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Started by Krule, July 19, 2008, 01:04:04 AM

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I kind of was thinking about waiting for the next part of the Companion to come out.. so that I could add the Celestial Bureaucracy to this idea.. and I had this idea before the rules for starting at higher legend came out in Manifestations of Ichor.. but I thought I'd see if anyone was interested...

Also.. looking at posting it here.. because I'd like it to be fully free to explore anything we chose too... including things of a descriptive sexual nature..  Like for example a what might happen to a beautiful god/dess captive of minotaurs/giants, or other titan spawn..

this will be my first try at a group game.. here at least... [I've been a GM/ST/DM for a number of different games] though I want it to be somewhat freeform.. and would like the players to be creative and exploratory with it.. I will be Fate.. but mostly I will select some description and image.. and events will need to conform to that image.. as Fate's will so to speak... and I'll interject that.. if you haven't already done so *winks*.. 


Here's thesetting idea I'd like to use..

A band of Hero's who advanced to the ranks of Demigod.. then godhood.. and, in the midst of the war.. one of them decided that creating a new front to the war might be an advantage.. so having mastered Epic Charisma.. he or she (and yes, I'd like this to be one of the players..), convinces the rest of his band to join him.. and several others.. in creating a new pantheon and divine realm.. 

The Scions turned Gods, repudiate their parents and pantheons, and depart to form their own divine Pantheon.... embracing the Virtues of Conviction, Expression, Harmony & Loyalty... and abandoning their old Virtues (though all of the Pantheon's except the Atlantean one has one or two of these in them.. ) [This likly should be worked out.. it's not set it stone.. can shift virtues somewhat.. but Conviction and Harmony should remain.. the others were the best fit I thought.. and your god/dess doesn't have to embrace all of them, if you don't wish to]

Using massive amounts of legend, together.. and other ways,  they reach into one of the empty spaces of the Overworld.. and created a new Godrealm - Starhome  .. a huge place.. in which much of the realm appears to be filled with stars..  fields of flowers that glitter with stars within them.. walls that appear to be made out of stars, galaxys and solid darkness.. and many other places.. some more fantastic.. others less so.  [Again.. this can be worked out.. was looking for something fantastic.. and different from the other god realms]  A huge Pillar.. the Pillar of Stars - Is the

Rather then a new Pantheon Purview.. they retain ties to their own pantheon.. keeping their old Pantheon Purview's.. and they power power into their divine realm, making it resistant to any miracles outside those of the pantheon.. making it much harder to assault with boons.. though it has no effect on Epic Attributes  [I've a mechanic for this.. included below]


Character Creation - As per Manifestations of Ichor.. which some changers

Starting Legend - 12

Attributes - 12 Primary, 10 Secondary, 8 Territory..  6 floating points  [At least 1 at 8+ and 2 at 6+]
Abilities - Same as for Hero's.. and under same guildlines..

Birthrights - 15 dots.. can go over 3.. but each point over three costs double

30 Dots for Epic Attributes and Boons [I'd like to see at least one Ultimate Attribute and/or Avatar for each God/dess]

Virtues - Same as Hero's [But should have at least one at 5.. purchased with Freebies likly the one that matchs your pantheon(s)]

Bonus Points - 144 

Extras -  Everyone gets 3 points of Sanctum for Free including an Axis Mundi Access if you desire it.. though there is one for the God Realm as a Whole..  and extra points cost only 1 point each.. after all.. you were the ones who created this godrealm.. so you were able to form parts of it all of your own..

Extra Bonus Points - I'd like a least a paragraph of explaination for each of your Legend points, and how you gained them.. from level 3 to 12.. if you provide more.. I may offer extra bonus points..  Also, for a very good story/history, and discription of your part of the divine realm.. I will provide up to 36 extra bonus points [this will very some.. and will allow for some god/desses to be better at some areas then others.. but I'd like each of you to have a Divine Purview all of your own.. that non of the others touch on.. so.. ]

Special Purview - Denial --  This Purview only works in their Divine Realm.. and only verses those outside their pantheon..  it also is constant.. and so has different rules..  it is taken collectively from all god/dess(s) in the pantheon....  Each dot in this strange purview protects their realm.. it is considered a certain amount of divine will holding it protected from outside influence.. and they do so collectively.  [Example.. God 1 has 2 dots in this purview.. and Goddess 2 has 4.. 6 points between them.. they deny All Level 1 boons [1 point..] level 2 boons [2 points] and level 3 boons [ 3 points], six points total.  [Note: This has no affection on Epic's or Knacks..  Also.. Avatars are Immune to this.. save in one case.. included below]..  with 10 points however.. the Ultimate Denial becomes possible.. using this power.. Which costs 1 Willpower + 20 Legend.. and requires the specific presence of the God/dess doing it.. they can.. within their divine realm only.. Deny Expressions of Ultimate Attributes or Avatars.. [This doesn't count if the it's a result of a Divine Death.. or one of thier own.. they are immune to this power.. it's also useless outside of thier divine realm.. but with these other effects.. it makes it a near fortress for the Titan's to invade.. [NOTE:  This purview is limited to thier divine realm for 2 reasons.. one to keep it from becoming to powerful.. and two, so that their original pantheon purview is more useful]


There is one other thing.. I will be playing the God/dess of Destiny within the Pantheon.. an older Deity that chose to join them, apparently from the Tuatha.. sense the Diety Seems to have access to the Enech purview.. but, non of those gods remember him/her.. so perhaps.. they are from somewhere else? They also take on a more Celtic name, which might be a yes, or might be a no.  [They can

Name: Riordan/Riana
Title: God/dess of Stars & Destiny

Poet, Dancer, Bard, Prophet, Jewelsmith, Advisor.. this diety is mysterious, and strange, and from time to time, can be experanced in one sex, or another.. they can also be both very beautiful, and terrifying ugly..  He or She has no desire to lead, or even to directly involve themselves in matters, though on occation, they will make prophetic statements, dance, or play for the other god/dess(s).   And no one.. can match his/her level of playing and dancing, thier skill with a sword, or Athletics, this diety is graceful, balanced, and perfectly poised at all times.. 

