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Author Topic: Sex(t) Based Adventure (Zork-style) or Story Creation/Play (M for Any)  (Read 632 times)

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Offline WellHangedManTopic starter

Click here to see my old post, concerning standard roleplay.

Sex(t) Based Adventure

Remember when you could sit down in a dark room with a black screen that had only a few lines of text in it? Your imagination could run wild. The world was open and you had the freedom to explore, collect items, solve mysteries and more! It could be quite perilous, too! Those were the days... The days of Zork, Amnesia and Gateway. Horror, humor, action and adventure were common themes. This is my vision, and this vision relies upon you, the player, to play the game.

Want to feel nostalgic, or don't know what a text based adventure is like?
Play Zork!

The Premise

I'm a huge fan of old school text-based gaming. From the simpler things like Zork and those that followed, to more complex text-based games such as MUDs and the recent Corruption of Champions. I've had the idea to create and run a roleplaying format based on those adventures for years now, but only recently has the idea started to really coagulate. So what is it, you ask?

  You wake up in a dark and musty dungeon cell. Your head hurts and your legs are shackled to the wall with a few feet of chain so that you
  can at least move about a little bit. You are fortunate; many cells are not so comfortable as yours. You have a wooden bed that doubles as
  a bench, and even a small window that allows the chill of the night air to bring a shiver to your bones. Across from you is another cell
  containing a poor soul not quite so fortunate. No window and a bed that has rotted through and fallen apart. Not to mention that he is
  presently deceased, only his skeleton remaining chained to the wall at the back of the cell.

  You have nothing but the rags on your back, clothes that barely keep you modest, given the holes and tears in them. They certainly don't
  do much against the cold air. You feel a little dizzy and unhealthy and that headache of yours is only getting worse. A metal plate with
  some stale bread and cold soup covered in a layer of hardened fat is set just inside your cell. A ways down the hall to the left, you can
  hear, but not see the source of heavy footsteps that seem to be coming your way at an urgent pace. Before you can react, a monstrous
  hulk of an orc stands on the other side of the bars of your cell in a full set of primitive chainmail armor, longsword in hand. He grunts in
  your direction before speaking.

  "So, the spy is awake. Perhaps now you will be willing to speak."

  You remember nothing prior to waking up. Perhaps now is the time to pry for answers, even if your host does not look terribly friendly.


That's about the gist of it. Like an old-school adventure, you're prompted with a situation and a basic setting that it's your job to work your way out of. Perhaps you're just jumping out of the kettle and in to the fire by doing so, but that doesn't mean we can't have some fun doing it. All of these prompts will be improvised by me and based on your actions, which is what sets it apart from real games of this fashion. If you want to try to attack the orc through the bars, instead of some generic "That's not possible" option, I'll type up an appropriate response. Or perhaps you can think of another way to get that orc close enough to try to swipe the key off of his belt.

Like an old school text-based game, if you want more details, all you've got to do is ask!

  >Look at orc

  The orc is a standard example of the species.
  He is male and towers above you at nearly seven feet tall, with bulging muscles, veiny green flesh and black hair in a simple topknot.
  He has squinty eyes, a tall forehead and fangs protruding from his dark lips beneath a broad, flat nose.
  His chainmail armor is primitive, but looks tough despite the basic techniques used to craft it. Over the armor, he wears the ragged
  standard-issue guard tunic for the dungeon's staff, with a belt tied around the waist. From the belt hangs a set of keys, a utility knife
  and a small pouch of coin. In his left hand, he carries a large, heavy-looking longsword and his right hand is empty.

  He is staring at you expectantly, as if waiting for you to do something.

  >Look at keys.

  The set of keys appear to be standard cell door keys, hanging from a loop on the orc's belt, on his left side. With a skilled set of hands,
  one could easily lift them from his armor, and the orc looks dumb enough that he might not notice them missing.

  >Take keys.

  You reach out and attempt to grab at the keys on the orc's belt through your cell door, but he merely steps back out of range and shakes
  his head. You will not be able to get his keys without either killing him or distracting him somehow.


You get the idea. Of course, your actions can be more detailed than that - that's all a part of our pre-play discussion.

And what do I get out of this? I get the distraction. When things get sexual, and they most assuredly will, roleplay will occur fairly traditionally between you and I until the completion of said scene. At which point, your adventure continues until the next scene!

