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Author Topic: Seeking Some Realism in Our Lives [Female Seeking Males]  (Read 3588 times)

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Seeking Some Realism in Our Lives [Female Seeking Males]
« on: September 11, 2013, 03:23:10 pm »
Some Basic Information (Preferences/Likes/Limits)
- Please refrain posting on this thread to keep it organized! Message or add me on a messenger to get in touch!
- I prefer roleplaying in threads, although I can be convinced to use Yahoo as well as, much more rarely, PMs.
- I tend to write 3-4 paragraphs and go a little overboard (the writer in me I suppose) but I never heard any complaints. There's a list in my signature below that shows my active stories if you want a sample.
- All I ask from a partner is a good sense of creativity and literacy as well as a penchant for details. It is MUCH easier to connect physically with someone in a plot where the five senses are involved as well as some emotion. Anyone can rip someone's panties down to their knees and roughly flip up a skirt but not many can do it with an "oomph" to really make you feel it. Those who add their own input to a story are definitely also who I am looking for!
- Here is my Ons & Offs thread. The list is far from being exhaustive and, if there is something there you want to include in a roleplay, feel free to ask! It's very rare that I would say no as I'm pretty open. Ninja Edit: This list is rather outdated so take it with a grain of salt. I'll be sure to alter it to something more recent soon!

So, basically, this is where most people would list a bunch of plots they are interested in playing in, right? Well, I was never one to follow the crowd so, here is something completely new! Or, well, kind of. Anyways, I have a list of characters located right here on a website I spent many hours at work creating! Hopefully, the cast is pretty diverse and all that. What I'm looking for is your ideas! Do any of these women spark any inspiration for you? Do they fit an existing plot you wanted to play out? Well, if realistic roleplaying based on our modern day and age is your cup of tea, please, shoot a message my way! I'd ask that you include which character you prefer to play with if you send a message to me - I'd just assume you didn't read my profile all the way through if you don't.

Currently craving to play in any plot...
Jessica Lawson, Abigail Lamb, Jane Marsden, Eva Hastings, Kimberly Tran, Holly Adams, Emily Hastings

Only interested in playing if the plot is good...
Sarah Foster

Those that aren't listed are still available to play. Just let me know!

Cold Feet
He was finally getting married. All those days of long and hard planning were finally behind him and, well, this was the day. The day he tied the knot and started a new life with a beautiful bride. Yet...there was always her. Kim. His best friend - a hard thing to call someone when living in a place like New York. Ever since they had known one another, they had hit it off. He was there when she broke up with her boyfriend to pick up the pieces. She gave him the encouragement to finally go get that job he always wanted. They had the same sense of humor. They enjoyed watching the same movies. Hell, they even liked the same restaurants. In fact, the only thing she had never agreed on was his relationship with his bride-to-be and, even then, she remained supportive enough through clenched teeth. So what happens when she shows up on the big day? Does he dwell on pent-up emotions or finally takes action when she shows up in a beautiful dress to wish him good luck?

Okay, this one is versatile to say the least. I know, I know, it seems to have the "typical-true-love-romantic-comedy-plot" written all over it and, hey, if it ends up that way, I wouldn't be against it. But there's potential for more as well. Has he always secretly wanted to fuck her yet never could find the moment to bring it up? Does she see him as a friend or more? What if they get caught? What if they don't and he has to spend the ceremony with her saliva still on his dick, his cum still smeared in her or on her lips? It can be lighter or darker, depending on how far we want to go!

Guess Who's Coming Home for Dinner?
I don't know what spurred this on but I felt the urge to explore this topic. Before I even mention what it is (although the title or themes might have tipped you off already), I have to say that I am aware that things could easily stay simple and vanilla or dive deep down into the waters of the extremes. Whatever direction is taken, I want to make it clear that I prefer to keep things as realistic as possible. What does that mean? Things may happen but the key is why the characters choose to act that way.

