Revenge on evil wife m looking for f

Started by seeker619, September 21, 2013, 02:10:39 AM

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I would like this role play to spend the beginning with why this woman is abusive.  Humiliation, blackmail, a snob with more beauty than he can walk away from, or whatever you see fit for your char.  She may also use him as a sex slave in that if he does not play out some role in one of her sexual fantasies I could be blackmailed, humiliated etc.

However I find a friend who gives me a chloroform like substance to put over her.  It will knock her out and I can order her to do anything I want.  The first night I set her up for some blackmail pics of her in some rather uncompromising positions.  Perhaps something else.  Plus being the first male she sees upon awakening She will view me as her master and the revenge will begin.

Other ideas welcome and suggestions for this one.