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Author Topic: Something Different to Hide (Bon, NC-H, lf any sex)  (Read 920 times)

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Something Different to Hide (Bon, NC-H, lf any sex)
« on: September 14, 2013, 02:57:50 am »
General questions only here please; if interested please PM.

Blackmail, non- (later maybe dubious) consent, objectification, bondage furniture,
(predicament?) bondage, leather/ latex/ risqué clubwear (I'd like some naughty bdsm outfits),
possible impact/pain play,psychological, humiliation, deception. 
Possibly developing later into some romance.

     In a quiet part of the business district of a small city, an exclusive nightclub has found a new source of 'hostesses': Women with secrets they do not wish to have known.  These women are "invited" to attend the club and promised secrecy, and a limited involvement.  The patrons engage the hostesses in fetish and sexual challenges, and when the women obtain "100 points" through various wagers about their performance and good behavior, the club is finished with them.  (Or is it really true? Somehow, some have stayed much longer than expected.) 

     A new girl going by "Vanessa" has appeared at the club.  She arrived with the predictably small outfit and the usual fake politeness hiding cold resignation.  She is soon assigned a client and a room for a simple, warm up wager.  However, she is different.  Unlike many of the others, the only secret this one is working to hide, is her actual identity!

I will primarily run a female PC, Marissa (alias Vanessa).

          Looking for one of two possibilities.  Player sex is not important. 
In either case, please bring some ideas of your own to discuss, and please do be open to lots of PM OOC planning as we go.

1)  You may run another female character (Cheryl, below) as your main.  In this format, each of our main characters (Marissa and Cheryl) are girls working for the club and trying to game the exploitative system until we achieve our goals.  The clients we deal with are more like NPC's.  We would share planning and writing the clients who present challenges to our girls.  If we find we agree well about kinks and the story, then we could lean more toward "GMing for one another" (i.e. I write most of how they challenge Cheryl; you write more of how they challenge Marissa).

2)  You may run a male or female (though I assumed a male in the intro below, it could be changed) character who is interested in my PC, or possibly multiple characters in sequence.  These are "clients" or club staff who present the girls with challenges or wagers, as below.  This is a little more the traditional "GM/antagonist"/"PC/victim-heroine" sort of division.  In this setup in particular, I'd really like there to be some substance to the antagonists.  They should be more than just a string of dirty people taking advantage; I want more character here.  Please offer some ideas.

The Beginning...

   She cocked her head back a little sideways, doing all she could not to roll her eyes at the figure in the darkness.  Why is this one being so mysterious?  Is he someone important, that he doesn’t want girls like me to know who he is?  Or is he hiding something?  Her eyes were already rolled to the max in her mind.  I can’t believe I’m doing this.  But if this place is hiding what I think it is, then I have to get her out.  She went on placing herself carefully over the sheets, next stretching her right arm straight forward and leaning out a little more.  She threw questioning eyes at the figure sitting in the shadow and tried her best at a little, teasing smile.  ”Like this?” she mouthed rather than spoke.  She didn’t really want to speak to him more than she had to.  That might make it almost, respectful or some shit like that.  And these were people she had to fool, not people she wanted to even act like respecting.

    “Yes,” he said in a calm side of business tone. “Very nice.  By the way,” he paused for a moment, his slacks swishing as he adjusted himself for better comfort, “You don’t work for the city government by chance do you? I could swear I saw you at some event.”  She made a little laugh and a slight shake of her head, as if that was ridiculous.  Please stop thinking that.  No good will come of all this charade, if I’m found out so soon! “It’s okay, you know if you were,” he added. “You wouldn’t be the only one.”  Her ears perked up at that; she could almost feel them straining for him to say more.  “Why just last night I had an intern from city hall.  Moody little blonde thing.  Wouldn’t stop dropping snide remarks and I finally had them bring me a gag for that bitch.  But baby, she was a hot little piece of ass.  Almost as choice as you.” She imagined she could hear the lie in his voice – she wanted to hear it.  But more: More desirable than Cheryl?  Me??  What a joke!  But she is here then!  I knew it had to be here.   After all, there were only so many unknown dives in the city for her friend to “try out for something different” as Cheryl had put it, and this was the most oddly located and exclusive of them.   But what had kept her here all weekend?  That is, if she is still here… But I’ve asked everywhere!

    He let out a quiet snort, something between a masculine huff and a chuckle. “Oh, you’re not going to tell me anything if you were.  Not unless I arrange a wager to beat it out of you, but I ain’t in the mood for that tonight.  Not so long as you’re being friendly like.”  She flexed her arm gently over the bed, trying to hold the position he’d asked for…     Her mind raced.  He was obviously enjoying this, but he didn’t sound like he was joking.   She felt so alone and vulnerable, here in a back room posing on a bed for this man.  But she had to find out what had happened…  And maybe when she did, it would be a story that would make her young career, too.

    His voice was taking on a more amused tone again.  She wished she could see him, but there was no way at this distance in the dark.  Even with her glasses on, she needed more light to make out faces.  Is he going to come closer, or does he just want to watch? He wrote me in for 10 points of their silly system to do a ‘lap dance’ in a private room, so he told them, but he’s just running me through all these poses and making meat market comments at me.  Is he married and sort of loyal, and this gets him off?  Or what is he actually up to?

   “So Vanessa, he continued, saying the name with a bit of acid. “Oh, but that’s not your real name, is it?  No one uses a real name here, especially not the ‘hostesses.’”  He said that last word with almost as much disdain.  (Oh, God, there really is something messed up here.  Why did Cheryl really need to come here?!) “Let’s get acquainted, shall we?”  Is he going to get up? she thought. Is he finally going to have me get on his lap and get him off?  The pig.

   His voice was getting more serpentine by the second.  She though t this must be Satan staring at her from the darkness behind those hooded lights. “Don’t get up, but start pulling off that dress.  Slowly.  I want to see those tits.  You are going to hold them up good, show them off and play with them.”  She gulped.  Not only was it degrading, but this dress was so short that she couldn’t bare her breasts without exposing her thong too.   Oh well,  at least you’re not  actually doing it on his lap – so far at least! she reminded herself.  “And,” he continued, “you’re gonna  talk to me like a phone sex girl.   I wanna hear all about how you want to fuck me.  You’ll go on holding your tit and get a hand inside your panties too.  That’ll get you nice and warmed up while we talk, and if you keep up with me and do it convincing like, you’ll get your 10 points.  Ready?”

“ Hey, we’re getting along just fine.  No back talk, now,” he snapped.  Her mouth must have dropped open; she closed it after a tiny gasp.  Oh no, I am going to have to talk slutty to him.  So this is it: He wants to humiliate me.  But it’s 10 points as long as I keep it up for what – just a few minutes, I hope!  Please let it be just a few minutes…  100, and I am out of here.  I don’t have to touch him…
                    And I want those points.  I don’t want to leave before I know what happened to Cheryl, whether she is really still here.  But I want them to think I’m serious.  I have to act like I belong here – Cheryl came for some reason, even if I don’t know what it is.  They totally expect me to obey and take their sick challenges.  And if I find out enough, or find her, and maybe get 100 points at the same time, they could be none the wiser until it’s too late.  If I can just keep faking…  It’s so degrading, but it’s only until I know!

                    And so, hands sliding slowly and reluctantly to the shoulders of her tight dress, Marissa, the mayor’s daughter freshly back from university and would be investigative reporter, began her ordeal at the club Secret Passions.
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