With that said, the thematic element I want to explore is the relationship triangle between a single father, his son/daughter, and his new girlfriend. Oddly specific? Yeah, I suppose. Just think of the various emotions at play. Obviously, this father – and I am making assumptions here – is torn between making sure his child is able to process this new person in their lives and keeping his new relationship afloat. The kid – while not exactly defined in age, gender or anything – has to deal with someone replacing their mother. The woman is now being forced to play a girlfriend and a wife. There's just so much going on and so many variables at play that drama is bound to find itself cropping up somehow. And you know how much I like drama.

There are obvious directions to take it: The relationship between the kid and the new person in their father's life will likely be strained as they both try to deal with this sudden change in their lives. After all, no one ever likes being forced to enjoy someone's company. What comes out of this? Is the kid a spiteful daughter who is worried her dad's attention will be taken up by this new person? A son who vows that the girlfriend will never take his mom's place? I'm not sure. It's still a rough sketch – most likely the roughest out of all of my plots – but I'm open to brainstorming and discussion.

Then there's the elephant in the room. Yes, there's the possibility of something forming between the child and the new woman in his life. In this case, I definitely see it being a son. Older, I guess but definitely not an adult yet. The details are still being worked out in my mind but it's not out of the question if you want to go that route. Just let me know.

So, logistics: Say the kid is around eight to sixteen and the father was twenty or so when the child was born. That means the guy would be around twenty-nine to thirty-seven, give or take a year. It's an age range that I have no characters for so the new girlfriend would, most definitely, be younger. We're talking a ten year difference. I'm fine with that though – it adds more reason why the kid wouldn't like this girl anyways. How serious could she actually be about being in love with their father if she closer to their age than his?

Characters that wouldn't fit are easy enough. None of the teens, for one thing. The college-aged women are too young to be involved in anything that serious. The married folks are out. That leaves Kimberly, Holly, Juliet, Emily and Gabby (although she is somewhat of a mother already so I'd prefer to avoid her). Slim pickings? Maybe. But it's all that I could think of that would make sense – if you can come up with something otherwise, I'll be all ears! Erm, eyes!

Your Input!
So this isn't really a plot idea but more of just me asking for any comments about my site itself! Compliments? I'll take them! Criticisms? I'll listen to them! If there is something you like or think I can improve on, let me know! Also, I'm hoping to make even more characters in the future and could always use some ideas from the wonderful people of Elliquiy! So, if you have a sudden spark of inspiration and want to share it, let me know! I would really appreciate it!

Past Plots
Clash of the Campbells
Themes: Romance/Jealousy/Infidelity/Threesomes*/Incest*

As the name would suggest, this idea revolves around the two sisters of Juliet and Mary. After the passing of a distant relative, the two find themselves having to fly to a rural, foreign area to claim an inheritance of a cottage bestowed onto them. With tensions already riding high between the two, Mary's antagonism with her older sibling making things difficult, they are both in dismay when they realize that they have to stay out-of-town while everything is processed. With nothing better to do, they begin exploring the town, meeting the residents and forming friendships, bonds and rivalries with the various folks about.

Here's where the story can diverge. The way I envision it, I see either Juliet or Mary finding someone they become attached to. A guy that hits all their right buttons despite being as far from the usual men of New York that they are used to. Romance strikes one of the Campbells and they fall for this guy. Hard. From skinny-dipping in the local river, to making love besides the fireplace, the mutual attraction is strong and Cupid is playing his little tricks all over the place. Which sister this happens to is up to in the air at the moment. Thing is, everything is perfect for her while the other is kind of left in the dust.

This is where the branching can occur. One path is more lighthearted: Where either Juliet or Mary has to contend with staying in this rural setting or moving back home to the big city. Throughout this looming decision, as the days quickly tick away, it becomes harder and harder to decide. In the end, it's a story of choices, with either Campbell coming to terms with themselves, attempting to fix the relationship they have with their sister and, eventually, making a choice that no one ever wants to make.

The other path is darker and fit for more manipulative characters who are sly, morally-grey with a silver tongue. Perhaps this guy whom Juliet or Mary has fallen for is less than pure on the inside. He sees two attractive Southern-American girls move in nearby and easily seduces one without a second thought. At first, the sex is great: rough fucking and either one he picks is likely a good lay for him. But, after a while, he gets bored. While she sucks his cock like a champ, his thoughts drift over to the other. How well does she suck people off? How tight is her snatch? Eventually, he seduces the other sister, finding out the answers himself and doesn't stop there. Hopefully, if the person playing him is manipulative enough, a threesome between the Campbells and him can be worked out but we'll just have to see...

