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April 19, 2021, 07:37:29 pm

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Author Topic: Did *I* do *That*?! Was It Me? (bdsm, dub/NC, f char for TBD/multi)  (Read 672 times)

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     Lately craving some plots with more split personality, mind control, or hypnotism worked in.  (My female characters, your umm something.)  As usual, please PM if interested.  

D/s, deception and partly seduction thriller ideally with some more physical SM and possibly, blackmail for my character.  Something where no one thing quite locks the situation in, but together a lot of strings are lined up for pulling mine in.  Expect some IC faking submission, confusion, psychological tension and reluctance (possibly arguments/some struggle at times), anyway not a blind submissive story. 

Contemporary modern is pretty much the default.  Drugs, magic, and certain more sci-fi or fantasy aspects could be added after planning. 

          " Omg, What did I do last night...  And the weekend before... 

         What are these in the closet?  Or this in the computer...  Where did I get these files...  What!  Was that picture actually me??! "

     My character wakes up one day and realizes suddenly that she's been leading a double life.  She has a shady side where she seems to already be submitting part-time to someone at a club (or possibly some secret society or a dark business setting?) ... She finds evidence that she's been shopping, and communicating with people, already having set up part of her schedule even, as if she were into it...  There may be some pictures in her place. 

      The only problem is...  She doesn't remember doing any of it!  It's not something she flirted with doing, and certainly not in this place she hadn't heard of before.  Though she has some physical marks and pains that would seem to suggest she has certainly been up to something with someone.... 

And (optionally), memories may start drifting back over time or as various things remind her, making it all seem more and more true...  Then, there is also a chance that people will leap out of her memories and message boxes, and right into her neighborhood or work.  People with relationships or commitments from her, possibly people with grievances, and definitely people who expect a lot of her. 

She begins to wonder if she is losing her mind.  Is the person doing these things, really her?  Is it another personality that is suddenly starting to talk to her?  Could she have more than one other self hidden inside her head somehow, competing to become the "real" her?   Why now, then?  Or, could this all be some sort of hoax?

She knows it is risky, but partly out of concern to find out how much exposure she has -- who knows what about her, are there pictures, who is calling or following her anyway, etc. --  she will probably assume the secret identity she's just discovers "she" has, and see what she can find out...  If she goes to this place looking the part, and tries to act as if she is just walking around like she belongs there again...  Maybe people will start to fill in the blanks in her head.  How much time has she forgotten?  What has she done?  Or are all the messages and pictures and things left in her place, really hers at all?

     This has just popped into mind and for now, I'm leaving the exact background/matchups open to discussion.  For mine, just think female in 20's or 30's, probably Asian or Caucasian.  She may have a job that prefers some discretion, an ex-/stalker with some special connections (drug companies? hypnotherapy engineer?), and/or some partitions in her own head...