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Author Topic: Driskoll's Ideas and Inspirations: Cyberpunk & Dark Fantasy (Closed for now))  (Read 1104 times)

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Offline DriskollTopic starter

Hello there, and welcome to my thread! Currently I'm full up on stories and won't be starting any new ones for the foreseeable future :/

Story Based Plots


I'm just going to go ahead and admit that this is both a guilty pleasure and one of the weirder premises I've had for a story, so bear with me here if you will. This plot is loosely based off a video game of the same name, Deathrow. The basic premise of the game is that in a dystopic future, death row inmates fight in a futuristic blood sport for a chance to win fame, fortune, and their own freedom.

Sexual Content: Light to rough or even NC depending on partner's interests

Setting: Dystopian Future, Prison, Sports, Arena

Scenario: Every day the game is played. In dozens of different super-max prisons across the nation. And every day people tune in. They say they watch because it's better than leaving hardened criminals to their own devices, even behind bars. Or because competition is good for people like that. But really people watch for the same reasons they always have. The masses love a good blood sport, and Deathrow is the best public access blood sport the government provides. In every prison across the country death row inmates are now offered a choice. They may proceed the traditional way, waiting years in a cell to exhaust their court appeals and legal funds only to end up in the chair, or they may sign up for a spot on a randomly chosen team for a chance to win a pardon.       

The game is played in a large rectangular room, and consists of two teams of four. Each team must try and hold onto the single hover-disc and take it to the enemy goal before throwing it inside to score a point. Each game is broken into four fifteen minute quarters, with a two minute break between each one. The only rule is that inmates cannot disregard the game and attack their opponents to win. So long as each team is trying to move the disc to the enemy's goal though, anything goes. No time outs, no injury breaks, no out of bounds. The disc itself can be charged while held, and when thrown in such a state, speeds out of the thrower's hand with lethal force. Inmates are free to throw a charged disc into an opponent, and if the impact causes that inmate to die, the announcer, and often times the spectators at home, will scream in excitement the word "Deathrow".

My character is a veteran of the sport. Playing, and often losing, for the last five years. If his injuries don't heal he'll be out of the new season. No one's interested in watching slow, unexciting performance after all. If that happens, there will be nothing left keeping him from his death sentence, slated in two weeks. Even worse, his former team members were all killed in a particularly vicious match at the end of last season. So when my character meets his new teammates, a genetically enhanced psycho and a former pencil pusher, he's all but convinced his shot at winning is gone. Until he meets your character.

This far into the future, evolution has begun to push a small but growing percentage of the population towards a new horizon. Most people who have a gift for telepathy or telekinesis can't do much besides small parlor tricks. Pharmaceutical corporations are secretly trying to find ways to boost the abilities of these gifted individuals, but so far society has seen no major breakthrough. Your character however has a natural telepathic ability well beyond others. Not only can he/she read other people's minds, but can even share thoughts, perceptions, and experiences between different people he/she is connected to. Once my character discovers this they both begin to realize the potential. What if one Deathrow team could play in perfect unison? What if each member could share their knowledge with each other member simultaneously, creating a type of hive intelligence? Could any other team, no matter how experienced or well equipped, possibly stop them?

Requirements: Any partner willing to play the psychic character. I imagine that most of the players in a sport like this would be male, but I'm more than willing to accept that YC could be from a women's prison. I also have some ideas about how this story may progress out of the ring eventually, once our characters have attained more national notoriety and are given rewards for performing well. I would like to keep this on the shorter side though as far as overall length goes, which means I may want to skip through time in certain parts rather than write out match after match after match. Stories based around sports aren't really my thing actually, so if they're not yours either thanks just for reading to the end :P                 


I'd like to do a story loosely based in the Android Universe. I'm looking for a partner (lady, lord, or liege) that would be willing to play opposite my character in such a setting.

While prior knowledge or experience with said universe would be great, all that is required is someone willing to give it a shot! I am by no means well versed with the universe myself. The idea that follows is not set in stone, so if you like what you see but would like to tweak some things that's perfectly alright.