Taking Flight
Themes: Smut/Public Sex/Voyeurism

Here's another plot that is kind of a cliché yet can also be a lot of fun if done right! The premise itself is simple while there is still potential for possible twists and turns depending on who is chosen: Two strangers meet up in an airport terminal, awaiting a flight that has been delayed. They get to talking for a bit and there is a definite mutual attraction between them. Soon, it comes time to board and they have to say their goodbyes. What a coincidence that they happen to end up being seated next to one another then? While a little taken aback, they are definitely happy to have some company on such a long flight.

You can probably guess what is coming up. Some fingering or a handjob midflight? Check. A blowjob underneath a blanket while the cabin lights are off? Check. Dirty, tawdry fucking inside one of the lavatories while both try to suppress the sounds of wet skin against skin? Check. The shame of possibly being caught or the judging looks of a stewardess when they exit the bathroom together, the woman with some warm cum still slathered across her chin? Check. Whether it continues in a hotel room or stays on the plane...well, that's up to us, isn't it?

The way I see it, like many of my other plots, this has the possibilities of being more light-hearted and flirty or darker. Depending on the character, the woman can easily be as lustful as the man is and goes along with his flirtations and suggestions freely. Or, she can be hesitant and require some convincing. An offer of money for a night with her? Something more forceful? I'm game. Maybe he isn't alone and is on a trip with his friends who all want a little piece. Overall, the fun of fooling around on a plane is hard to pass up, even if it is smutty. This one applies to most characters.

To Be Young Again
Themes: Inexperience/Awkwardness/Virginity (Mutual or One-Sided)

Don't we all remember our first kiss? Yeah, how great was that? Of course, looking back with all the experience one can only have as an adult, it was actually pretty bad. No one really knew what they were doing but, screw it, it was still the best feelings in the world to be with someone you were into both physically and mentally. Really made the heart soar.

I want to recapture that in a roleplay. Get some nostalgia going. Thing is, I want to keep everything realistic. Yes. Everything. From asking someone out with false confidence, only to thank God that they say yes. The awkward moment where hands touch for the first time...and interlock. The stalling coming from both parties as they stand on a doorstep, neither wanting to go, each wanting to kiss the other but being too afraid to make a move. Even the first time one gets more physical. Trying to get a bra off, being nervous about the way your breasts look, both the guy and the girl hoping the other doesn't notice the weird birthmarks or the blemishes or the scars. Awkward? Hell yes. Fun and nostalgic? Without a doubt!

Obviously, this is planned for one of the younger girls. Chrissy is probably the prime candidate considering her inexperience. Perhaps someone to break her out of shell? A guy from work at Carol's bakery? Maybe someone from schoool? I'm not sure. This is just a rough skeleton of the plot, which will end up being worked out anyways.

Amber is another candidate – she would definitely be the more experienced of the two considering she's done a lot of the physical aspect aleady. I'm unsure of how she would fit exactly but, again, just another possibility.

Jenny...I don't know. Actually, yeah, she could work. Maybe she catches her boyfriend cheating and someone is there to help comfort her? Yeah, I'm not sure. I do know that I would prefer to avoid Haley for this unless you have an amazing idea that would be suited only for her.

I Love Him, I Love You
Themes: Open Relationship/Romance/Jealousy/Threesome*/Cuckolding*

Considering all the other ideas on my list so far, this one will likely end up as one of the less darker plots I share. That doesn't mean it's free from drama though. Oh, no, no, no. This one has a lot of it so, if that's your thing, read on. If not, no worries!

The basic outline that I am playing with is a group of three friends. They are close, almost inseparable, and know more secrets about one another than even their closest family members. There are two guys and a girl – see where I am going with this? Maybe the first two are even roommates. The males have always seen their third female buddy as nothing more than someone awesome to hang out with. A friend who is always there for them and pretty damn cool to boot. She's been there to give them advice on what to wear, she comes over to watch the game with them, she even cussed out the girls that have broken their hearts. So, what happens when they both suddenly realize they have feelings for this person? And, for better or for worse, what if she actually really likes them both as well?