The Details

Posting Styles

Option 1 (Preferred): I post the scene and situation, as above. We then discuss OOC what your character's course of action could be. You tell me what you want to do (e.g. take the key) and I'll tell you whether or not it will work without any real details except whatever is relevant and necessary. You then come up with a fairly typical roleplaying-style post that matches your character's success or failure.

Option 2: We mostly follow how things flow in the example posts above, with short, adventure game-style answers and bigger actions/posts for more significant stuff, such as fighting and fucking.

Starting Locations/Situations

I like for this sort of thing to start in a fairly cliche place for text-based adventures. Things like a dungeon cell, a cabin in the woods, a creepy cave... Places where you would feel inclined to explore. I have tons of ideas, lots of different ways we can play and start and lots of situations (both dire and advantageous) that can be used. In the end, it's your call, but I do have systems in place that can randomize things if you truly want a unique and unpredictable experience.

  • Dungeon Cell: As in the text example above, you're shackled in a cell in a dungeon and you have to find your way out at all costs!
  • Abandoned Cabin: A creepy little house in the woods or on the plains. Good setting for survival horror or surreal stuff.
  • Uncharted Cave: What's inside? Do you put your wits and bravery to the test to sate your curiosity?
  • Derelict Ship: Either a sci-fi based spacecraft, or just a big freighter that's grounded its self and been left abandoned. Creepy. Moody.
  • Whatever we can come up with! Just keep in mind that I enjoy cliche for this sort of thing, so don't get too creative. Leave that for the actual play!


I'm okay with just about anything here, but my favorites for these settings are usually horror/surreal, fantasy adventure and sci-fi.


These will be generated dynamically by me! You'll have as much say as you wish in what the world is populated by and not populated by. No spiders? No problem! You want teams of orcs and ogres, or tribal shemales? Anything goes! There's not much I can't do where this is concerned.

Action vs. Sex

I call this Sex(t) Based Adventure because I enjoy dirty, depraved sexual situations as opposed to combat and fighting, but that doesn't mean your character can't grab a sword and swing his or her way out of a dire situation! Don't worry, things will be fairly balanced based on your preferences.

Bad Ends

I usually don't like gory death type stuff, but I'm perfectly willing to play out bad ends for adventurers who make unwise choices. They'll be fairly rare, usually agreed upon by both you and I and won't go in to the nitty gritty details of death, but they're doable.

Story Structure

Here's how a good story looks:


Emphasis on the "end" here! These stories will have definite endings. Whether it's the death of the player character, the escape, or something somewhere in between. You can "beat" the game or "lose" the game as we see fit. These particular scenes won't go on forever.

Advanced Options

At its most basic, this is essentially just a stylized form of normal roleplay that might bring back some nostalgia and fuzzy feelings of awesomeness, but I'm fully prepared and capable of making things at lot more complicated! Here are some examples:

Text-Based RPG (Preferred)
  • Character Generation: Just like any other RPG, we'll start with the generation of your character sheet! All the customization options you know and love are here. Create your character!
  • Stats: I have my own fairly basic stat-based system for determining what your character is good at and moving through the story accordingly. Just a nifty thing you can actually see working in play. For example, say your character wants to lift up a huge rock! She's going to have to meet certain strength requirements first!
  • Equipment: Find yourself a sword or a piece of armor? You can put it on! I will include in your turn an inventory phase, where you can equip/unequip, pick up/drop, use or combine items you pick up and have in your...
  • Inventory: Yes, a full inventory system with optional weight/bag size limits! I'll keep track of the crap you pick up, from your ragged starting clothes to the Giant Flaming Axe of Damage +5 that you just looted from that ogre boss!
  • Persistent Characters: We can run the same character through other settings and situations and include all previous stats and gear. Start your career as a full-time adventurer! Or, if we get other people in on it, you can bring your character and see/interact with theirs to share memories of your unique experiences!
  • Skills/Affinities: What's your character good at? What kinds of weapons does your character like to use? I determine this based on a few factors, or you can pick if you like.
  • Unique Dice or Judgement Based Ruleset: If you want things to be completely random, let me know and I'll whipout the Ds! Or, if you like, I can use my judgement and perverted will to make decisions!
  • Much, much more! I know it sounds complicated, but I've been DMing D&D and other games for years and I absolutely love it. I can keep track of these things, it doesn't burn me out and I honestly enjoy doing it. I love putting characters through their paces and seeing how creative players react. Trust me, I've got this!

