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Author Topic: Fem Dom, V:tM, Doctor Who, and more! M/F and F/F plots.  (Read 286 times)

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Fem Dom, V:tM, Doctor Who, and more! M/F and F/F plots.
« on: September 13, 2013, 09:40:09 PM »
      Hi, lovely!  I'm Moirae, otherwise known as a sometimes reclusive Liege that's been here for just about four years now.  While I have another idea thread, this one is solely focused on the Annual Volunteer Auction taking place right now.  All of the plots below are up for bid!  The proceeds of this auction, of course, go straight to this wonderful community. 

Please do not PM me about these ideas!  If you are interested and would like to make a bid, proceed to the Volunteer Auction. 
The only answer I will give any PMs about these ideas will be a link to the Volunteer Auction -- that also includes questions about
these plots as you're more than welcome to ask questions in my auction thread.

      Special Auction Considerations:
  • All of the story ideas here have been purposely written for Auction and will not be featured elsewhere on the site.
  • Auction Stories will be my top priority for replies, receiving at least one or two a week (barring unforeseen life circumstances) or more when time allows.  All other stories will go on a temporary hold at the end of the auction when plot discussions are finished and these stories are started. 
  • Presented stories may include themes or kinks that are normally listed in my Offs or not at all listed on my Preferences.  For these stories I am allowing much more flexibility in my typical preferences.
  • All of the stories are able to be used as One Shot or longer term One-on-One stories. 

The Auction Story Ideas
Stories listed as "Light to Non-Con" can fall in any Elliquiy category depending on
what's decided between the Winning Bidder and myself.  I am open to expanding
the listed themes, also at the Winning Bidder's discretion.  These plots are not
set in stone, so happy to discuss possibilities if there's an idea or twist you'd like
to have included.

Sorted alphabetically.

(1)   Aliens Among Us
M/F, Contemporary Sci-Fi, Light to Non-Con, Romance, Selective Breeding, Alternate Earth, Invasion

Since the dawn of time aliens have lived among us.  They've appeared as our myths and legends, the ancient Gods that once ruled mortals, the ones that continue to guide us.  Since humanity took its first breaths their thoughts have been influenced, guided, and shaped.  There have been times when human were left to their own devices, but it was only for so long until another race discovered the planet Earth and the bounty that awaited them.  Glimpses of the alien influence came through in tales of old and seemingly impossible future predictions, always first appearing as writing before it dissolved into beloved books and plays, into memories long forgotten.  Since the turn of the the 17th century a new alien race slipped their way into mankind's culture and began their own invasion; their race was slowly dying off, a disease preventing the alien race from mating together, and as such they sought a new race to breed with -- humans.  They chose her upon her second birthday when she first began to exhibit the signs they looked for -- highly intelligent, a naturally gifted human waiting to blossom.  Throughout her youth they watched her, helped guide her parents to stimulate her mind and nurture its growth.  From the shadows, from the kin of their kind, they kept her protected, sheltered, and waited for the time they would come to claim her.

Auction Role: The alien mate! 

Side Notes:
  • The alien race is peaceful in nature, though not without its own protections and guardians.
  • They incredibly advanced in science, medicine, and weaponry, but their world -- set as a dimension against earth -- has a more mythological/fantastical environment.
  • Their society has no currency, everything is done on a barter system or shared among families.
  • They've adopted fashion and culture styles from throughout earth's history, making for a unique mix among their world.
  • Females and males have been chosen for breeding; chosen humans would be considered gifted by human standards, whether it's in arts and literature, science, athletics, languages, or general intellect.
  • The appearance of the aliens are not established, though I lean toward a humanoid physique.
  • The world building on this has been minor, so very open to adding and working in ideas!
  • As a One Shot story this would feature the day she's taken by the alien that's chosen her to establish her new residency, so to speak, among the race.  As a One-on-One story it would begin with her being taken by the race and develop longer, gain a deeper look into the society, and feature them working through the complications of a reluctant relationship.
  • Alternatively, there might not be an alien who has already chosen her, but that it is up to her who she chooses to mate with once being brought to the alien dimension.  This is something I'd like to talk more in depth about with the auction winner.

(2)   Doctor Her? (In progress title.)
M/F or F/F, Doctor Who, Female Doctor, Adventure, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Romance, Light, Dark Comedy

With every regeneration comes a new face.  A new body.  A new life.  In the centuries of travel through time and space, this crash landing and regeneration brought forth a life completely new to the Time Lord known as The Doctor. 

