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April 23, 2021, 04:13:00 am

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Author Topic: Love Triangle at Gunpoint (F for M/any) [kidnap, emotional, masochistic, psych]  (Read 586 times)

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Offline atenaiTopic starter


I'm looking for a partner who can play two hetero male characters through a variety of emotional crises. (If this turns into too big a task, I may consider two writers instead, but I'd rather not.) I normally prefer male partners, but as this is more about exploring my psyche than sexual gratification (though there's already been some of that), the gender of my co-writer matters less than the brain behind the words. Writers only, no one-line posts, please. Regular posting, frequency less of an issue as long as it doesn't stagnate. Estimate characters mid/late-20s ideally.

This is based on a dream I can't get out of my head. Despair will run throughout, but if you can't treat the subject matter with care, don't bother applying. I'm uncomfortable with this particular quirk of my subconscious, and while I want to explore it, I need to know that the person I'm RPing with can be considerate of my feelings. (Maybe this is overstating, but I want to be clear how important it is.) I'm not sure if this is masochism at its most blatant, or if it's a desire to find a situation where emotions are stripped bare. Your guess is as good as mine. There are both cliches and psychological minefields in this, as far as I'm concerned.

I'm open to discussing the details, but the basic scenario is thus: in order to blackmail the kidnapped Guy into using his considerable computer skills against the entity he works for, both Girl and other male Friend (best friend with crush on same girl) have been kidnapped, too. (In my dream this was a cliche scene in which she/I was bait, and when Guy and Friend snuck in on a daring rescue mission, she/I woke up to scream 'No, run!' just as the door clanged shut.) The malicious kidnapper correctly assumed that Guy wouldn't give in under threat of bodily harm, but threat to Girl was another matter entirely. I have a logical progression in mind, but basically the kidnapper determines that the worst hurt he can cause Guy is to give Girl sexual pleasure she doesn't want. (Not rape, but definitely reluctance.) Since rape would just ruin his chances of getting whatever it is he wants (and turn me off completely), the kidnapper forces the Friend to pleasure Girl, and fuck her repeatedly. My concept has some daring genius of Guy alerting the authorities and SWAT saves the day, leaving the three friends attached near permanently in confusing/convoluted ways. The "end" of this story line would be wherever we find an acceptable arrangement by which the three characters can function together indefinitely. I hazily assume this would be a convoluted union of all three living together ad infinitum, but I'm not really sure.

Yes, this is twisted. Ideally my partner can work with both the borderline compliant Guy as well as the Friend who can't help but stare at how gorgeous the girl of his dreams is in spite of all this, and actually enjoys himself when forced to give her pleasure. I expect this Girl who will be based heavily on myself will prefer pleasure from her friend to torture from her captors, in a logical yet confusing feeling. I'm interested in the emotions, not the choices, really, because the point of a situation like this plot-wise removes choice from the equation. None of the three really has a choice in the matter, they only get to deal with the consequences.
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