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Author Topic: Seeking F for Fandom Play - Well-Written&Twisted - Skyrim, Naruto, Final Fantasy  (Read 482 times)

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Boom, the name says it!

But I suppose I should go into some more detail than that, huh?

Okay. I'm an experienced male writer who enjoys all ends of the spectrum, from sweet 'n snuggly light to dem hazy gray shades to pitch friggin' black, and who enjoys both fandom play and original storylines. At the moment I'm looking strictly for fandom play, and though my interest tends to lean into the 'that's perverted and/or messed up,' I can equally be talked into something lighter if the pairing, story idea and what you bring to the roleplay intrigue me enough.

That being said, let's truncate this bish with some bullet points:

- I'm a male that's looking to play male characters alongside a female playing female characters.
- I'm generally in the mood to take on a more dominant role to your more submissive, but the opposite of this, or switching, are all enjoyable too.
- Existing characters only. While I'm super flexible on mixing together two characters who rarely or never actually cross paths in their particular series, I'm not looking to play a canon character opposite your original, or vice-versa. Yes, yes, I'm sure she's tremendous. And fleshed out. And not a vicarious You that you're pairing up with whoever. That's fantastic. It does nothing for me; I don't particularly care. (The only exception to this is with Skyrim.)
- Imagination. Creativity. What you bring to the table is super duper big to me. One might even say it's...dun dun dun...the reason I don't just write by myself! =) See how that works? So throw around ideas with me. It's fun. This is the part that inspires me to want to play with you.
- Going along with the previous statement, it's important to note that if you do take on the submissive role in our storyline together, that doesn't mean you should be submissive outside of it - a submissive character =/= a submissive writer. What do I mean by this? Another iteration that I want to enjoy your imagination, and our imaginations together. Don't be the equivalent of a dead fish, of some shy little thing that lays there waiting for me to do all the work so you can type 'a reaction' instead of 'a reaction plus furthering the moment.'
- Quality over quantity, but quantity is nice too! Let's rock some paragraphs together.
- I would like someone comfortable with playing multiple roles, as I am too, if and when this may arise in our story together. Done right, and depending on the situation, it can really add a lot!

Alright. Now let me hit some fandom suggestions that I'm currently interested in, in no particular order:

 - - - -

Final Fantasy
 - - - -

Resident Evil
 - - - -


For Naruto, I'd prefer to play Naruto opposite any of these ladies, though I'm open to other requests - whether you'd like to play someone not listed, or if you'd like me to play someone else. Something alternate perhaps, where Kushina gets to return from the other side on a permanent basis, and pours her affection unto her boy in more ways than one? That could make for some interesting mental play. She's gorgeous, and I love what a firecracker she seems to be(curiously similar to Sakura in this sense), so I think it could make for just as many funny mother/son interactions as it could pervy ones. Something about a Naruto/Ino pairing has also always intrigued me, maybe as two characters who ended up being overlooked by their love interests? Or paired together in some way, and something unexpected happens. I've always found her to be a beautiful character with a so-so jutsu that simply has gotten overlooked as time went on, and pigeonholed as 'Sakura's friend' when she could easily have more dimensions than that. His 'rivalry' with Tsunade has a ton of hilarious, pervy potential to turn into something fun. I see it as being a total love/hate/unintentional lust sort of scenario. The two of them going back and forth between arguing and respect, to who knows where. And who doesn't have a soft spot for Naruto/Sakura, even if she IS likely to go all aggressiveface and punch him across the room less than a minute after making love? If she could just get over the derpy Sasuke thing she has, like Ino, a lot of ways her character could be fleshed out(though admittedly Naruto's crush on her is in much the same style). I see them having an adorable back-and-forth between being blushingly d'aww, and ragey when she says/does something dumb. I've also done Shikamaru/Sakura in the past, which I enjoyed, but would want a partner to have a good idea/concept to pitch for the pairing before going in. This fandom could very easily incorporate a harem too, if you would be interested in playing multiple girls; following the great war, who's to say Tsunade doesn't insist Naruto take several wives from various families to create a variety of strong future ninja, and rebuild the Uzumaki clan? It's forward, for sure, but who can deny the power of Naruto's family - and their current lack of members? At a time when Konoha's licking its wounds following a war that encompassed all the great ninja countries, it would only make sense that their leader be thinking of the village's future...

