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Author Topic: In the mood for fangs (F for Dominant M)  (Read 280 times)

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Offline LamentingQuillTopic starter

In the mood for fangs (F for Dominant M)
« on: September 20, 2013, 02:26:29 AM »
Hankering for a sexy non-Twilight vampire. Think of any of you can satisfy me? ;)

Idea 1
Almost two years ago, good witch Rosalyn's coven had been discovered by a powerful clan of vampire's seeking to drain them all dry and absorb the magic in their blood.
Many of the witches were drained and killed, but an opportunity arose for escape when the clan leader took a romantic interest in Rosalyn and attempted to seduce her into becoming his vampire bride.

He wined and dined Rosalyn as she sat with her ankles shackled to her chair, one could say his greatest mistake was allowing Rosalyn to regain her strength, because after eating and recovering much of her energy, she took her chance at vengeance and cursed the vampire clan leader. What was this curse? She made it so he would not be able to feed from any human being so long as the curse remained in place.
From there, Rosalyn rounded up the remaining witches left alive and escape the vampire fortress, all of them then going into hiding, blending into society as normal supposedly powerless human mortals.

Now, Rosalyn has been living a peaceful and normal life as a kindergarten teacher, completely forgetting about the very angry and spurned vampire she cursed two years ago.

Unfortunately for Rosalyn, her serene new life is about to be disrupted as the vampire clan leader's arcane researchers have found a way to lift his curse and his now tracking down the witch that denied him her love... And this time... he won't be taking no for an answer...

Idea 2
In the small village of Bayside, the villager's currently live in fear as the time comes around for the vampire king in the north to make his yearly feeding rounds, taking as many individuals as he pleases from each village and theirs always loses the most.

However this time when the king rides into their village upon his black steed, the baker's beautiful virgin daughter Rowena bravely approaches the king and offers him a bargain, he would spare her village and she would give him her virginity. 

To her surprise, the king accepted and took Rowena to his castle to bed the virgin beauty properly under the assumption that he would return her to her village the following day.
After losing her virginity to the vampire king, Rowena asks him the following evening when he wakes from his slumber to bring her home to her father...

Much to Rowena's shock and horror, the king refuses and claims he has taken a liking to Rowena and intends to make her his vampire bride...

Idea 3
Arabella StClaire was excited to arrive in Scotland after she'd been informed that her archaeologist Grandfather had willed her an old Scottish castle baring much history, she couldn't wait to see what kind of stories the ancient stones might tell.
When she arrived at the castle however, she found that the castle was in impeccable shape and still occupied by a small group of very handsome and very well built Scotsmen.

Arabella or Belle as she prefers to be called discovers that there was fine print in the will that details how to keep the castle and all the riches that come with it that will enable her to never have to work again means that she will have to agree to marry the Laird of the castle. The devilishly handsome Duncan MacLeod. 

What she does not know however is that all the Scotsmen residing in the castle are very old vampires and that when her Grandfather had come across their castle many years ago, they had spared his life and shared many of their secrets with the intelligent American archaeologist. Their price? Her Grandfather had promised before he died that he had a beautiful Granddaughter that would become Duncan's companion and bride.

Offline LamentingQuillTopic starter

Re: In the mood for fangs (F for Dominant M)
« Reply #1 on: September 21, 2013, 02:51:29 AM »
Still feeling the need for a sexy and dangerous vampire ;)