  • Dynamic Changes: Your character will change and evolve based on the environment and NPCs he/she interacts with. This caters to fans of Corruption of Champions. Imagine exploring different settings and worlds in similar mind-and-body altering fashion!
  • Unique Outcomes: Your character won't be the same once the scene is over. Go from normal human to vile, cum-thirsty succubus and beyond, or one of a billion possible combinations of random things.
  • Wild Characters/NPCs: Again, like CoC, you'll run in to people and things you may not necessarily enjoy the company of... Or perhaps you will!

Unlimited Possibilities

Want a combination of things, or have some custom requests? I'll hear them out!


Now, here at the end, I must say this: I do not take on victi... er... partners for these bold endeavors lightly. In fact, I try to only take on one long-term partner/group at a time. While I do enjoy this stuff, it is a lot of work and takes dedication from both myself, and my partner for it to be enjoyable to participate in and read. If you're really interested in being that one person or if you have a few people together and want to start a group, let's discuss it. Better yet, let's do some light roleplay first just to feel each other out. Just don't expect me to be ready and willing to get this started just because you're the lucky first person to get ahold of me about it. But don't worry, your dedication and interest will pay off! I've done this a few times before and it's always a blast. I think it'll make a fine addition to the forum play already available.
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Offline WellHangedManTopic starter

Story Creation/Play
« Reply #1 on: September 27, 2013, 08:37:47 AM »
I like to play with a ground-up approach to creating scenes, characters and stories. While I have ideas floating around, I get the most enjoyment out of creating something with another person and enjoying that creation to its fullest in role play. With that in mind, I'm looking for partners who are pliable, open-minded and creative to join me in the creative process, and the subsequent resulting play. The creation will take place over messenger, preferably AIM (though I have access to GTalk, YIM and ICQ) and I tend to enjoy one on one play over messenger or other real-time communication method, as well. However, if you're confident that what we come up with is suitable for public consumption, you may be able to pop my forum cherry and I'll give the whole thing a shot. It's been done, folks. I was thrown to the wolves and can't turn back now. I'm still getting used to it, but I think I can roll with it from here on. Since I essentially want the same thing in a forum-based story as I do/did in IM-based play (which I'm still happily accepting), this is just a direct copy/paste of the post over there, edited for relevance to this particular forum.

I would love to still have meaningful conversation over IM, or perhaps E's IRC (via private message, obviously) since I think it's invaluable to have a dialogue going between us. Especially for the process of character creation and generating the story ideas, which I really enjoy doing as a lively discussion between the players. This isn't a requirement, however, just a request.

How I Do Things

World Creation
Typically, a contemporary modern world is used as a basis. Or a sci-fi world, a fantasy world. Whatever is appropriate. Take your average, uninteresting, run of the mill world without anything remarkable about it. I'll populate this world with the relevant details to make it interesting and compelling to that we can create a story there! Both original concepts and inspiration from established fiction can be used for the final product, and I can get just about as in-depth as you'd like about the details. Ideally, I'll be working with someone that contributes his or her own ideas and we'll wind up with a place we both want to see in play.

Character Creation
Ah, this is where it gets a little tricky...

I don't have set characters that I use. I create compelling and interesting characters for the worlds they populate, and I do it fairly well. It's one of my favorite parts about the process of creation. An idea will formulate in my head, I'll run it past you and we'll refine it so that he has qualities we both enjoy. I'll reuse characters if it's appropriate, but I really prefer to make new ones when I'm given the chance. I tend not to deal in pictures for my own characters, but yours are welcome if you please.

You can either do the same, or you can use one of your established characters. The above really only applies to the character I'll be playing.

Story Development
Get two characters and make them kiss!

Really, it's about as simple as coming up with some excuse for them to meet somewhere on amiable terms. These are two characters who will have lived out the majority of their lives without knowing of one another, more than likely and we can probably think of a million reasons why they wouldn't ever talk, meet, have sex, develop a relationship or associate. We can play out their lives before they meet, but that's boring. For roleplaying, we're tasked with the sole responsibility of designing a scenario where our characters interact in ways that are interesting to us. It doesn't matter if they normally wouldn't like each other. We think of a reason why they might and include all crazy, extenuating circumstances that we have to in order to get them together. And then we play. That's what we do. Easy, right?

