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Author Topic: The Perfect Wife [MxFuta]  (Read 262 times)

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Offline BlytheTopic starter

The Perfect Wife [MxFuta]
« on: September 23, 2013, 01:23:54 PM »
Hey there, people! I'm posting this single idea that I've been craving for some time. I hope that someone will find it as compelling as I do!

Genre: Historical, Romance
Setting: Victorian England, 1800s
Essential Sexual Elements for this RP: Futanari, Anal, Oral
Possible Sexual Elements: Penis Worship, bondage, possibly coercion/humiliation or non-conconsensual

EDIT: I have found a game where I play the submissive male. I would like to find one where I can play the more dominant futa.

A man is engaged to be married to a young beautiful woman from a well-to-do family. Perhaps he is eager to get married, or maybe he knows that as a member of the upper class, he is expected to marry and to marry well. Either way, the marriage is inevitable, and there is no way either party can back out of it without disgracing their families and each other. The ceremony is a little awkward but beautiful, and the two officially move in together to start their new lives, except on the wedding night, the man discovers his wife's strange secret.

She's a futanari!

I was hoping that this could be a rolpelay, maybe in the Light section, possibly in the Bondage section. I might be willing to go with Non-consensual with the right partner. I'm looking for a game where the futa wife is able, due to the restrictive nature of society in regards to gender and sexuality, to continue with no problem in her marriage, possibly training her husband to try new sexual acts in the name of making their marriage work.

As for plot, this will be very small in scale, having to do with the married couple and their respective families. The futa wife's family knows she is a futa, but they don't acknowledge this or speak of it. They were happy to marry her off without an incident. The husband's family will have no idea, and I like the idea of toying with tension between the two families as the futa wife explores exactly how much influence she has over her husband.

I know this idea is very vague, but I am hoping to work out more details for it depending on if anyone is interested.  :-)

A few things:
* I like historical settings, but I'm not a huge history buff. I'll probably get details wrong here and there. I don't mind being asked to edit and change things, though, if you're nice about it.
* I post about one to five paragraphs per average. I reply once per week typically, although when inspired, I can post more. I'd like about the same from a roleplaying partner. You will always know when and why I'm not posting, as I update my A/As frequently and usually message partners if I can't get a post to them.
* This RP requires a person to play either a submissive male or a dominant futanari. I can play either character and would be more than happy to play either character, but those are the choices to pick from.
* I am not accepting any other roleplay requests at this time. I am only looking to find a partner for this particular request.
* I do not care about the actual gender of my writing partner. Only the characters are important.
* You can PM me or reply here.

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