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Author Topic: A dorm story?  (Read 497 times)

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Offline LynnetteTopic starter

A dorm story?
« on: September 16, 2013, 12:28:43 PM »
Hello everyone! I just want to write first up here that this will be my first group game and I apologize if there is anything you think I should have added here that I did not. Feel free to yell at me if you feel so.

So now, with my oh-so-important protection from the mythical being called the troll, I can move on to the story itself and what I am thinking of.

I'm looking for people who are able to post frequently, at least once every second day. Exceptions is one thing, but if you think you can only post once a week or so, please don't apply, you'll just make this hard for me.

I was planning a story based off a real life story from my side, modifying it quite a lot though.

Just a bit of background to how this came to my mind because I know you're incredibly curious to know about my sex-life, allow me to mention that the story under here's sole reason to entertain your curiosity and yeah, that's about it. There's no real reason to actually read it, which is why I put it in a pretty little spoiler.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
So, during the first year of collage, I had to move to a city quite the distance away to get the education I so desired. Therefor, I ended up living in a dormitory with a dorm-mate. It was really cool and all and we became really good friends over the course of the first three months. (I even told her about my roleplaying, the non-sexual kind) and we made friends with a lot of the other people at the student-area of the city. However, when the winter kicked in, the dorm got really really cold and we couldn't figure out what it was till over a week later. We realized that our radiator was broken and it was apparently the same for the rest of the ones at our dorm-building. Apparently, the janitor for the area was on vacation as well, so we had to either pay out of our own pocket or live with it till he came back several weeks later. Now, some of the guys over in one of the other buildings still had their heating intact and offered us to stay with them. Considering that the temperature was several degrees in minus (Celsius) so we'd end up sick if we stayed there, we agree'd and moved in with them for the time being. And no, not much really happened apart from once (Which I will not go in detail about, it's a personal story!) but that is the background for what I want to do here. Thank you for taking your time and reading this :3

So what I want to do here is pretty similar to what happened above. One really cold winter, the radiator breaks down at two girls' dorm and they are offered by two friends to stay with them, they agree and it quickly turns quite intimate due to the cramped space of the dorm itself, the radiator could even break there as well, making them all cold, having to share body heat (Just an alternative though, no reason really to execute it) but I am open for ideas. We could also change this to allow more people if there is a lot of response here, but for now, I'm looking for one more female and two males.

As an alternative in case I get too much response to be able to pick only three people (Which I highly doubt) I have decided to put up an alternative here, allowing up to 7 people to join. I won't exceed this limit though.
 It is basically the same thing, but it'd just be two groups of people sharing apartments that ends up staying in one.

What we need:
Female 1 - Reaperdouble0
Female 2 -

Male 1 -
Male 2 -
What is the minimum:

Though my first impression of this site is really good, I still require that everybody in this RP does what is written below.
 #1 - At least one paragraph of text, no one liners.
 #2 - Keep all NSFW pictures in spoilers, at least gifs and so. For appearances, this is not really required. However, I know that some people like to use gifs to show what is being done, and I have nothing against that as long as there is a warning before putting it in. I know this is an 18+ site, but still.
 #3 - PM me all character sheets, this is not first pick first get. I'll look over all sheets I receive and I'll pick the one I like best based on how detailed it is, how interesting it is and your grammar level. I'm no nazi but there is a minimum.
 #4 - If you post here, please don't post what role you want. If you do, I am afraid we'll end up with people believing it'd be rude to send in a CS because someone else had mentioned that they had interest in it. If I see we need one specific role filled, I'll write it up here, but yeah.
 #5 - All questions involving roles of any sort should be PMed, any others can be posted here.
 #6 - Hail me, I know you want to.

And now, for the character sheets.

Code: [Select]
[b]Age:[/b] (18-22 preferably. Please remove this)
[b]Character Background:[/b]

I won't post up any accepted apps here before at its earliest in two days, probably in three. I'll give a notification here if I decide to expand my limit though. Hope to see people here! I understand life is busy with GTA 5 coming out now and so, but please, if you're interested, I hope to see you here :)
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Offline LynnetteTopic starter

Re: A dorm story?
« Reply #1 on: September 20, 2013, 03:19:23 PM »
To those of you who have applied: I am very sorry, but I won't be able to open the thread at first. I managed to break my index finger on my left hand, so both that and my middle finger is unusable at the moment. I mentioned my writing to the doctor and he suggested to slow down on it. Therefor, I am afraid that I will not be opening this before I either have all my fingers free again or I simply die of boredom and decide to take the risk. I hope y'all understand, and to those of you that I already am in roleplays with, I will still reply to you, but I probably won't join anything new.

Offline LynnetteTopic starter

Re: A dorm story?
« Reply #2 on: September 21, 2013, 09:39:59 AM »
So, MagicalPen has offered to take over this RP and I decided that it was alright. I won't be able to run it with my bad finger, at least not properly, so I am very happy for him to take over it and I hope it turns out successful. Have fun everyone!