Who I'm Looking For
  • Someone who has read and isn't at odds with my ONs/OFFs, and the preferences listed on my Role Playing Preferences.
  • Someone who isn't opposed to a relatively high level of consensual sexual play. 40-80% sex, with a meaningful story to make it worthwhile.
  • Someone who is able to compromise (just as I am) so that we're both satisfied.
  • Someone active, creative and fun!
  • Someone who loves to push new limits, try new things and break free of routine subjects, characters and settings.
  • No requirements on gender, though genderqueer and unusual characters (or a willingness to play them) is highly preferable.
  • A sense of humor.

What I Offer
  • Dynamic world and character creation abilities. I prefer collaboration, but I'd be almost as happy with someone who lets me do all of the creation if he/she is willing to go along with whatever I come up with.
  • High availability. I'm around a lot since my job doesn't have me away from home very much. I'm especially active in the evening/late night.
  • Starting points and ideas to build from. We all get writer's block. If you want to create, but are having a hard time finding a place to start, I almost never have a problem providing a foundation.
  • Versatility in post length. I have a post length range somewhere between 10 lines and 10 paragraphs and type fairly quickly. You write what you're comfortable with and I'll adjust. I don't do "set limits." Please note my ramblings about dialogue in role play. It's fairly important to me.
  • Varied styles. I'm capable of writing in different manners and fashions so that no two characters will feel the same, even in the way they're written.
  • Friendly, fun and inviting. Just talk to me! I don't have unrealistic expectations, sky-high standards or unyielding requirements.

What I'm Not Looking For
  • Common or stereotypical scenes. If there's a slash between the character pairings, I'm probably not interested.
  • Too much cliche. I can handle a little bit, especially in humorous context, but I like to be unpredictable.
  • Overly submissive characters/partners.
  • Excessive post length/detail requirements. I won't commit to something I can't consistently produce. Note that what I consider excessive is probably way more than most might.
  • Group play. Not yet.

Roleplaying Ideas and Examples

An example of actual (ongoing) roleplay posted here on the forums:
I See You - Narratophilia & WellHangedMan - Human, Adult, Light

Open Road
"I don't remember much about the other world anymore..."

The transmission of the high performance automobile beneath the two of you makes a soft clunk as the gears are changed and the engine starts over again at low RPMs. Despite the relative silence inside the car, the world outside rushes by in almost a blur.

"I used to call it the 'real world,' but at this point, this world is as real as any other I might have known."

The man in the driver's seat, on the left, speaks in a dull and lifeless voice, deep and rich as it may be, that is slightly muffled by the black helmet he wears. He looks over in his passenger's direction and she gets the sense that he's smiling beneath the visor.

"It's not a bad life, really. I never get hungry, never get thirsty. I'm never tired. I just keep my eyes on the road and put the pedal on the floor! Maybe this is heaven. I suppose I might have died and wound up in a place where I can just drive."

As he rounds a bend, he looks over again and realizes that nobody is in the seat beside him. Once again, he's alone. The faint glimmer of his old life is gone, and his senses once again become dull. The gear shifts up again and the needle on the dash flutters uselessly as it reaches its maximum reading.

"If this were heaven, they wouldn't disappear like that... And I wouldn't wish for death. My own release..."

The sleek, black European sports car swerves recklessly over the yellow line, rumble strips creating a buzz high enough in pitch to be mistaken for a nearby mosquito to the outside observer. In the blink of an eye, the car is sideways, floating through the air almost peacefully until it comes back in to contact with the road. Rolling and tumbling like a drunken gymnast, it manages to stay on the asphalt for an impressive amount of time before smashing roof-first in to a tree near the side of the road. A smoldering, flaming wreck with zero odds of survival. And yet, that black helmet peeks out from the driver's side window, completely unscathed. Looks like he's walking from here.
The first thing you'd notice is that you are, in fact, on Earth, circa 2013. Everything you remember as being distinctive about this place is there. The blue sky, the black asphalt, the grass, the trees, the wind. Everything except for the people. You can look as far as the eye can see in any direction and never see a soul. Not a man, a woman or a child. There are buildings. Your favorite fast food joint, the baseball stadium, the speedway. It's all there, but it's all empty. It leaves the entire place feeling muted and dull, like Beethoven's 9th played by talented musicians, but on untuned instruments. The parts are all in the right places, but things just don't add up. It's exactly as every urban legend and internet forum creepypasta described it as being. A world without life. Why would anyone want to come here?