Sexual Content: Slow developing attraction, vanilla

Setting: Sci-Fi, Cyberpunk, Dystopian Future

Scenario: The story would take place in the distant future where cyber criminals routinely connect their conscious minds to the Net and attempt to steal valuable information from various corporate servers. Some do it for profit, while others simply enjoy causing disruption and watching corporate stocks fall as a result. Your character would belong to a group of infamous hackers, until one day the unthinkable happens. A routine raid on a Weyland server is stopped by another hacker, my character, and as a result your character is knocked out cold. They awake to find corporate security raiding their home and destroying their equipment before they are taken away by force.

After being brought to the head of the cyber defense division your character is offered a simple choice. Work for a corporation they hate to track down and eliminate their former teammates through the Net, or spend the rest of their life locked away in a corporate prison. The deal seems simple enough, even if it is horrible, but is there any other option? And what of this mystery hacker that stopped your character in the first place? Is he simply a cold blooded mercenary, or in a predicament of his own? Would you even care after what he's gotten your character into?

Requirements: Any Lady, Lord, or Liege to play the role of the runner. I'm looking to explore the themes of imprisonment, coercion, anguish, and temptation, in this case all coming from the corporation that essentially owns both of our characters. While the setup involves my character placing yours in what would become a shared predicament, I would be interested in seeing if a kind of affection could develop between our characters. Personally I feel something like that would take quite a long time to develop, so I would require a partner willing to write for quite some time without a sex scene.

Vigil of the Bat *Taken*

Sexual Content: Variable. Depending on the characters involved, I can see this going different ways.

Setting: Post-Apocalyptic, Dystopia, Superhero

Scenario: A final confrontation between the heroes and villains of Earth left the world on the brink of complete destruction. Vast areas of the surface remain uninhabitable, and all those who had the ability to leave their home planet have long since gone. Still, humanity has managed to cling to life in some places, but two centuries later much of the world is still a wasteland. Those that did survive the destruction of Gotham eventually rebuilt, refurbishing what they could while constructing anew atop the ruins. New Gotham is a disfigured monument to the sins of the past, but the only place that many can call home. And even with the new, constant struggles that its denizens suffer through, the problems that have always plagued Gotham still manage to rear their ugly heads.

But deep beneath the Earth, an old spirit toils. The body of Bruce Wayne has long since turned to dust, but an artificial intelligence created in his image yet lives. Long has it kept a muted vigil over the living corpse of the city. Damaged and grief stricken, it can do little but watch and wait, hoping to find a worthy successor to the cowl. And without its dark knight, Gotham festers with crime anew. But the time of the bat's watch is drawing to a close. A new protector must be chosen before the last hope for humanity is gone. And those who prey on the innocent, the helpless, the downtrodden, must learn again what it is to fear the night.

Requirements: Any Lady, Lord, or Liege willing to write a post-apocalyptic Batman story with me. There are quite a few ways this could play out, but for this first part I think I'd like to keep the story relatively short. If we find we write well together, we can discuss revisiting this setting with new goals/antagonists. As for who we would play, that's a bit up in the air. I would enjoy playing Batman, Nightwing, Robin, Azrael, or perhaps even an entirely original character inspired by the legend of Batman.


Of all my potential stories thus far, this is the least developed in terms of plot and content. I have idea for a setting that's a bit of a mash-up between Game of Thrones, Dark Souls, and Lovecraftian Horror. I'm looking for a partner willing to help me world build for a while before we ever start writing the actual story. If that sounds appealing please read on.

Sexual Content: Variable. Until the world is built and the story set-up, it's hard to say what might be appropriate.

Setting: Medieval, Dark Fantasy, Horror

Scenario: As stated above, I don't have a whole lot of solid ideas on the plot yet. I do want the characters and people of this world to primarily exist in rural towns and villages, castles, and perhaps a few cities fortified by stone walls and the like. I envision the outside environment to primarily be forest or sprawling grasslands. Yet perhaps the average person is afraid to go outside because of the twisted horrors that come out at night? What if the problem is so bad that humans must live in protected settlements once the sun sets, otherwise they'll be slaughtered by seemingly unintelligent monstrosities, who's origins and intentions are completely unknown?

As for what our characters would be doing in this world, that's certainly up for discussion as well. The obvious answer is to discover the origin of the creatures and stop them, but honestly that seems a little boring to me. I imagine that this has been the way of things for centuries perhaps, and the people of this world will have learned to grudgingly accept things the way the are. I think it might be more interesting to write with the creatures as a constant obstacle to be aware of and overcome. How would trade, communication, or war be conducted in a medieval society with grotesque homicidal masses of flesh and teeth roaming the countryside at night? I'm not at all opposed to discovering the nature of the horrors though, but I'd like for it to not be the sole or even main focus of the story.

