High School Senior beaten by bf rescued by outcast

Started by seeker619, September 24, 2013, 11:21:45 AM

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The captain of the High School cheerleading squad was very popular and spent much of her time mocking the misfits of the school and promoting her own popularity with the news of her latest male conquest and other boasting rights.

One young man she spent so much time mocking in front of her friends was a shy and skinny kid with thick glasses and a bad studder.  He is walking home from school one day and sees she is being beaten by what may be her boyfriend.

It is obvious from the start that the abuser was laughing at this geek as he told him to leave her alone.  It was equally obvious once he took on the much larger man that he was not as bad a fighter as she suspected but he was both half his size and had roughly half of his skills in one on one combat.  He was getting beat badly but never backed down and he was resourceful taking advantage of every mistake the girls abuser made.  The distant sound of a car laying down some rubber on the road turns the abusers head momentarily.  Long enough for the geek to get in a clear shot to his temple ending the fight immediately.

The cheerleader with tears in her eyes dotes on him and offers him anything she can give him for thanks including her for a night which he turns down.

A week later though he does ask if she will do him a favor?  Apparently there is another woman he has interest in and wants her help.

Who she is and the type of help are up for grabs.  If interested would love to hear your view.