Appearance:  As a god or goddess, usually, he/she has eyes filled with fields of stars, and skin that glows and gleams like the moon, has a cloak that seems to be made of stars, that they draw around themselves, and occationaly seems to allow him or her to become invisable, even to the eyes of gods.. except perhaps the most preceptive?  But even then.. it is hard to say.  He/She also carries a Harp, struck with silver strings, and black wood, with the shimmering of stars within.. and sword that appears the same. 

When hinding his/her true nature, or manifesting on earth, this diety can appear as a man or woman, of any age, or appearance, but they always appear humanoid... and often gives useful advice, or teaches people.. and has displayed the ability to be in more the one place at a time, though no other psychopomp boons. 

Associated Powers:  Epic Dexterity, Epic Perception, Epic Intelligence, Denial, Darkness, Moon, Sky, Magic, Mystery, Prophesy [Also Enech.. but that's no longer bound to the Ichor of the Pantheon.. so he/she will not pass it on to any child they might have/adopt.]
Abilities: Academics, Art, Craft, Melee, Investigation, Occult

Possible Fatebonds to Pantheon Members: Balm, Herald, Mentor, Patron, Trickster


In addition to a powerful Fatebond to one another.. should have the following bonds as well... [Note including Bonds with your Divine Parent]

3 Gods - [At least 1 Adversarial Fatebond of some kind]

5 Demigods - [At least 1 Adversarial Fatebond of some kind.. it is dimly possible there may be a single Demigod Child of your own among them.. with a good story]

Many Mortals/Titanspawn/Hero's [These may include Scion Children of your own... same as above.. and should have at least 3 of each type of Fatebonding....7 of the more Advisarial ones]

I'd like at least one Character from each pantheon.. except Atlantean.. though with a good story I might accept one of them too.. meaning with access to that purview


I really like the idea, but to ask, I'm not all that partial to freeform, so.. what do you mean by somewhat freeform?

Also, does your npc mean that the Tuatha slot is taken as far as one character from each pantheon?


Nope.. not at all.. Techically, Riordan/Riana isn't exactly Tuatha.. so yes, that slot is open..  [What he/she essentially is, is a plot device.. and a way I can interject things whenever I like... and the reason the Tuatha don't rememver him/her.. is that before you all created your new Divine Realm.. He/she didn't exist..  ]..   So.. if you want the Tuatha Slot.. you were first to ask.. so it's yours.. unless you don't want it.

Partially Freeform - By this, I mean, we're using Scion game mechanics, and dice will be rolled when nessary, especially when you come into conflict with another Divine Being, but also, that I'd prefer roleplaying to rules...   as a general guideline.. Also, I supose there are a edits to the original rules to lay down..  This means, I'm likly to skip some rolls and just make rulings... especialy with things like Fatebinding, or involving extras.

I'll add House/Game Rules Shortly.


House Rules

Arete Does not Add to DV [Nor do any other Dice Adders that add dice to Athetics/Dex]

Untouchable Opponant Costs 5 Legend to Activate, and lasts until your next tick/action

Persophone Favors Arete [This Exception was likly a Type Anyway]

Jotunblut has a different set of boons avalible [You may learn that one, or the Standard one... I'll discuss this with the Aesir player.. ]

Epic Perception adds to Firearms damage, as Epic Strength does to physical damage

Tenative Possible Changes..  [Meaning I'm still thinking about this one.. send me a PM if you want to discuss any of them]

Social Attacks resisted by a social DV calculated as [Willpower + [Integrityx2] + Legend ]/2.. and you may spend a point of willpower to double it for a single attack..  as well as channel into an appropriate virtue.. and add results to the DV [This makes social attacks harder to defend against]

Further Notes

Reasons behind the Virtue choices

Conviction - The Belief they their way is right over others, even their ancient god/dess parents..  Expression - A love for creativity and imagination.. 
Harmony - A belief in a Cosmic Order.. or at least, believe in creating one..   
Loyalty - to one another.. as their adopted family (Note.. it is due to this virtue that they haven’t cut all ties to their former pantheons/parents.. still working with them.. and still acknowledge relationship..) 

NOTE:  This is a suggestion.. not required.. but I'd like to encourage that a good number of you have some of the more difficult fathers/mothers [Loki, Set, Kalfu.. for example] ... it explains a bit as to why you were so willing to go your own way.  Besides.. bad girls and boys are often hot *winks*. 

Ah.. Don't Forget.. as a god.. you get 1 dot in each of physcial epics for free  - Str, Dex, Sta, App

If your having trouble coming up with ideas, but still want to give it a try.. let me know, I'm willing to work with you.

I'd like a certain amount of balance between male and female Characters in the game.. this is like.. nothing more.