiding this, I am slow. I am part of the slow writers of E group. >_> If this isn't your thing, unfortunately we will not mesh.
- I am currently studying for an Arts & Humanities degree. Part time, from home.
- I also prefer quality over quantity, but I can work with anything given. I don't, however, fluff out my posts.
- I RP via thread only. PMs get lost very easily.
- I am always, always interested in Doctor Who stories, no matter how obscure it may be. In fact, the more obscure, the better. If you have an idea, drop me a line.
- I primarily write as the Eleventh Doctor, but I will dabble with other Time Lords. I will not write an OC Doctor.
- Last but not least, send me a PM if you see anything you are interested in here.
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Offline Theta SigmaTopic starter

Re: All of Time and Space... Where do you want to start?
« Reply #1 on: October 02, 2013, 03:56:43 PM »
All of these ideas feature the Eleventh Doctor.

Of G o d s and M e n
A Doctor Who What If story.

They made him President of Earth, he was the protector. The saviour. So what happens when he is sick of saving everyone?

What happens when the Doctor decides he no longer wants to be the Doctor

Life in Reverse
He's done this many times, met people in the wrong order, but how do you continue to travel with somebody you've already killed?

It was an accident, she was caught in crossfire. A shot from a Dalek during an invasion of earth. Somebody's fiance, maybe, or somebody's friend. Guilt drove him back, but that guilt is becoming more and more impossible to ignore.

The Burn
He was the Academy outcast, he was the Academy Psychopath.

Following each other through time, space, and everything inbetween.

The Doctor and the Master, always and forever.

Pandora's Box
For decades, he has resisted temptation. There's only so long one can travel with pretty young women before that moral thread snaps, and the temptation is there. Staring him in the face. Naked in the TARDIS console room.

This is about saying yes and opening Pandora's box.

About saying yes, and giving in to the most primal of all needs, and most taboo. Sex with a human, sex with a lesser being.

No going back, no matter how much she begs.

The Wildest Dreams
In her dreams, the most amazing and wonderful man shows her the stars, the most wonderful and amazing planets, and they escape from danger together, only to have it slip through her fingers when she wakes. He is nothing but a dream, a story. A tale. An escape to the harsh life she lives. Just freedom, right?

So why does it ache when she finds he isn't there?

But in reverse
What if it was the Doctor who was in the Master's shadow? What if the Master was the one who was deemed the saviour? His ruthless attitude changed the universe, destroying the Daleks and saving many planets from years of slavery. Gallifrey rules supreme in the background, the Master declared President but adamant to keep travelling. Keep exploring. Keep countless humans on his side.

And there's the Doctor. In his shadow.


The Monstrous
There's a fan belief the Doctor and Time Lords are not actually human looking, they simply use a perception filter to not scare the entire universe away. This plot seeks to explore two of the popular fan opinions, one being that the Doctor is a Lovecraftian monster, the other being laurelhach's beautiful DragonAU where Time Lords are dragons. (Ref: here)

Monster sex is guaranteed. >_>

Also looking for a cat (anthro or not) AU >_>

Your own worst enemy
What happens when your entire life becomes split, and your future self has gone wrong? Not to mention the realisation that somewhere out there is your own death waiting to happen, and this is the future. Your future.

I'd like to do two versions of this story:
Going for a slightly alternate future here where Thirteen and the cross gendered regeneration has gone a bit awry. She hit the ground with amnesia and Missy was the one to find her in a fragile, freshly regenerated state. Coupled with the first body of a new set of regenerations, she is unstable, confused, and wanting blood.

Version 2:
Eleven's time is said and done, and now the click is striking Twelve. Except, there's something off. Something hateful. And instantly, all of that hatred is fresh and bubbling with a Scottish accent to boot. His Eleventh self made some terrible mistakes and now it is time to pay. Dearly.

The Doctor has kidnapped several companions before. On purpose, by accident, or with manipulative luring.

I want him to kidnap somebody for a reason. This can be to combat loneliness, an attempt to find some sort of proper companionship, or something in between. Entirely open here. Not looking for a smutty plot, here. Just the same level as usual.

That Everlasting Burn
Call it revenge, call it what he deserves, call it something other than what it actually, really is.


A kidnapped Doctor is the plaything of the Master, who fully intends to make him suffer. But there's a pesky, underlying feeling that is beginning to need addressing.

I am not your saviour
It was an accident. He hadn't meant to save her, and yet here she is, in a bedroom, crying. She's a survivor rather than a victim, though that's what the rest of her race would tag her as. A victim.

But he can't help her.
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Offline Theta SigmaTopic starter

Re: All of Time and Space... Where do you want to start?
« Reply #2 on: October 02, 2013, 03:56:53 PM »

The voice inside your head
Content: Could be Light, NC or Extreme. Happy for either of these.
Scenario: Doctor Who oneshot smuttysmut! Guided masturbation (mentally or verbally) from the Doctor to his companion.
Setting: The TARDIS. Bedroom, console room... Bathroom. Anywhere.
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Offline Theta SigmaTopic starter

Re: All of Time and Space... Where do you want to start?
« Reply #3 on: October 02, 2013, 03:57:06 PM »
The Doctor x Alien
My role: The Eleventh Doctor
Your role: Any sort of alien, any gender
Setting: Open for discussion
A Time Lord is the ultimate prize, and the universe and it's inhabitants know it. He's a sought after being, and I'm sure there are all sorts of aliens out there looking for him. Maybe they want to torture him out of some sort of information, either about Time Lords or the Time War or... Well, anything. Or, maybe they just want to use him for their own pleasure. I'm open to all sorts of sordid little things on this plot, so go wild, I'm happy to entertain all ideas.