After a lot of consideration I didn't exactly flesh out a lot of details for this story, at least not plot wise.  Overall this will be the story of the Doctor and Companion first meeting and The Doctor assisting in banishing the threat against the Companion's family/home land/area/part of their planet before moving on for more travel.  Should we decide to pursue the story as a One-on-One the story will continue with fun times in the TARDIS and the potential of romance.  There will be aliens, a cause to champion, people to save, and a whole lot of running, but I'd like the bulk of this to be decided upon with myself and the auction winner.  The Doctor can crash land on earth or another planet, at any moment in time.  She is going to be witty, a survivor, brilliant, sometimes lost in her thoughts, and have several moment of adjusting to her new life as the first female Doctor.  Please refer to the Side Notes for all other related information. 

Auction Role: The Doctor's companion!

Side Notes:
  • Non-Consensual elements are not allowed in this story.
  • There will only be sexual elements if this is done as a One-on-One story. The romance aspect would take some time to develop, though the Doctor could be rather flustered if there's a deep chemistry between them.
  • Being all knowing about Doctor Who is not required, though it's a really good idea to be at least a little familiar.

(3)   Relinquish by Moonlight
M/F, Fem Dom, Fantasy, Werewolves, Taboo Romance, Broken Vows

To mate with another of their kind was forbidden.  To allow another to make him, the Alpha, submit wasn't done.  How could the pack trust the Alpha to protect them if in secret another had him submitting?  Other packs were sure to test and threaten the caern, his pack mates and generations of kin -- everything he held dear to his heart -- if it was discovered that he might have a considered weakness.  What if it wasn't a weakness?  What if neither of them could stop?  It'd started innocently, the years ago saving of a lone wolf with incredible and rare gifts of a healer, a shaman that could read the signs and provide to the pack in ways so many others couldn't.  He'd never anticipated that she would read him so correctly, that she would see beyond the shields in place to recognize what he truly needed to be the leader his pack needed.  It was against their kind's code to mate with each other, not knowing what kind of abomination would come from such a birthing.  They never should have started what happened, never should have trusted each other to those limits.  She shouldn't have felt that intrinsic power that came with seeing her Alpha submit, hearing him beg for her... plead with her to do more, let him have more.  She was there to nurture and guide, to aide them in their spirit quests and heal them when necessary, to provide for their kin and all of those that depended on them.  If their mates ever knew, if their caern ever found out, their secret could damn them all ...

Auction Role: The pack/caern Alpha.

Side Notes:
  • There is a small theme of Werewolf: the Apocalypse, but bidders are not required to be familiar with the setting in general.  Borrowed from W:tA are the basic rules of no mating between garou and that caerns consist of multiple packs.  In this instance the Alpha in the story is also the caern leader, placing him in an even more precarious position, and that healers and spirit guides -- shamans -- are more rare than in W:tA's general setting.  Beyond that the world is ours to with as we please.
  • I do see both of the characters already having mates, perhaps even pups, but are unable to break away from what each other provides in secret.  Them already having mates is optional and does not need to be included.
  • As a One Shot this scene will be of them spending a night together with her topping him and likely with references of a pre-established history of this happening. 
  • As a One on One I'd like to see the story's evolution from them coming together as pack mates and/or when she joins the pack (I have the idea that he rescues her from another pack or discovers her as a packless wolf, perhaps her pack killed by another in fight for dominance/territory) and their more hidden romance and D/s relationship begins some time after; the story would eventually evolve to the potential of being discovered and his position as Alpha questioned/threatened, and how they handle what would be considered a very taboo relationship between two werewolves.
  • I do not commonly take on the role of a female dominant in roleplays, something reserved for my private writings.  This is considered outside of my listed Roleplaying Preferences.  The Auction Winner will have to be a little patient with me and perhaps be open to offering suggestions should I become stuck at certain points.
  • Age play will not be considered for this game.  The Alpha should be her same age or a few years older than her.

