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Author Topic: Sugar-Cube Scenarios♥ {MxM}  (Read 1019 times)

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Sugar-Cube Scenarios♥ {MxM}
« on: September 10, 2013, 11:30:18 PM »
Sweet Like Satan

Salutations, I'm TeacupTwink.  Welcome to my Sugar-Cube Scenarios thread. I hope you enjoy browsing through my self-written plots. These are just a few of my numerous scenes I've written. I honestly have far too many to post. I have over eighty of them that are on another site on my profile. These are a select few. Feel free to ask me about my others if you have interest. Also, please note not all my characters are twinks. Even plots that say twink, no worries. I'm willing to play fem-boys and masculine men as well.

Updates: I'm now also sometimes willing to play the dominant role in these despite what the scenario says.

| Scenarios |
Please do not judge my writing just based on by how the scenarios themselves are written. I am a rather decent paragraph writer. The short lengths of my writing in the basic plots are not a reflection of my actual posting ability.

Original Scenarios
Twink in Trouble - Your character plays an on the run robber whom is driving through-out the middle of no where. A gun in his hand and some money and more stashed in the back. He makes a quick stop by a diner that is nearly completely empty. Only a boy at the register, my character. A simple " How can I help you? " offered before a gun is pulled to the twink's face. Forced to hand over any and all money on top of spreading his legs for the robber before he makes a quick get-away after plowing my sweet country-side twink into submission.

Racist Rapist - My character has moved to the country side. He could either be Asian or Latin, regardless he isn't well received by the Southern people. While walking along the woodsy forest trails, bored out of his mind - my exotic boy finds himself cut off or ambushed by your character. A racist who stuffs his unwilling holes and possibly turns him into a pet after doing so if we wish to go for a longer term scene. Regardless he takes my sweet twink's virginity in the woods and shows him just how unwelcome he is around these parts.

The Stop-Whore - My character is stranded, lost and hungry. He finds himself in the middle of no where and begins walking, where he eventually finds a small town. Where he stops is up to us, whether it be the gas station or pub. Perhaps he stops at the diner? Regardless, to get things done for him it seems the only form of payment the town will accept is in the form of his body. You can play one or multiple characters who either fix his ride, take him there - or help him make a bit of money to pay the town mechanic.

The Dancer I - My character is a dancer, a ballet dancer to be exact. However after class when your character, his teacher is teaching him he's lifting in some rather delicate places and grasping a bit lower than the hip. Offering some new advice on stretching techniques.

The Dancer II - Your character is a by far better more masculine dancer. The bad boy rough around the edges dancer that isn't liked as a person but kills it on a stage and doesn't even dress in the code. However after regular class is over. Your character is either asked to help him practice or happens to show up when my character is practicing on his own and helps him become a bit of a better dancer by offering a few positioning tricks and holding his body to help him. However holding him and positioning his body gets a little heated before your character takes advantage knowing just what my twink needs.

The Dancer III - Same story as II , however in this case my character is ' the perfect dancer ' and your character shows up at his practice time to take a bit of anger out on his sweet virgin hole stuffing it whether he likes it or not. Can be consensual or psuedo-rape even completely nonconsensual. Disliking how my character gets whatever he likes and so on.

The Dancer IV - Same as II however in this case your character is the better dancer still. Though he offers his help only in exchange for sex with my character.

The Dancer V - Same as II however in this case my character is the one that comes onto him after his show up. Your character planning to get in some practice as well, the two practicing with each other and even possibly getting a bit frisky. Only to be initiated by my twink going to the next step and taking advantage of your character.

The Island Boy - Your character is on vacation on an island in which he comes across my character whom either works on the island or is just an islander whom flirts with yours. Regardless, upon asking your character whom happens to be sun-bathing if he'd like for him to put sunscreen on him, your character of course saying yes - it seems that the boy gets a bit touchy feely and eventually gets his well oiled fingers slipped around an unexpected area on top of getting quite sexual. Though your character is hesitant at first, my character describes to him that on these islands sex in public is not only common but, encouraged as a welcoming.

