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June 25, 2022, 12:23:29 am

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Author Topic: Dim Hon's Dark And Pervy Plots (Any gender, will write dom, sub or switch)  (Read 918 times)

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This is an advert for my Auction thread. Please head over there and place a bid if you want to play one of these with me - do not PM me asking for one of these, they are the prize of the highest bidder.

Hey there darlings! Welcome to my thread. I am Dim Hon (Not This in Welsh), previously known as Eden.

On this occasion, I am willing to write any sex, gender, dominance or sexuality. While I derive the most fun out of playing sub-switch men and women, I'm putting that aside and saying "sure" to anything. I've not claimed any of the characters in my plots, as I will play any of them.

The following plots are not the only things I'm willing to write - if none of them tickle a fancy, I'm willing to write a new plot, or adapt one of these to suit my partner. Also, please keep in mind the gender/sexuality/etc are place holders and can be changed. Kinks are likewise suggestions. My tastes run dark but I understand not everyone finds the more [EX] kinks appealing so don't take them as musts. These ideas are smut based for the most part, though all contain (/can be altered to contain) plot. *shrugs* I'm a shameless perv.

My personal O/Os
My other O/Os

Plot One - Usurper's Throne (Fantasy)

A slave who was once king, a king who was once his greatest friend.

A king who won't listen to his advisers will soon be replaced by one. He wasn't so stupid to think it could never happen - not so foolish to think he was untouchable. But he didn't think it would happen so soon after his father's death, the crown still an unusual weight on his head. He didn't think it would be his closest advisor, his sole confidant. And he certainly never thought he'd survive his own displacement.

Death would be kinder.

Now he was shamed and humiliated every waking hour. Enslaved and chained at the feet of his betrayer. His usurper. Kept alive so his true allies would see - debased so thoroughly not a one would consider rescue or rebellion. He could never rule again after the torments the new king put him through, making him the lowliest of the low.

Kinks; Humiliation, public sex, multi-partners, exhibition, voyeurism, CBT (or the equivalent), rape, bestiality, watersport, smut-based with some plot. Could be altered to include incest, the usurper being the slave-king's sibling, legitimate or a bastard .

Plot Two - Storm On The Horizon (Dieselpunk)
War is looming. Two powerful Empires are positioning themselves for the greatest war the world has ever seen, which may also prove its last.

Isolde Davenport isn't (strictly speaking) a prisoner. Her movements are not restricted to one room, her meals are as extravagant as she's ever imagined they could be, she has anything she wants at the asking. Anything she desires is offered - at the small price of her inventive mind. Cloistered in her fortified airship of luxury, she's tasked with creating more powerful weapons, more silent engines, prototyping huge suits of armour four stories tall and manned by a crew packed tight in the chest cavity.

She is kept company by a small unit who man the airship and stand in the shadows of her personal rooms. They are well trained, many scarred from long years of service, their eyes seeing everything, ready to defend her at a moment's notice. Perhaps they have orders to kill her if a kidnap attempt comes close to success, but it's not something that crops up in casual conversation.

After one of her paramores tried to kill her, and would have succeeded without the quick response of her guard, things change. Distrustful of the Isolde's lovers, the captain refused to allow Isolde any more visitors. When she next felt the burn of lust, Isolde ordered one of the guard to bed, thinking she would be refused, or for the captain to be outraged... but neither happened. The guards are willing and skilled lovers, satisfying her appetites. For the good of the Empire, of course...

Kink: Harem, multi-partners, double penetration, triple penetration, body worship, exhibitionism, voyeurism, strap ons, light BDSM (spanking, binding, wax play, blindfolds, trust games). I see the guard being mixed race and mixed sex, predominantly male but with women as well. I see the captain as the woman  pictured left. (note, male:female ratio can be changed to suit the winner)

Plot Three - Ghost In The Wire (Cyberpunk Superhero)

Death happens. Only not as much as it usually does.

She and her lover are hackers, working under the same persona, crawling though the wires of the City's intranet, watching other people live their lives and syphoning away a few credits here and there, doing bigger jobs when the risk seems worth it. They usually work alone, but they decided to work on something together. A way to upload a person's mind to a computer. It's highly illegal technology - but they are certain they cannot be caught. He works on something else on the side - a surprise he says when she asks.

Before they are done, money gets tight - it costs more than they realised to be inventors. So she takes up a job and it's a great success. She made millions for the mob boss who hired her - but the boss decides to kill her rather than have her as a lose end.

A hitman closes in. They find him first.

She returns home to find her lover bleeding out. He's already unconscious, and there is so much blood - too much. She knows he's lost too much. The only way to save him is to upload him.

Amazingly, it works. He spills onto her screen in a rush of words, all pain and confusion, his body dead before she finishes but she is quick enough that she gets all of him. Well, most of him. He's there, in her computer. And he knows. He tells her she should go to the basement, the surprise isn't really ready but it'll do. For now.

There, she finds the sleekest looking bodysuit she's ever seen this side of Japanese porn.

[basically a cyberpunk version of Ironman, with her lover as Jarvis/the suit. She can fit inside and drive it - but he can override it, he can also control it without anyone in it]

Kinks; sentient body armour, controlled orgasm, electric play, sensory deprivation, body modification, revenge quest, smut-based with some plot 

Plot Four - Wretched (Steampunk Horror)

There's nothing watching from under your bed. There isn't. Just ignoring the breathing.

A huge city rests on a rock in the middle of an ocean. There has been no contact with the world beyond for generations now, the sea smashing any boat that ventures too far, the wireless not getting any signal but the city's only radio station. There are a few signs of life beyond, the wreckage that gets thrown up the beaches during hard storms bare unusual lettering and phrases, the contents of what crates survive ranging between fresh fruit to drowned animals to contraptions that almost work - though their purpose escapes understanding.

With little resources, the industry of the City is slow at best, relying on the debris and the brave souls who dig under the city to mine out whatever they can find of use. It's a desperate existence, the balance between survival and starvation one ever present. Madness is a common ailment, the treatments offered brutal and only marginally effective. Those that go underground and those that go out to fish are most at risk - though it is said that if a certain sign is tattooed over the heart, your luck will be better than most.

Around the city there are seven massive towers - lighthouses, each mounted with a powerful light that must be manned. Why, when there are no ships to warn of the rocks? That question is answered, when one by one the lighthouses go dark.

Nightmares start to infest the population, then become more than dreams...

(A more plot/atmosphere focused story than the other tales, but with opportunity to have any level of sexual interactions as desired)

Plot Five - Tiger-Eyes And Her Boy (Contemporary or Urban Fantasy)

Tiger-Eyes is a drag queen, revelling in the spotlight. Aggressive and aloof as Tiger-Eyes is, it's tame compared to how she is as her male counterpoint. She has many lovers but keeps none for long. She is freshly single when she sees a youth lingering on the edge of the club. He's slender, with features more feminine than masculine, but he's introduced as a him. He's never before had a FtM, and given the dark hungers in this youth's gaze, he's more than willing to take what Tiger-Eyes has got waiting for him.

After one wild night, they fall into a hot-and-cold relationship, the boy's stubbornness and intensity matching Tiger-Eye's distance and cruel tongue, their sharp natures recognising each other and throwing sparks - until an outside force threaten their questionable happiness.

Kinks: to be discussed

(If contemporary, I see the "force" being the boy's family trying to make him return to his female state. If urban fantasy, it could be pretty much anything, supernatural or otherwise.)


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Re: Dim Hon's Dark And Pervy Plots (Any gender, will write dom, sub or switch)
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