(4)   The Vote (In progress title.)
M/F, oWoD, V:tM, Manipulation, Blackmail, Seduction, Murder, Bondage to Non-Con, Fated Paramours

For centuries she'd successfully hidden her vampiric heritage, the true clan that took her into the night and that she has held so close and quietly to her heart.  To all of those she knew she was Isabel D'Amanti, Toreador Primogen, inspiring artist and beautiful socialite.  Some called her the heart of the city with how she cultivate the culture and remained the balance between often clashing personalities and clans.  Some, or most, were enthralled by her.  None of them knew her darkest secrets, none ever saw beyond the carefully constructed persona and image she'd dedicated her unlife to maintaining.  At least, none knew till the city's power players began to change and she suddenly found herself facing one individual who'd discovered her truth.  He needed her to secure the power of the Prince -- her contacts and influence, her own vote in the Primogen Council -- and would do anything he needed to not only obtain his goal.  He knew she was the key to achieving his desire and he knew what she was most especially needed to keep hidden.  What neither of them anticipated was just how they'd ultimately react to each other and soon need to protect each other.

Auction Role: The rising Prince.  Clan and history of the Auction Winner's choosing. 

Side Notes:
  • The blackmail information could have been gathered for years while the to-be Prince waited for the right time.
  • There's the possibility of her using her song -- something she only uses as a weapon in private instances -- to have killed the previous/current Prince or plan to assassinate him. Or, they could both be present for his final death, if the story goes in that direction.
  • She has committed diablerie at least once, possibly more, but not in the past decade.
  • As a One Shot Story the featured scene/story would be the night the to be Prince comes to blackmail/court/seduce/use what means necessary to secure her vote and influence.  The story/scene would end under the assumption that she either assists or sacrifices herself for his cause.
  • As a One on One story could start with this scene or earlier ones for a lead in.  I'd like to include the potential/possibility of another stumbling across her secrets, the schemes of the to be Prince, discovering other manipulations and plot, and more.  I am a V:tM junkie and love to play out campaigns, so this could easily turn into a two player campaign for power dominance and a bit of a twisted love story among two Elders.
  • The use of character sheets will be option, though I slightly lean toward the use of them just 'cause they're fun to make.
  • Potential for multiple player characters.

(5)   Yes, Your Royal Mistress
M/F, Fem Dom, Contemporary or Historic, Royalty, Star Crossed Lovers, Fantasy (Option)

It has been his sole duty to protect her, to provide her with a physical sanctuary both in public and private.  To the outside world he remains there in the background, a silent figure in black ready to react in the blink of an eye.  There is nothing he will not do to safe guard his charge, the Royal Princess adored and beloved by all, and not a day passes where she does not consume his thoughts.  To the world she is the bright star, the beautiful jewel to the popular crown; she is demure and sweet, a future Queen that will gently but wisely guide her domain when the time comes.  She's a champion for heartfelt causes, constantly involved in charitable work, pushing for progress that will continue the prosperity of the kingdom, and knows, despite how it breaks her heart at times, precisely what her future will feature.  There are times when he physically removes her from a situation or makes a decision based on her well being without her consent -- her well being is his only concern and will be until the day comes when he can no longer stand at guard beside her.

In private their masks come off.  They know that if ever discovered their secret would ruin them both.  They weren't ever supposed to come together, especially not once her formal engagement was announced to a foreign Prince.  Yet, time again and again, they cannot help themselves.  She craves the dominance.  He craves to surrender.  Together they find a way to survive the days and savor their nights and try, every time, to forget just how short their relationship is destined to be.

Auction Role: The Princess' body guard.  A by day dominant presence that at night surrenders to the Princess' Domme side.

Side Notes:
  • This can be modern day, historical, fantasy -- pretty much any setting we'd like to do this in!
  • As a One Shot this scene will be of them spending their last night together as male sub and female dominant and when she reveals to him that they will no longer be able to be together due to her to be announced engagement.  It could also extend for tenderness, perhaps a farewell in the morning if he decides to relinquish her to another body guard -- if he can. 
  • As a One-one-One story I'd like to either start from the above scene (developing the story past that night with one or both of them fighting the inevitable, consequences of their past and/or current actions, the possibility of her being convinced to continue in secret, perhaps the sudden assassination of her to be fiancee, or whatever we'd like) or from when they first met and how they develop their secret relationship and public personas, and continue on through until this scene when relationship come to a tearful end.
  • I do not commonly take on the role of a female dominant in roleplays, something reserved for my private writings.  This is considered outside of my listed Roleplaying Preferences.  The Auction Winner will have to be a little patient with me and perhaps be open to offering suggestions should I become stuck at certain points.
  • Age play will not be considered for this game.  The body guard should be her same age or a few years older than her.
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