Occasionally, you find a car parked along the street. A 1969 Stingray that looks like it just rolled off the assembly line. A Bugatti Veyron, its paint reflecting the empty world around it like an obsidian mirror. A Rolls Royce Phantom. Cars that belong in the driveways of enthusiasts, the ultra-wealthy and professional drivers. Each buzzes softly with a haunting energy as you approach it, seeming both dangerous and alluring at the same time. You just can't resist the urge to get in and drive, but when you reach for the door, you freeze in place. These aren't your cars. This isn't your world. It's His. You wonder if the legends are true about Him...
The Main Character
Somewhere, miles away, you can hear a rumbling. No, more of a buzzing. Like a hum, like someone is blowing a kazoo, only much more energetic. The low profile of the vehicle approaching on the road strikes you first; broad, open wheels and a trailing wing. It looks like an IndyCar, the sort of high speed deathtraps that clear 200MPH like a stiff breeze moves through tall grass. It's heading right for you. There's no use running, or at least, that's what your feet are telling you. Maybe a mile between you now. Half a mile. A few hundred feet at best, when something goes wrong. You can't quite make out what happened other than the pillar of smoke and dust the wreck kicked up, and the dozens of pieces of debris flying in all directions, some of them dropping practically right at your feet. But the driver... what happened to the driver?

He's face down on the road near the wreck and looks like a corpse. Nothing abnormal about this guy, other than the fact that he's clad in a black racing suit and matching full-face helmet. You can't make out any identifying features beyond his height and build. The helmet and suit, oddly enough, are undamaged. Not a scratch, dent, tear or singe to be found, and the flesh and bones beneath seem to be equally intact, if deathly still. But soon, he's moving. He's on his feet, he's in your face, staring at you. You aren't sure how you can get a read on emotion through a pitch-black visor, but you can tell that he's curious, bewildered and in a state of disbelief. As are you. You are amazed that he isn't dead, and he is amazed that you exist. The perfect start to a beautiful friendship.

Perhaps you'll talk eventually... But for now, you're just taking in the sights.

Baseball Dystopia
Dystopian Futuristic/Post-Apocalyptic/Cyberpunk
The day couldn't have been more perfect. Though the nights still dropped in to the mild chills that reminded one of the departing winter, the days were filled with sunshine and warmth. T-shirt weather, as Newt's grandfather called it. Trees and flowers were beginning to show signs of life and there was a crisp, clean aroma in the air. Though a brief shower had wet the ground, the clouds had since broken to a grey-blue marble in the sky, giving way to warm natural light. The weather drew people out from within their abodes and shelters, on to the street for relaxing walks, ballgames with the kids and reading on park benches. The sounds were almost overwhelming; a child's laughter, a man shouting at his friend to 'go long,' dogs barking and the swollen garble of indiscernible human conversation. Everyone seemed to be happy. Everyone seemed to be comfortable. The day couldn't have been more perfect.

Newt had been looking forward to these days all winter and now that a few were starting to grace the city with their presence now and then, his daily routines were taking him outside more and more. The interest in the outdoors would soon fade, once the weather became too hot to bear, but it was a temporary obsession for now. Newt was surprised at the level of activity today. Vehicles buzzed by nearly noiselessly on the street, their electric motors and automated drivers taking relaxed passengers to any number of destinations, like streams of data through a network. It seemed that nobody in the entire city had stayed indoors today and he relished in the sights, sounds and smells of the day, almost collapsing where he stood on the tree-lined sidewalk out of sheer relaxation.

