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Author Topic: Angels Fancies, F for M  (Read 2673 times)

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Angels Fancies, F for M
« on: September 15, 2013, 05:25:45 pm »
Welcome to my thread!
All these ideas can be changed, modified because their all outlines be warned I only rp male and female.
If a role is crossed out or written in red then that means it's taken.
If you like any of these roles please don't post in the thread, PM me instead with what you like and we can discus that way.

Roles with Plots
1) Princess/Prince
She was the princess of a neighbouring country before she got kidnapped. But she managed to escape from the kidnappers and hid in a city but for the past few years the reward for her from her father has been getting higher and people are looking for her but she doesn't want to go home.
One day she see a man walking down a street and follows behind him not knowing he's the king of this country. When she attempts to pickpocket him, he catches her and the games begin.
(This can is set in a medieval time era where either you catch me and keep me as prisoner before recognising me as a princess. Or you marry me straight away since I was so bold as to steal from you and later on your friend tells you he thinks I'm the princess and you decide to play tricks on me to see if its true since I used to rude, stuck up and turned every man down)

2) Conartist/Undercover cop
For the past few years a major conartist has been stealing from gang leaders, banks and even the army, the reward for her is now quite high. He's an undercover cop whos been working as a gangleaders right hand man for the past few years and have had a tip that the con artist is working as the gangleaders girlfriend and is taking his money.
One day it's a party and she's flirting with the boss hiding her proper features since she has dyed her hair and is wearing contact lenses while changing her accent is French instead of English. The con artist and the cop begin to talk not recognising each other since he's changed his looks as well but he recognise her since she let her accent slip a little.
Outside of their jobs the two are friends and always meet up for coffee every friday but this friday he decides to arrest her and take her back to his house to get information out of her while hoping to get all the reward money for himself.

(For this we can start from either the party or from where I meet you at the coffee shop,  I have no idea on how this goes, maybe the gang leader finds out about the con artist and takes a hit out on her, it can go alot of ways.)

3) Vampire / Werewolf
This is kind of like Underworld Rise of the Lycans but in a modern age, where a female vampire grew up with a male werewolf but got separated since he and other werewolves were the vampires slaves. It goes on for them to fall in love and she eventually ends up pregnant.

4) Guardian Angel / Human
She was his girlfriend before she got taken away from him in a car crash. Once she got to heaven she got the choice be his guardian angel and help him move on or stay in heaven and be happy. Of course she still missed him so she went back to Earth but there was a catch to being his guardian angel. He could see her but her looks had changed and she had to use a different name to help him move on and forget about her. Or the role could be reversed and he could become the guardian angel for her.

5) Angel / Demon
An angel and a demon used to be boyfriend and girlfriend when he was an angel as well. But another demon that was a succubae tricked him into having sex with her so he got cast out of heaven, but before he got cast out he tried to convince his girlfriend that it wasn't his fault but her heart was broken and she turned her back on him. They went their separate ways each leading a separate life but neither being able to forget about how much they love each other. One day she got into a fight with a demon that locked away her memories of her being an angel, this demon ripped out her wings and left her on earth with nothing but the clothes on her back, this was over 500 years ago.

It is now the modern day and she is living in a small apartment having dyed her once blond hair black but her eyes remaining the same blue, all she knows is that she is human, never ages and she has dreams of a man. Her boyfriend overheard a demon bragging about ripping out an angels wings and making her think she’s human so he went to earth to see which angel it was. As he’s walking near her apartment she accidentally runs into him but she doesn’t recognise him although he recognises her. She apologises then keeps running again being late for work.

6) Soldier / Ex Girlfriend
The two had grown up together as kids from the age of 10, since they lived next door to each other their whole lives. In the third year of high school he asked her out and she agreed, they’ve only ever been with each other and nobody else. Once they finished high school they spent the first year of college together before he surprised her with a trip since they both loved travelling.

Unfortunately as he was driving up a mountain there was a landslide which caused the car to go off the road. Luckily he wasn’t injured but she hit her head hard causing her to be knocked out. He called for help where she was airlifted to a hospital, where she was in a coma for a month.  When she woke up and saw him she didn’t recognise him since all her memories post when he asked her out were locked away so she had no idea that they were dating or had any memories of college.

The man blaming himself left and joined the army leaving her life so she could move back in with her parents who helped her gain most of her memories but there were loads of gaps. In the past five years she had gotten a job, made new friends and recovered most of her memories but the gaps bugged her since she had a gap of 3 years in her life missing and there was a man who she didn’t remember.

(What I was thinking was the man comes back to the city and they run into each other again and he begins to go out with her again not telling her that the bits of her memory lost were of him and he keeps blaming himself).