Do they all come clean? If they do, what happens then? It's not like she can date both of them...can she? There we go. That's the basic meat of the plot. I saw two guys torn between a girl and her torn between both. In the end, once everything comes out in the open, they decide on a simple solution: “Hey, we've been friends for years. Can't we just all take turns? In the end, the girl is going to choose one or the other, right? No hard feelings.”

But you already know where this is going. Jealousy is a big one in this story. How does one guy handle it when he can hear the other pounding his girlfriend in the other room? Or if she kisses one in front of the other after they come home after a date? What if the girl starts having a secret rendezvous with one over his friend, more interested in him? Hell, it's an open relationship, right? The guys can date other people too. How does she react when one of the guys shuns her for another when she realizes she prefers him? Hell, it could be that one of the guys just wants to fuck her and is pretending to be all romantic while the other is genuinely interested.

I don't know. These are just rough ideas. This one might take a bit of brainstorming to work out all the kinks. There's definite potential for fun in this one though. I can see it already...Obviously, though, this wouldn't work with a couple characters. Eva and Sarah aren't the relationship type. Connie and Jane are already married. Juliet is too famous. Abigail is a lesbian (although don't count her could be an interesting plot if we make that work). I'm also unsure whether Jenny would fit – she's a tomboy who would seem to work considering how close they all are but she already has a boyfriend and I kind of saw this happening with older characters. Ones who think they are mature enough to handle the stress of doing something like this but, obviously, aren't. But, anyways, if inspiration strikes, let me know!

Handling the characters might be tricky. I would obviously prefer playing the girls but it's hard to ask someone to play two people when you're only playing one. I'm talking main characters, of course. That can also be discussed.

Making Jessica Sing
She didn't want to be there.

No. She didn't belong there. Jessica Lawson was an idol. A star in the music industry. Yet, here she was, in the decrepit motel, sitting alongside other recognizable faces as they waited. If it had been any other situation, this would be a dream come true. Other musicians. Actresses. Even some politicians she had seen on the television once or twice. Jess wanted to get to know them. Introduce herself. Ask questions. But that? That was against the rules and, as they all sat in silence, eyes staring ahead, they knew the one major rule of Nirvana concerning the others. No interaction.

They were all here for the same perverse reason yet their motivations were likely different. Some could have been in money troubles. Hell, others might even enjoy the thrill. In Jessica's case, she was here to help out her manager and her career. According to him, they needed the money and this was the only way she could get it. If she was a little bit older, a little bit more experienced, maybe she would have known better but the nineteen-year-old girl didn't. After all, West wouldn't lie to her...would he?

Movement made heads turn towards the source and the matron entered with a prospective customer. She didn't recognize him but, then again, she never really had many repeats. This was a one-time thing for most people who could afford it. A nice little fantasy they could fulfill. After all – one didn't get to have sex with a celebrity every day.

Nervous eyes glanced towards the man, the matron's words explaining the process being pretty standard at this point. It was really a lose-lose situation. Either they got picked and had to endure whatever the client had in store or they didn't and missed out on much-needed pay, making their stay here a waste of time. Jessica's hands were wringing together as she watched his gaze move from girl to girl, woman to woman. She knew that he would pick her before he even spoke up. The way he hesitated said it all. It was the type of pause a person would make when catching a glimpse of someone attractive or perhaps someone they had seen on a poster or television. In this case, it was both.

The matron knew it as well and, after the choice was made, she gave the signal for the rest to make their way out of the room. It was kind of impressive how everything was run so smoothly, especially considering the shady nature of the business. Soon, all that was left was her, the woman, and the stranger.

“Come on now Jessica, don't be shy.”

That was her cue. Putting on her best smile, unable to hide the nervous shaking of her body, she nodded. Just like performing on stage during a concert. She could do this. She had to. The look he was giving was incredibly intimidating though. Glancing at one another, they both knew what was going to happen.

Tonight was going to be rough.