Somewhere in the distance, a commotion could be heard, though Newt didn't have the time to notice it. It was too far and too unimportant. Though the noise was strange, it couldn't possibly have bothered him in this state. Not without coming closer. Which it did. It came closer until it proved to be a minor distraction. Enough to wake him from his fugue state and send him astride, toward the crosswalk lit by bright, clean, clear LED lights in the smooth, black surface of the roadway. Newt pressed a button and waited for traffic to stop and, as he did, that sound came close enough to truly annoy him. Close enough to register in his brain as different from the normal background noise. But unusual things happen all the time. No reason to pay it any extended attention.

As Newt stepped in to the crosswalk when the lights changed from white to green, signaling that it was safe, that noise came all too close to ignore. It was a spitting, growling, throaty noise. It came so close that Newt could feel it. Literally feel it, as almost a ton of metal, rubber and glass collided in to his side, striking him and several others in the crosswalk. It was a machine; an archaic vehicle which, unlike every other vehicle on the road, was under the control of a human pilot. A driver. A wheel-man. In its other seats sat men who had probably just done something very criminal. This only briefly crossed Newt's mind before the world went black and he, along with several others, were left laying in the crosswalk in varying states of consciousness.

Did the world stop? Certainly not. People played games in the park, walked past on the sidewalk, and even in the crosswalk. The injured were ignored. This was the law, after all, not to interfere such things, as the proper authorities would soon be there to handle the situation. There was no human empathy to be found and only cold, automated machines responded to the wounded, first removing the bodies from the scene and subsequently cleaning the surface of the road so that no evidence of the collision remained. Traffic resumed its normal pattern. Not even a second glance was given to the scene, and for those who perished, no memorial would ever be placed on the street corner. This was the law, after all.

Who should be so unlucky to survive? To survive with scars, with crippled limbs and psychological trauma. Newt was resilient enough to escape the accident with only a mangled arm and shoulder, a gash on his neck and back and an abrasion on the forehead from the collision with the road, which had rendered him unto the peace of unconsciousness. Though he slept, the nightmare wouldn't begin until he woke. Newt found his right arm to be made of synthetic flesh and bone, of metal and circuitry, an artificial prosthesis which caused his veins to turn black in his shoulder and chest. He awoke to scars upon his forehead, neck and back. Unclean, unshaven and imperfect. In a world that demanded flawlessness, Newt was now flawed.
The United States of America, 2072.

Much of the modern life we know today, in 2012, will begin to vanish in the coming years as people become more and more concerned with security and comfort than with liberty and true freedom. Within the next fifteen years, most people won't even choose their own jobs anymore, but rather be placed by a combination of demand and aptitude tests, unless one is wealthy enough to buy his or her way out of the mandatory placement. While unemployment is effectively eliminated, it comes at the price of living in a world where you are almost predestined to work in a given field and nothing that the majority of people can control can change that. After a few decades, this settles in as the norm, though older folks still reminisce about the "good old days" when one could quit a job with flair, knowing that another wouldn't be difficult to find. Now, quitting or refusing to be productive is illegal and punishable by exile to what most people only know as the Outsides (see the next section).

As time marches on, the world becomes less tolerant of free thinkers. Concepts such as racism, sexism and discrimination based on sexual preference become foreign, relics of the past. Tolerance takes a sharp rise, but at the same time, individuality begins to fade rapidly. Most people, by 2050, enjoy very similar hobbies and interests and, as a result, certain types of entertainment venues dominate places that were once home to bars, nightclubs and liquor stores. Sports have all but vanished, with one notable exception: Baseball is the dominant force in the entertainment sector. The only human beings to rise above the standard equity of the day are baseball players, who are treated with absolute reverence. They are practically worshiped and have their own special set of laws that apply to them, and them only. Unfortunately, these laws exclude them from leaving private lives or interacting with the public outside of the year-round games. To be related to a player is as close to a public person can get to elevated social status without being among the super-rich. More so, to be parent to someone whose aptitude testing selects them as a baseball player is every average person's dream. Little is known about the world 'inside the diamond,' however, and baseball gossip and rumor dominates most modern media.

On the other side of the same coin, as genetics and other factors begin to take hold, imperfection is increasingly frowned upon. Genetic flaws are all but erased from the world by the 2050s, and statistical reports continue to show that absolutely zero children are born in the world without genetic modification of some sort. The only way to be flawed is to become flawed, such as in an accident or in military service. While soldiers are often wounded and rendered flawed, their interaction with public people is incredibly limited, and so it is accidents and other freak events rendering public people (like Newt) imperfect that have the greatest social impact. Nobody typically treats a flawed person much different to their face, but there are always whispers and general disdain floating around when one happens to live in a certain neighborhood, go to a certain school or work at a certain place. They are often overlooked for positions of responsibility in their fields and are effectively ignored for social interaction.