7) Human/ (your choice of creature here)
She and her mom had just moved from their old home prior to a divorce. She had to leave everyone she knew behind because of this, her mom enrolled her in the nearest high school where she quickly became an outcast. One day she is walking down the hall when a guy grabs her and he grows fangs then drinks her blood when another guy grabs the vampire and drags him off her before the vampire can harm her to much, the girl then passes out from shock. As she’s laying there recovering from shock, she wakes up and realises she isn't in a normal high school, she is in a high school for creatures like vampires, dragons, werewolves etc and she is the only human.

8) Cowboy / Indian
Version 1
She had grown up with her tribe in the wild-west for a long time. She was the chiefs daughter and was bound to be married to the strongest man in the tribe from the moment she was born but she hated this idea so she ran away.
But as she was running away she found a cowboy laying by the river passed out, she couldn't leave him so she took him back to her tribe where she helped him heal, taught him all of her tribes ways till she eventually fell in love with him though it was forbidden.

Version 2
She had grown up with her tribe in the wild west for a long time. She was the chiefs daughter and was bound to be married to the strongest man in the tribe from the moment she was born but she hated this idea so she ran away.
But as she was running away from her people she ran into a group of cowboys who kidnapped her, took her into town where she was to be sold as a slave but during that journey they used her, made her cook for them and bath them.

9) Little Red and the Big Bad Wolf
The story goes that the woodsman saved Little Red from the big bad wolf but what if that was a lie? What if the huntsman was a man who wanted to rob poor old grandma had killed her because she put up a fight. Little Red happened to walk in as in the huntsman was in the process of looting the home and he decided to have fun with Little Red who was frozen in shock, but before he could the big bad wolf arrived and saved Little Red from the huntsman.

The main idea I had for this story was the huntsman was the bad guy and the big bad wolf was the good guy. The wolf saved Little Red and a love maybe began to blossom between the two.  The bad guy isn't supposed to end up with the good girl that would turn the fairytale upside down.  How would the two deal with their emotions while the stigmata of wolves is that they are dangerous and should be killed upon sight. And what if because the two are seen together Red is accused of being a witch? I don't mind if the wolf is a werewolf or a guy who can turn full wolf its up to you.

10) The Fighter or Making Her Mine
The man was a fighting machine, it was what he had been born and bred to do. He was the most popular underground fighter in America who had his own clothing line, endorsements, fighting material, work out videos etc. The fighter gets whatever or whomever he wants since he is the top underground/MMA in the country and has girls begging at his feet to be with him.

She was his next door neighbour, once of his closest friends till they got to high school and he became popular while she became one of the wallflowers, unseen till she wanted to be seen, the two growing apart and not speaking to each other especially after an incident where he got goaded into bullying her. It had been 4 years since high-school ended and he had begun his career, she was in her final year of university working on a journalist degree when it was announced he would be giving a lecture/show in the gym and she was to interview him for her report. Reluctantly she went along and from there.. Well that's where their story starts.
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Re: Angels Fancies, F for M
« Reply #1 on: September 15, 2013, 05:27:59 pm »
Roles without plots

1) Mob boss and undercover agent
2) Criminal and hostage
3) Zombie apocalypse survivors
4) Any of Grimms Fairy Tales
5) Actress and Actor
6) Cowboy and city girl
7) Hunger Games
8) Bodyguard and Actress
9) Greek God and Nymph

Feel free to suggest any of your own roles!
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Re: Angels Fancies, F for M
« Reply #2 on: October 09, 2013, 07:48:05 pm »
Pictures To Inspire

These are just pictures that caught my fancy and I would love to roleplay them if anyone had some plots they wanted to do. Warning some of these photos are NSFW!!!!!!!

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Re: Angels Fancies, F for M
« Reply #3 on: February 09, 2014, 03:13:14 am »
Videos to Inspire

Sometimes I just hear a song and the lyrics are so inspirational, catchy, invigorating and sometimes just tingle my muse and make me want to come up with something for it, so this is my list of videos that I would love to make a story to fit.

Love Bites ~ Def Leppard
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Set Fire To The Rain ~ Adele
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

It's My Life ~ Bon Jovi
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Re: Angels Fancies, F for M
« Reply #4 on: May 21, 2014, 10:08:33 am »

Removed old pictures, added new pictures and still looking for a roleplay

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Re: Angels Fancies, F for M
« Reply #5 on: June 25, 2014, 07:12:22 am »
Still open and looking for roleplays.

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Re: Angels Fancies, F for M
« Reply #6 on: July 29, 2014, 02:42:41 pm »
Just a bump to say I'm still open for roleplays :)

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Re: Angels Fancies, F for M
« Reply #7 on: April 05, 2017, 05:57:40 pm »
Its been a while but I'm back and open for new roles.