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Author Topic: Belfien and the Emerald Tablet  (Read 738 times)

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Belfien and the Emerald Tablet
« on: September 29, 2013, 07:51:38 AM »
Belfien and the Emerald Tablet
A BeltheSwitch and Lancelot RP

We find ourselves in one of the many plains of this world, in particular following one individual as he made his way through the beautiful expanse before him. The greens and bright blue set above him, and the sweet songs each wee little bird chirped, all moved to set the scene as a fair little paradise. Yet these colours strongly contrasted against the garb of the gentleman walking through these lands. He bore himself long golden hair and crimson clothes, and his origins are shrouded in mystery; his ruthless nature is predicated in the garb he dons, as legend has it that its crimson hue is the splattered blood of his enemies.

This man held a hybrid vocation, his muscular form of a monk sharing magical prowess of a mage. Through his practise he found himself able to manipulate the most pure form of magic, and thus lead to him being able to wield it lethally. This, then, later drove him to a new aspiration. Though a fighter, he no longer thirsts for violence, and blood, like he did in years before: he simply seeks, hungers, for knowledge. The manner he sought to achieve this was through Alchemy. Through this, he hoped to be able to discover greater truths of the universe. He had ambition, but now needed another in order to complete his goals.

That is why he is wandering about in the wild. He eventually would take a turn into a forest, but specifically to find a particular grotto. In doing so he knew what he had found - Dökkálfadoor, one of the many gate ways into the Underground Network of tunnels, and cities, and certainly much more; all of which were home to the Drow: the Dark Elf. Such, he lifted the palm of his hand, and from it runes of an archaic tongue scattered and flew out and onto the door, soon fitting into what appeared to be their rightful place. This, of course, acted to open the doors to the Underworld, in which the Dark Elves lived.

So, the man then called out into the deep, dark void "Whoever be there, heed my call - I seek one of your kin, Dökkálfr." as if to draw in, to beckon, to request aid from one of the drow. He had no idea, of course, who would answer his call.

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Re: Belfien and the Emerald Tablet
« Reply #1 on: September 29, 2013, 09:57:14 PM »
The tunnel, a long narrow yet tall pathway is the scene and two small hook horrors now blocked the path of a Drow patrol. To many outgoing patrols this circumstance would take up precious time. Yet she perched on a high ledge and the patrol far behind felt elation and a fire rise from the pit of her stomach. Twin Admanitium katanas almost sung for the taste of flesh, Vibrated with the anticipation of battle. The Drow felt a growl wanting to escape her full ebony lips but with great control she held it back. Her alter vision seeing the heat of the two creatures and not far off her patrol. Closing her fire colored eyes slowly and with purpose she cast a globe of darkness over the Hook horrors before free falling into the awaiting screeches of her victims.

She landed with flat bare feet on the tallest horror, Her blades falling in under that creatures armored neck and finding the soft spot easily. Twin blades went in with a grace that no surface creature could learn. Bringing her blades back towards her heaving breast, Then hearing the thud of the creatures head hitting the stone floor a electric buzz spiked through her slender body. Turning quickly she faced the next creature.

Teeth gnashed and eyes flickered in fear just inches from her body. Yet no fear flowed in hers only a rush of pure child like excitement. Slowly and with utter control she pulled the globe from the creature and let it see her chiseled and fire marked face before she plunged only one of her katanas into its unarmored joints.The bone crunched and snapped quickly and threw the Hook Horror off balance. Spinning on her heel she slammed a carefully aimed kick at another joint then watched with glee as the creature scrambled. She knew it was only a young one and its full instincts yet to kick into it puny brain as she aimed yet another kick to creatures limbs.

Calls from her Patrol caught her long pierced ears and she knew they could sense the battle. Instead of sharing the kill she simply finished the young horror with two neat slices to the soft neck joint as with the adult. Hoping to hear the praise of her kin was not on her list of priorities so before they reached her position she sprinted off down the tunnel.

She knew the rendezvous point near the gate to the above-world. She shook with adrenaline and knew her eyes were that of a wild fire burning brightly. The pock marks spattered across the left side of her skin shone in the dark. Sadly this made her an easy target for other creatures so she found a hiding place near the huge gate and waited til her heart and mind calmed.