So, a bit darker this time around. Hopefully the picture painted in the blurb helps explain what is going on and, if not, feel free to ask questions! Honestly, this is still an open-ended yet simple plot. The skeleton is there but the execution can happen in a number of ways and it's up to us to lay out how you would want things to go down! It could be her first time 'performing' at Nirvana. It could be just another customer. I'm open to suggestions!

The Paradise Massage Parlor
Themes: Smut/Trickery/Infidelity*/Incest*

Well, compared to the other plot, this one is definitely more simple. Actually, that may be an understatement - it's, without a doubt, less complex and more to-the-point than anything. Some might even call it clichéd and, honestly, I wouldn't even be offended. Anyways, what gave me inspiration was a link I saw being shared around on a similar website. It's NSFW so keep that in mind before you click.

For those that prefer a description, it's a rather simple scenario: A man pretends to be a professional masseuse with special "legitimate" techniques - offering free coupons to a number of young women who want to experience a proper Asian massage. Some write him off as stupid, others decide to cash in. After all, it's free, right? What's the harm? Once they meet up with this man in the location provided, warning bells light up. Instead of a lush studio, it's a rundown shit-hole. Blinking lights, a funky smell and definitely not the high class establishment they thought they were going to. But, still, as they get ready to leave, the man works his charm and convinces them to stay. "Fifteen minutes and, if you aren't happy, feel free to leave." A quarter of an hour. That's not too bad.

So they lay down and he starts to work his magic. Although, in all honesty, he sucks. He's not putting enough force in some areas and going too hard in others. Yet, it's wrong and out of the social norm to call someone out on how bad they are so the women endure it, eyes on the clock. When he tells them that it's necessary to take off their top for the next part, they almost slap him. Yet, there it is again: His charm convinces them. "Come wouldn't be a proper massage if I can't hit your pressure points." Giving him one last benefit of the doubt, they relent and the awkward touching begins. And continues. And, while they are fidgeting, they can't help but get turned on - as anyone would - by the touches and squeezes. Eventually, as he unzips and sticks his cock into their mouths, the women just go with it and end up getting pounded on the crappy massage table by this stranger.

See? Simple, right? I can see this happening with any of my characters bar Eva and Sarah - both of which don't put up with bullshit. So the choice is up to you! It doesn't have to be a masseuse either! It can range from free samples to other offers! The character in question is also versatile - he can be a stranger, a friend, a coworker, or even a family member! So get creative!

Police Brutality
Themes: Degradation/Humiliation/Twisted Romance/Reverse-Cuckolding*/Photography & Videotaping*

For those who read the profile of Emily Hastings, it was likely obvious that the young rookie suffers from an intense sense of low-self-esteem. She has no family to speak of anymore, having eradicated herself from the corrupt Hastings name. She sucks at her job and her co-workers and boss aren't afraid to let her know it, her being kept around just because she was the daughter of a major player in the New York hierarchy. Her love life is basically non-existent. Can anyone blame her for thinking of herself as pathetic?

This plot, while still in it's infancy, stemmed from the fact that she is still a police officer, no matter how horrible of one she might be. The idea of someone who is supposed to have the authority over most people being the one who is forced to endure a power trip was just too good to pass up. The basic premise is simple enough: Emily finds a guy. How they meet and all that is still up in the air. The important part is what draws them in. This guy, as he gets to know her, begins to see the cracks in the armor she has on. Rips in her metaphorical uniform that places her as the one with control, you could say. He realizes, after a while, the feeble image she sees herself as. And he damn well takes advantage of that. With the story taking a more darker spin, he begins to treat her like dirt. Public humiliation. Videotaping her against her wishes. Making her feel like crap. The twist, though, is that she is receptive. She knows she is miserable. She knows that everything she touches turns to shit. So this twisted relationship continues, both parties playing their respective roles (Hah, see what I did there?). I even saw this guy, whoever he is, possibly even fucking another girl while she watches, him comparing the two the whole time.

This plot is definitely still young so if you have any ideas about it, feel free to share! It'll likely get edited in the future but I just wanted to get it out there in case inspiration strikes!

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Re: Seeking Some Realism in Our Lives [Female Seeking Males]
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