The Doctor x Ace
My role: The Eleventh Doctor
Your role: Ace
Setting: All over the universe
I think Ace might be a good match for Eleven. Be it set in the universe that follows the Cartmel Masterplan, or just a direct continuation of... Whatever we decide. >_>

The Doctor x OC
My role: OC
Your role: The Eleventh Doctor
Setting: Open for discussion
Also open for discussion.

Omega x OC
(Set prior to Ark of Infinity)
My role: Omega
Your role: OC
Setting: Anti-matter universe
This one is going to be grim. He rules over the anti-matter universe. He's a god, in his own eyes. A lonely god. We can fumble the science to give him somebody to play with, I think...

The Doctor x Possessive Human
My role: The Eleventh Doctor
Your role: Human (Male or Female)
Setting: Open for discussion.
Humans in their very nature can be very racist. I want to see a human, male or female, taking ownership of the Doctor. Perhaps he has been weakened, kept captive after some sort of intrusion... Maybe he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. I want xenophobia, I want him to be treated as though he is a thing for display, hated because he is different but seen as exotic and possibly a money maker (Definitely a money maker, given his species). Ultimately, I want to make him cope with all of the dark things of humanity.

The Doctor x The Master
My role: The Eleventh Doctor
Your role: Any version of the Master
Setting: Open for discussion
Again, open for discussion. I can never have enough of this in my life.
I am also really interested in Missy x Eleven, too. God, yes.
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Offline Theta SigmaTopic starter

Re: All of Time and Space... Where do you want to start?
« Reply #4 on: October 02, 2013, 03:57:13 PM »
Matt Smith x Anyone 
My role: Matt Smith
Your role: Anyone! Fan, co-star... (Though I have a wonderful Karen Gillan so I'm not looking for another thread with the two of them)
Setting: Modern day
I'm open for all sorts of ideas on this depending who you want to play. I would particularly like to play opposite a Jenna, that might be interesting.
(If anybody would like to play Matt for me, too, I would love you forever >_>)

Further to this plot:
There is a British show called Take Me Out, where girls go to find dates with men. They turn their light off or leave it on if they are interested/not interested in the man who is looking for a date. I'd like to play a story where there's a charity version of this, a Celebrity special where famous men go for a date with a girl, and see what happens.
Fun, lighthearted, but the chance for romance and a longer story to develop.

Would very much like to try Matt x Lily.

Matt Smith x Arthur Darvill
My role: Matt
Your role: Arthur
Setting: Modern day
Yeah, I... Have no real specific ideas other than the immense craving of seeing these two bang and fall in love.

AU Matt Smith x OC
My role: Matt
Your role: OC
Setting: Modern day
Some secretive relationship where the OC is in a position of authority. Football coach, manager, would like for this AU to be Matt as footballer. Despite the authoritative gap, Matt will be of age and that is not negotiable.
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Offline Theta SigmaTopic starter

Re: All of Time and Space... Where do you want to start? [MxF, & MxM]
« Reply #5 on: October 06, 2013, 03:03:38 PM »
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Offline Theta SigmaTopic starter

Bumping as it's been a month! Looking for a couple of new stories.

Offline Theta SigmaTopic starter

Christmassy bump!

Offline Theta SigmaTopic starter

Marked two plots as taken. Woo!

Offline Theta SigmaTopic starter

Updated. Want to test our writing Mr Clever properly, and I'm also looking for Eleven x Twelve Doctorcest.

Offline Theta SigmaTopic starter

Minor changes. Striked out a plot I'm not currently interested in, and added an idea to a pairing already listed because I am ridiculous.

Offline Theta SigmaTopic starter

Still looking, returning gradually to things.

Also added a pic inspiration omfg give me this.

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Added another picture craving!

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Marked a plot as taken. Still accepting stories for the others.

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Opened a plot, edited a plot slightly, and marked another as taken. Woo.

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Giving this a bump!

Offline Theta SigmaTopic starter

Miniature bump. Mostly looking to play Matt at the moment, but I'm up for any other ideas.

Offline Theta SigmaTopic starter

Miniature bump. Mostly looking to play Matt at the moment, but I'm up for any other ideas.

Yep. Primarily this, but I'm in the mood for some extreme, so I wouldn't turn away extreme stories.

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Slight bump. Posting rate is glacial due to life issues, but I'm still looking to satisfy a few cravings.

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Bump. Still looking for stories, posting rate a little better. Wahey.

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Bumping, added a real person fiction section because it felt about right, looking for a Lily James because why not, and re-opened a plot.

maybe I should start using my changelog again hm

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Crossed out a plot I'm not currently interested in, updating craving. Added a fandom section in my misc post. That's about all, really.

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Bump because it's been a while and I have updated. Updated my A&A link because wow that was old, and I slapped on a new idea.

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Now that I'm moderately up to date (ha) and on top of things, I'm going to pop a bump up >_>

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Can't resist. >_>

Added a whole new section with plot tidbits. Removed some stuff.