As a result of the taboo nature of imperfection, there are some people who have secret attractions to it, as sort of a 'forbidden fruit.' The attitudes among these people range from maternal desire to care for an unfortunate or from a genuine sexual attraction to certain things like cybernetics and scars. The attitudes toward people with this variety of fetish aren't generally very good, and it has been used to blackmail people for years, but it's not as serious a social taboo as being flawed its self.
Setting Pt. 2
It's called "The Outsides."

Though calling it the "Outsides" implies that this place of ill repute is on the outskirts of modern civilization, that is only partially true. While the land between the major cities and suburbs is rough, barren and inhabited only by criminals, psychopaths, exiles and other unwanted individuals, there also exists an element of an underworld in most major cities. Abandoned subway systems, sewers and virtually anywhere else where one could lose themselves and avoid detection can be home to some sort of undesirable social element. It is just as harsh as one might expect, though there are good places and good people amongst the dregs, who are willing to take in exiles and others who wouldn't otherwise last long in the more brutal areas. Most of the "nice neighborhoods" in the Outsides exist within subway systems, or in small towns between cities that have fortified and employ their own armies, diplomats and trade lanes, independent of the major cities of the USA.

How did this come to be?

In the 2030s-2040s, urban development boomed as leaps in nanotechnology and other necessary advances made vertical expansion just as efficient (if not more so) than urban sprawl. Cities stopped spreading outward and started spreading upward, with some of the bigger ones reaching the clouds and beyond. Cities that would, in 2012, be considered massive in population can now be contained inside of single buildings in some of the larger major cities. People live, work and die without leaving a single building in their entire lives. Being able to go outside at ground level is considered a luxury, and is generally only reserved for those of the highest social standings such as scientists, baseball relatives and the wealthy.

As a result of this development focus on major cities, smaller towns were practically abandoned by the increasingly powerful corporations of the day. Without corporate interest, the areas outside of major cities suffered and came in to intense poverty, not unlike the current state of Detroit, MI - and under similar circumstances, at that. Crime briefly spiked in the world outside major cities until the people remaining there realized that robbing banks and having material possessions didn't mean much when power plants were being shut off and money in cities was being completely digitized. The world outside soon turned to one of desperation and survival and the population outside of cities was, understandably, hostile toward those living in cities. By the 2060s and beyond, The Outsides were simply too dangerous, and nobody ventured there anymore, not even the government.
The Main Character
Newton Abner Oceanus, often called Newt, was raised in a moderately wealthy family and selected at an early age for a career in scientific study. His education and training encompassed mathematics, physical sciences and theoretical science, but ultimately, his final career assessments placed him in the role of a mechanical engineer. His responsibilities before the accident included designing heavy-lifting equipment and military exosuits.

Prior to the accident, he was a relatively average human male. He reached 5'9" before growth ceased, and maintained an average and somewhat athletic build through a love of physical activity and a pursuit of amateur baseball as a hobby, which was seen as a common and acceptable passion. As his hairline began to recede in his mid twenties, he gave up trying to fight it and began to shave his head nearly completely, leaving only a fine stubble and a slightly thicker five o'clock shadow upon his face. He typically wore a Cleveland Indians baseball cap given to him by his grandfather, even in office and formal settings; which, again, was considered socially acceptable due to the passion for baseball in 2070s society.

After becoming crippled, his right arm was amputated at the shoulder and a highly advanced experimental prosthesis replaced it, funded entirely by his wealthy family. While the prosthesis was supposed to be invisible to the naked eye, it hadn't been extensively tested on humans and left a visible scar behind. In addition, the circulatory system surrounding the joining of artificial arm and living flesh ran black, resulting in black veins shooting over his chest and bicep. He was also left with a sizable scar from an abrasion attained on his forehead, and a deep scar on his neck and upper back from a laceration. While the prosthetic arm functioned perfectly, and even enhanced his strength and ability, he was still labeled by society as flawed and would lead a hard life as a result of the accident.
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