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Spoils of War-non con/extreme Female for Male

Started by LittleKitten, September 24, 2013, 10:23:26 AM

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Germany has won WW2 and marched across the globe. Most of Europe is under German control and high ranking officers are assigned to govern the new German provinces. One such SS officer has been assigned Ireland and the cold, wet land irritates him. The people are superstitious and the food is horrible. Worst of all, leaving the Fatherland has destroyed his chances of marrying a good German girl.

The war has cost Germany many sons and it is their duty to replenish the ranks.

The SS officer rules Ireland with an iron fist, fiercely punishing any insurrections or complaints. The German provinces and the world settle into their new routine but he still isn't recalled to Germany. It seems he's here for life. The German officer's eye begins to wander and he notices a pretty, young maid. She's just been hired by his housekeeper and comes from a very poor family.

She's pretty, young, available and comes from a family wealthy in boys. She'd be perfect for bearing him sons, until he can find a proper wife. Given how poor she is, she might even welcome his advances.

non con themes with forced pregnancy
Nationalities and time period can be changed