For Final Fantasy, my main interest at the moment is something from the Dissidia games, though I can be talked into games from the main series as well. I'm open to playing most any male, with these four ladies particularly sparking my interest. You can suggest others though. You can suggest ones that weren't even a part of the Dissidia games, but from somewhere else in the FF series. Dissidia's story was super open like that, yo. I love how the second one, Dissidia Duodecim, had a darker tone to its story too. For anyone who didn't play them, they were a pair of games for the PSP that brought many of the heroes and villains of the series together under one roof; a fighting game at its core, it had a super unique story to it, and I'd like to explore it a bit more. Are we both good guys? Are we both bad? Am I tempting your character to cross that line? And then there's the bitter hopelessness of the story itself, which we could either embrace or ignore. It's worth noting that I've had a number of people mention they're fans of the FF series but haven't played the Dissidia games - that's okay! I wouldn't mind giving a once-over of the basic setup and then crafting it to our liking from there, or heck, even just playing with the gals in their own home realms/games would be fine too. Like one idea I've never gotten to play out would see Tifa and Aeris/th having a more in-depth visit to the Honeybee Inn. There's also an interest in playing opposite a good Lightning, if what we come up with sounds delicious enough.

For Resident Evil, I'd prefer to play Leon opposite either of, or both of these ladies, though I'm open to other requests - whether you'd like to play someone not listed, or if you'd like me to play someone else. Leon's my jam. I've played every game in the main series and a number of the side ones. Claire's always been the one to do it for me, but I have to admit, I have a rekindled interest in Sherry after going through 6. Where we set our story within the RE timeline is entirely up for discussion. A little horror and gore with your eloquent pr0n, anyone?

For Skyrim, this is the only fandom listed here where the rule of 'canon characters only' can be thrown out the window. I'd still like to stick to the paradigm of me playing a male, you a female, but beyond that it's up for grabs. Am I the Dragonborn, and you my mercenary? Are you the Dragonborn, and I your Housecarl? Is neither of us Dragonborn; are we other people entirely, within the realm of Skyrim? Are there canon characters you'd like to play as, or storylines from the game you'd like to touch upon? Lots of freedom here. This is really a sandbox we can build to our perverted preferences~ (The only restriction I put up front is that the non-human races of the game are not...shall we say, visually stimulating for me. They can be side characters, but for our two mains I would like us to be of the varying human races.) It also gives a TON of freedom to explore dark fantasies, if that's your interest. Think of all those times you charged into a group of bandits and were almost overtaken, or delved into the basement of a fort and came across rusted metal cages, clearly sized for housing a human being. This setting is absolutely ripe for 'bad ending' story ideas, though depending on your preferences, can be anywhere from that twisted and dark to the simple, light, high fantasy & pervy~

Normally I am overflowing with ideas. Today I am not as wordy as some previous request threads. You may have noticed this. Hopefully I still came across well; take whatever inspiration I've created within you if you've gotten this far and shoot me a message! Where's your mind at? Who would you like to play? What would you like see happen together? Do you like any of the snippets mentioned here or do you want to go in an entirely different direction? We'll brainstorm, yeah? I've been told my more lengthy, imaginative request threads in the past have been as intimidating as they've been enjoyable, so I'm trying to strike a careful balance of pulling you in without pushing you away! (or maybe I'm trying to start off with a sandbox so any stories we come up with are 'ours' and note 'mine.' either way!)

I suppose I should include one of these, to give any interested parties some insight as to how pervy I really am.
(edit: The stupid link above decided to be stupid, and I guess doesn't work anymore. Like a stupidhead. A more elaborate list of what gets me going will come...eventually. Maybe. Potentially. We'll see! For now, though I haven't displayed it much yet, I can enjoy sexual/sensual elements that are anywhere from the lighter, cuddly & super sweet end of the spectrum, to the irrevocably dark. My general leaning is toward the perverse and messed up, and you can rest assured that if you dip into the twisted, naughty part of your desires, if you suggest our story together include the sort of things that make you personally take pause and glance over your shoulder to be sure no one is watching you type, a blush on your cheeks and a fidget in your seat, that you not only won't scare me off, but I may one-up you in return.)

Now the next part is up to you.

Am I your type?
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Re: Seeking an imaginative, twisted lady for some well-written fandom play.
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Threw an edit out, because that's what you do when you write things in haste!

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Added some more depth to a few of my ideas. Currently craving something from Naruto or Skyrim, though anything still listed here is open.