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Author Topic: New Ideas - Male seeking creative female  (Read 554 times)

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New Ideas - Male seeking creative female
« on: September 13, 2013, 01:53:39 PM »
TAKENModern warfare

I have been floating this idea in my head for a while.  Special ops team rescues a female hostage who has been kept for a long time.  It was an accidental finding for the the team and the commander doesn’t quite know what to do with her.  They are behind enemy lines and a covert mission and she becomes somewhat of a liability.  He has to figure out a way to get her to safety so he decides to let one of his lead man help her get to safe place while the rest of the team continues the mission.  The soldier is upset with these orders and at first does not like the situation, but over time being in close proximity he develop feelings for as does she.  I would really like to co-develop a plot on this one and I am very open to ideas.

 PM if interested

In Discussion Power in the Misogynistic world

This setting could be historical or more just alternative.  I was thinking of actually Mad Men type of setting, but a little more extreme.  Basically the setting is in world dominated by men and is structured around the idea that women have a very specific place in society and that is subservient to men.  In traditional senses this means becoming a housewife is the only reasonable goal for most women.  Women do work, but only in traditional women’s roles like secretary, nurse, maids, etc… and the expectation that they do this until they find a husband to take care of them.  It is rare for a women to have any place of power.  The story of this role-play is one of a young woman who is just about to graduate a boarding school for woman, and is destined to return to her family and be set-up for an arranged marriage, but she wants to escape this.  She goes to a very subversive young professor at her school and asks him for his advice.  He tells her there is no real way to escape her destiny in this society in a traditional sense, but he is willing to let her in on a secret of the male world.  Men are easily manipulated with one commodity and that is sex.  He tells he can ‘train’ her in specific talents and guide her to navigate this world of men by using her sexuality and thus gain power and prestige for herself.  SHe decideds to take his advice.  The role play would involve both her  training and her rise in power by manipulating men using her sexuality.  The idea is that she transforms from naivete to power, and that she uses her sexuality to gain her own power and to exploit Man’s true weakness.

I am very open to how this goes. 

PM with your ideas

Step Sister Bribery

A step brother has always had a thing for his step sister, but never done anything about it.  He goes away to college and comes back to live with his parents before going on to graduate school.  His little step sister is about to graduate high School and has been accepted at a prestigious college.  He is surprised, because she has always been a kind of bad girl, but then he discovers she is selling drugs.  He threatens to turn in her, but she pleads with him telling it would ruin her chances to go to college.  And so he decides he won’t as long as she becomes his sex slave for the summer.

PM me if interested

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Re: New Ideas - Male seeking creative female
« Reply #1 on: September 13, 2013, 05:45:10 PM »
Added Step Sister Bribery