Requirements: Any Lady, Lord, or Liege willing to help me craft this world, then write about it with me. Usually I like to have a more well developed idea before I advertise it, but I think there's something to be gained in cooperatively building a world with someone. Please note, I'm not going to vet anyone on their world building skills or ask how many times they've been a GM or anything like that. All I'm looking for is someone who's interested in this basic setup and willing to give it a shot.

Stars Above

I'd like to write something base in the Haloverse. I'm looking for any Lady, Lord, or Liege up for writing a bit of military sci-fi, though what I have in mind goes a bit beyond that scope.

Sexual Content: Very light to none

Setting: Sci-Fi, Space, Colony Planets, Wartime

Scenario: The story would start well into the Human-Covenant War, but sometime before the fall of Reach and the events of the first game. My character would be a Spartan-II, the first generation of super soldiers originally designed to fight insurrectionists. Abducted at young ages and forced to undergo years of grueling physical training and mental reconditioning, Spartans lose most of their memory and concern for their families and homes. So when one Spartan-II goes AWOL, leaving his post before hijacking a small ship bound for an outer colony world, the response from the Office of Naval Intelligence is as severe as the situation is unheard of. But when Covenant ships arrive and start glassing the planet surface just as the UNSC arrives to recover the missing Spartan, what directive takes precedence? Saving the lives of innocent colonists, or retrieving valuable property?

Requirements: Any Lady, Lord, or Liege willing to play someone sent to capture and detain my Spartan character. I haven't been able to come up with what I think would be an appropriately sized group for this, so I'm very open to recommendations. I could see my partner playing another Spartan (gen II or III), an ODST or marine, or even a captain or officer aboard the ship sent to reclaim my character. I would strongly prefer a partner that has read at least the first four books from this series however, as I believe that knowledge is going to be important while writing in this universe. Also, due to the rather stunted emotional capabilities of the average Spartan and the nature of the setting, I don't see this as a story that would contain a lot of physical intimacy or sex between our characters. I understand that I'm asking for a lot, and I apologize in advance, but I'm looking for something pretty specific here simply because I'm such a fan of the setting.

Smut Based Plots

Signal Lost (NSFW) *Taken*

This is basically a smutty version of the Turncoat story above, but with some significant differences.

Sexual Content: NC, bondage, degradation

Setting: Sci-Fi, Cyberpunk, Dystopian Future

Scenario: The story would take place in the distant future where cyber criminals routinely connect their conscious minds to the Net and attempt to steal valuable information from various corporate servers. Some do it for profit, while others simply enjoy causing disruption and watching corporate stocks fall as a result. Your character would belong to a group of infamous hackers responsible for wreaking havoc and stealing millions of dollars of valuable data from dozens of companies. The loss of profit has become so bad for one corporation in particular that they've done something desperate; hired my character, a member of a rival hacker group, to track down your character and her accomplices.

To aide my character in his job, the company has given him access to a highly experimental technology. Normally it's incredibly difficult to trace the real world location of any semi-competent hacker, but this new chip allows MC to hack into the unconscious minds of its victims. The belief is that it may allow the user to glean bits of information about a target that would otherwise be impossible to discover. Enough of those bits and the company may even be able to track down the target. But once MC gets a taste of the new power at his disposal, he'll lose all interest in the job and his corporate employers. All he'll be concerned with is seeing just how far he can delve into YC's psyche, torturing her from the inside out.

Requirements: Any partner willing to play the victim character as described above. The sex scenes will mostly play out in a artificial environment as MC hacks into YC's brain, especially in the beginning. From there we can decide if the story should progress to the real world or not. I'm not interested in altering YC's mind or personality, no mental bimbofication. But I am interested in seeing what kind of effect this would have on your character over a long period, especially if they had no conscious memory of these hacks into their mind going on. Also, the picture provided is meant only for inspiration. My partner will have full control over how their character looks and acts.
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Re: Driskoll's Ideas and Inspirations: Cyberpunk & Dark Fantasy (M for Any)
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Re: Driskoll's Ideas and Inspirations: Cyberpunk & Dark Fantasy (M for Any)
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