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Author Topic: The past never sleeps (M for F, plot based)  (Read 699 times)

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The past never sleeps (M for F, plot based)
« on: September 13, 2013, 06:04:45 am »
Why thank you for stopping in [you]!

I've been playing a lot of fantasy based games recently and would love to try something I started in the past. Sadly the old thread never got to finish, but I'd love to give it another go.

The idea stems from my love of a character I wrote long ago. Though nothing is final, and I'd love to tweak the story to whatever you'd like to see happen, we can discuss all of that over PM. Don't post here please, as I like to keep things as clean as possible!

The Past Never Sleeps


It seemed like an eternity since Lance had a normal life. Once he was 18, his older brother Chris took him with to meet a few friends at a local dive bar in New York. It was that moment (though he had suspicions before) that he understood what his brother did for a living. The two men were dressed in matching Prada suits, black ties and each wore a silver Rolex on their right wrists. At the time, it seemed like a scene from a movie to him. His brother explained that now that he brought Lance here, he had no choice to join him to work for the largest criminal organization in New York. Immediately Lance was convinced. His brother drove a Porsche, lived in a beautiful condo, and had treated Lance well his entire life. After two months of training, he was allowed to work for his brother. Starting small, Lance helped his brother and his new 'coworkers' on small time robberies, extortion, and the occasional job of protecting the higher-ups.
Being the younger of the two brothers, he strove to prove that he could be just as useful as his brother, and It wasn't long before his work was noticed. Excelling at most, if not all, tasks that were given to him he received promotion after promotion, eventually becoming a small time officer in the gang. He and his brother were then tasked with something he'd never thought he'd do: killing one of their own lieutenants. He was told it would guarantee his place as an invaluable asset to the gang, and he didn't want to let anyone down. The hit went cleanly, and his boss, though not lying to him, didn't exactly give him the full picture. He was to be -in all definitions of the word- a hit man. Not having a chance to back out, he took on the role headfirst. The next years moved more quickly than he could have imagined, travelling across the states for hit after hit, usually alone.

After many years he was called with his brother to meet their general. The name Kale was always thrown around, but Lance had never met him. His success attracted Kale's attention, and Kale hardly wanted to let a valuable asset go to waste. After being blindfolded and driven to an unknown location, he was led into a warehouse where he saw his brother and an old man talking. Jumping into the conversation, he gathered it was a run-of-the-mill hit that required two men to pull off. Being the headstrong individual he was, Lance was ecstatic to work with his brother once again. Before leaving Kale gave them both a set of forgedkeys, telling them they'd open any doors in the building they were headed to.

This time, things went differently. The plan seemed straightforward to him, he was to break into an office building, make his way to the security room and disable any and all cameras to make sure his brother went unseen. It started clean as they both entered swiftly, no words needing to be said. A final nod was exchanged, and they split up-Chris upstairs, Lance on the main floor. He made his way to the office, using the key given to him to unlock the door. He sat down in the chair and turned on the monitors. He could see his brother quickly walking down a hallway, spinning his own set of keys in his hand. Lance smirked, rolling his eyes and silently observing. Chris found the door, then stopped suddenly, taking two steps backwards. Leaning forward, Lance swore under his breath, not being able to see what was stopping his brother. Before anyone else showed up on camera, he watched his brother grasp his chest, and fall to his knees. Standing up Lance slammed his fist on the desk in front of him. He watched as a man in a black ski-mask appeared on camera, holding a gun out, then executing his brother on the spot.

Crying out, he ran out of the building, immediately calling the number of his boss. The call was greeted with silence, and then a message telling him that the line was disconnected. He couldn't believe it. His only thought was that he'd been set up, and that he was next. His instincts told him to run, finding somewhere to keep him concealed until morning. He swore revenge, but wasn't a fool. He'd need to disappear and quick. Taking only his gun and the clothes on him, he found a bus to a small town in the Midwest, hoping to fall off the face of the earth.

Where we start

This is where we leave off, 23 year old Lance exiting a bus in a small town he'd never heard of. He wanted to start over, having nothing left. His past memories and actions haunt him, but he was safe now. It is in this small town he meets a girl, and promptly falls for her. Of course, the safety he perceives is hardly true, and It isn't too long before people come looking for him. He to make a choice. Stand and fight, or run, only to be chased again.

The story brings out a little of something I'm craving, romance with a twist of action. All details are open for discussion, as I'm just trying to see if there's any interest in a plot like this!

Please, if you've made it this far, send me a PM of any thoughts/interest you might have!