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Re: Belfien and the Emerald Tablet
« Reply #2 on: September 29, 2013, 10:47:40 PM »
He knew little of the ongoings behind the doors. In truth, he had hoped that his call would be answered by a Drow opening the doors - alas this was not his fate; rather, the runes took their effect. Behind the violent, pure drow Belfien shifted the great stone gates, opening and letting in a dim light, the bright of the sun blinded briefly by the grotto's vines. It provided light to the empty, dark tunnels, and in turn it provided the Alchemist, Eldritch, with the trinket he was searching for. Though dark, he squinted his eyes, so as to gauge himself of her form. Though in truth, it mattered not: he saw and knew that skin, as dark as obsidian, yet running soft against skin like a tight, yet smooth leather. Behind that skin, in those veins, were the secrets he was searching for.

"I hadn't anticipated that old call to work, Drow." Eldritch addressed the elf before him, raising a hand with pure arcane energy. It served as a light, as shown when he lobbed it lightly onto the ceiling, leading the glow to stick and shine, exposing her before him. Eldritch then began to stroke his light muzzle of a stubble in contemplation, though most certainly was not leaving himself exposed. She would be more than wise to be able to see that, from his strong muscle girth, he was no push over - of course he knew better than to leave himself exposed to one of the most violent sentient species alive.

"Do you have a name?" He asked, his voice somewhat transcendent. Soft, like a beckoning pastor or an enlightened teacher, yet sturdy and strong, filled and fuelled with assertive prowess. His brows relaxed from their frowned state. He was confident in his safety at this point. Odds are, to him at the very least, this drow had never experienced the overworld. While indeed she was kitted with Adamantium, a gift surely crafted by the dwarves, he gambled on her curiosity overriding her killer instinct. "Whether you do, or not, I will offer you mine: I am sure you would revel in bringing a named prize to your home. I am Eldritch, son of Caius."

In truth he could do no more now than wait for her reaction. Indeed, he needed her blood one way, or another. Whether consensual, or through violence, all he needed was a drop.

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Re: Belfien and the Emerald Tablet
« Reply #3 on: September 30, 2013, 12:02:04 AM »
Light flooded her world, sending her alter eyes into a frenzy of detection and recognition. She had to shake her head roughly a few times sending her silver hair unfolding and flying everywhere. Shifting her eyes from the infa spectrum to the world of light was easy but still the flood of confusion left her mind tingling and her body humming with danger.

her once dark world now shone with light and a strange man stood before her. She let a snarl rip from her full lips with teeth bared. Her anger stemmed from his lack of submissiveness. He directly spoke to her and his gaze looked her over as if searching for something. He showed no respect for her station as Patrol leader or Female. Taking her five headed snake whip from her hip she let the snakes hiss and match the angered glare that twisted her normally beautiful features.

Eyes flashing orange she looked the man over and noted he held strength in his body. Muscles were covered by a dark garb that mimiced blood soaked silk. Her mind fluttered a moment on her first kill at the sight of the crimson fabric but soon slammed back to the surface dweller before her. She knew though males of the surface thought of females differently. So with her lips thin and eyes narrowed she spoke.

"I am Belfien, House Tor'val, First daughter and High Priestess of Lolth." Her voice seemed to relay softness and respect though her words dripped with a slight venom. It could only be described as the words a spider spoke before she drained her victim. Her next words held a slight curiosity as he had mentioned a call. "I heard no such call Eldritch. I simply scouted ahead for the twenty strong patrol coming this way" Her eyes looking briefly to the light that had appeared almost similar to faeire fire.

She fingered a pedant of silver inset with a fire stone and knew if need be she would call on her flame sprite Bal.
She was curious by nature but knew it was not something the Drow held in high esteem. So flicking a katana from its sheath she pointed it to the man throat and closed the gap quickly.

"Why would a surface dweller give their life to a Drow?" Her voice sounded almost sickly sweet. She hoped the male would attack her back. She awaited for the man's reply with a grin of pure evil upon her sweet face.

