Drake Falls (Recruiting!)

Started by DarkEnigma, September 23, 2013, 03:03:23 PM

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Drake Falls; a story about family life


This group rp is active and currently searching for new players; Females (preference), Males and other's. More openings will be added as more interest is accumulated to areas pertaining to world building.
As of now we are open for any and all players.

If interested, the most important parts are in regards to the game found below.

Bear in mind that some darker elements will occur in this game. Players can list their preferences and discuss beforehand how dark these elements can go. At the very least the main story offers incest scenes and serious character development between players, elements of Dom-Sub, age gaps. Darker traits such as non-con, pregnancy and others will have to be discussed within the group beforehand or a separate ‘chapter’ must be created when players wish to act out these scenes away from the group and the agreed upon middle ground.

Ask a question in this thread or send me a pm!

Drake falls, the masterpiece designed by European  architect and award-winning novelist Lance Jonathan Drake. Drake falls is an incredible example of organic beauty meets state of the art modern architecture. It hangs over a waterfall using the architectural device known as the cantilever. It is located in the centre of a large, lush, forested area with many natural cliff and mountainous areas, at least fifty miles away from the nearest city in all directions. Few know about its location, except for some pre-build sketches that had won a few awards for its ingenuity.
It has a self-sustaining water and power supply and is equipped with the latest electronic safety measures and technology aimed for maximum comfort.
On the outside it appears to be a home of absolute tranquillity and purity. Little do people know of the darkness that lurks inside.

Lance Jonathan Drake was born and raised in modest beginnings, yet soon it became clear that he was destined for greatness, showing both skill in buildings things with both words and sketches. At the start of his career he was included in some major and prestigious projects, as well as finishing two rather large novels, one being an award winning one. He married out of love to a beautiful woman and was blessed early on with the gift of new life. He proved to be an attentive father and loving husband, on top of being filthy rich and making a name for himself. He designed Drake falls as a present for his wife, a project that he would give her to eternalise his love for her.
Sadly this fairy tale love wasn’t meant to last..

With his offspring still too young to remember, their family was plunged into darkness when his wife was taken from him; a robbery in their home that changed everything, tearing a page from their book that was crucial to the fairy tale magic that his family was so blessed with. In this darkest hour he finished the final pieces on his house, including some additions, and moved his family there, shutting himself out from the rest of the world. He would shelter his remaining family from the elements that were haunting this world. He would teach them what they needed to know, keeping any impurities and dangers away from them, nurture them into greatness as they grew up in this utopia he had created for them. Little did he know that his once pure, noble and somewhat misguided ideas would send him on a path to corruption, casting a large shadow over his family that would tempt them to the sweetest taboo known to mankind.

First floor
Second floor
Third floor

Father: Taken by Flassche (Age?)
Eldest Daughter: Vacant (Age? Sexuality?)
Middle Daughter: Vacant (Age? Sexuality?)
Youngest Daughter: Vacant (Age? Sexuality?)

Open to suggestions for other roles. Send me a pm first!


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Full name: ?
Gender: ?
Ethnicity: ?
Age: ?
Sexuality: ?
Height: cm and feet/inch
Hair colour: ?
Skin colour: ?
Eye colour: ?
Breast size: ?
Virgin: ?

Special traits: ?