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Re: Belfien and the Emerald Tablet
« Reply #4 on: September 30, 2013, 01:09:21 PM »
"Belfien, House of Tro'val, a First Daughter and High Priestess of Lolth, hm?" Eldritch spoke with words light, yet with a condescending tone. It could be interpreted that he thought her accolades were 'cute' though insignificant at best. "Such an interesting name. If I knew of drow culture I might have known what it means..." Eldritch took a breath as he broke up his sentence, taking his time to speak, truly to take in the surroundings before him - they had made very simple tunnel systems, it looked little more than dirt and stone that had been bored through; cheap and effective, though potentially prone to cave-ins.

" odd that you heard no ca-" With that instant he felt the song of the adamantium blade sear through the air and press up against his throat. It made him slowly drop his gaze from her to the sword. Soon after, he heard Belfien's taunt, which he did not respond to in part: when returning his gaze back to her evil smile, he slowly raised his hand to grasp her kantana: on contact, a searing scream and fair bit of steam blasted from his grasp as Eldritch proceeded to melt the kantana through the use of his arcane prowess. "That is good adamantium you've just waisted there." Eldritch taunted as he threw her sword from his throat, its tip melting at the sight, the liquid metal bending the blade somewhat as a result of his pyromancy.

Eldritch sighed as he looked back to her, opening his hand as a number of runic letters began to float from his palm, all blazing bright, gently taking to the air as they slowly, steadily approached her. "I knew female drows were much more aggressive, but this is ridiculous. It seems I'm going to have to beat you for your blood then, doesn't it?" The magical runes attempted to surround and then circle around Belfien, in doing so creating a gradually increasing barrier she would be foolish to attempt to escape - of course they moved slow, it is more than plausible that she could easily outmanoeuvre them.

"Either that, or you give me some of it willingly; I would not want to send the Underworld alight in fires, but in truth I would have little to no choice."

Should the runes fail, Eldritch opted to condense magical energy deep into his hands and feet, as he took up a rather Muay Thai stance; raising his fists in a boxer's stance, he lightly lifted his right knee. Belfien had no idea what he had in store: through hyperconcentration of his magical energy in one spot alone, his skin alone would yield from adamantium. He was ready for a fight.

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Re: Belfien and the Emerald Tablet
« Reply #5 on: September 30, 2013, 09:07:37 PM »
Darkness seemed to cloud her already agitated mind as he spoke to her with his condesending tone. Her prowess as a High Priestess and Warrior were known to many creatures. She was only young compared to most High Priestess and many only chose to use magic. Her thoughts trailing slightly to the fact that she was a prized female and yet this male seemed to think she was a little girl.

Snapping her eyes to her blade as it melted under his touch made her tingle almost yet it was not completely anger. She fancied the strange and unknown and had been known as the first daughter of a ruling council to bed any male of any station. Not that the males had a choice. Once paralyzed by the snake venom of her pet she could do what she wished.

Belfien snarled darkly as her prized katana melted to nothing almost and the male began casting runes around her. A small rune floated as if on a current of unseen air to her face making her back away quickly at the heat it radiated. Hearing his words of Blood she growled and her eyes ignored the runes and went straight back to him as he readied for battle.

Her head cocked to the side as she heard the commotion of the patrol trying to get their eyes adjusted to the light flooding in from the open gateway. A call came from the lead male which was more questioning then anything. His words "Belfien what is the meaning of this light" seared her with anger at his use of her name. She understood males of the surface but a Drow being disrespectful was the thing that broke the spiders back. Spinning on heel quickly she smoothed her hand over her amulet and sent a great dane sized arachnid down into the darkness. Her ever keen sense always on the Male now behind her.

"I am not a stupid Drow and know when someone is stronger...." She pausing herself and breathing in softly as she turned back on the male. "Also if blood is all that is needed why not use a pure Drow. I am but a mistake cursed by Eilistraee to shine. The males would give it easier then I" She bowed her silver mane letting it fall into her face. She felt the need to be unpredictable with this one so faking her respect was necessary for survival.