The Butler - My character is a young rich boy, one that your character is hired to take care of as well as parts of the rest of the house. This particular butler is the head over the cleaning staff and makes sure that my twink is doing well. However the butler hasn't had a background search to say the least. He's got a bit of a bad-boy past and may even be in hiding as he is working as a Butler. This story can go in many directions, perhaps my character doesn't find out and is raped and robbed. Another and more long term if well liked direction is, a one-sided love. My character finds out that he is wanted, but it only feeds my character's lust for him. Your butler sees the one-sided love. He uses this to his advantage and forces the boy into being his, keeping this hush-hush. { Butler Role also changeable to bodyguard }

Friend's Father - My character is with his friend on vacation or staying around the house. Perhaps spending more than one night and actually living there for a bit due to family issues. Upon this your character being the father of the friend thinks that my character is a bad influence on him. Thinking that my little twink faggot will sleep with anything and anyone he teaches my character a lesson.

Friend's Father II - Your character is the father of my character's best friend. However after my character has been living there for so long he can't deny his urges. Your character's son has left for college and his friend is still living off the father, your character can't help but take advantage while his son is gone. [ The son could even be my character's boyfriend. ]

Friend's Father III - Your character is either my character's best friend or boyfriend's father. Either way your character has either seen my character around for years and grow up and has built an unhealthy sexual attraction to your character OR--- my character is a new friend who has been using the son to get closer to the older male. Regardless he can't deny his lust and targets your character when the son is gone forcing himself onto the other.

Friend's Father IV - Your character is a closet father of my character's friend. Regardless they know each other, my character comes by frequently until recently. My character works for a escort company for twinks. Not recognizing the address at first and thinking that this had been a joke his friend had set up --- thinking the other had been home from college and pranking him by sending the address to his work place. However once my character gets there he finds that it instead is your character - the father. The two are both confused at first, my character thinking your character's son played a joke on him sending the address to his work. However your character then makes the connection and so does mine once the two are inside. --- Either your character is eager to get inside mine's pants and mine is a bit hesitant but --- unable to say no. --- OR your character is so hesitant and mine is needy for the money. Begging and promising to keep it a secret. Perhaps even having to convince the other as he is so hesitant. " You have five minutes before I change my mind! " --- well then!

Puppy Love - Whether our characters are dating or don't know each other - whether it is willing or unwilling - whether it is someone he knows or he is kidnapped by a stranger the basics of this role-play is that your character treats mine as a puppy. The boy only being able to speak when his Master tells him unless wishing to face punishment. This rp will be filled with cute little slutty outfits designed by me , possible caging - water sports - sex toys - wetting - zoophilia - anything you could want just about. Though those aren't all musts. As long as he's treated like a puppy and treated like a lower being all will be fine. Who doesn't want their own little twink or trap dressed in slutty lingerie and puppy ears playing the role of man's best friend? Be a nice owner and give my pretty-boy a bone to bury in his back-side.

Class President - My character wishes to be class president. However it seems he's stepping on the wrong toes, making a few of the others running get upset. Upset to a point one of them might take out sexual aggression upon the boy.

Xmas Time - My character jingles the bell for donations outside of malls and other places during Christmas time for charity. However your character is more than generous! Donating inch after inch to the jolly-dressed twink consensual or not. By Christmas, his stockings aren't the only thing that is stuffed.

Secret Trap - My character is a trap in every form of the word, your character is a gynecologist whom is either my character's sugar-daddy or little girly boy-friend he's cheating on his wife or girlfriend with.  To put it simply and make it look normal, my character comes in for love-sessions which often end up with use of medical role-playing. Using rubber-gloves when he fingers him, the usage of the Doctor title and perhaps if we wish to go a little unrealistic sexual injections. Perhaps something to keep my boy hard or shrink his boyish parts, make him lactate if your character is into it. However it can also be played rather vanilla.

Town Boy - Your character is a local bartender or worker at the front desk of a place of business. Whether he's just a diner boy or owner who works at the register and takes orders - he finds himself with a bit more company than he expected in an empty town such as this. However he's going to spend a little less time working.  The entry of a certain twink that your character knows is in desperate need and knows no one will show up. In fact, Prepare to be Power-bottomed.

Pop Prince - My character is a singer, slowly raising in popularity to say the least. However after pissing off his driver or the driver figuring he had been asleep in the back of the trailer the possibilities are endless. Even having purposely been left. Regardless, he's lost. His cell phone is either broken or wont work and he had all his money on the bus. He goes to a local bar in the small town that was nearly empty it felt like. Lifeless, he has no money and the only phone they have is a pay-phone. The men in the bar, they might not rape him - but they don't want to pay to hear him sing.  -- If you wish to make the game longer, perhaps the pay phone actually doesn't work and he did it for nothing.

Perhaps he'll have to stay there, find a nice couch or person to sleep on til he's gotten enough money to leave. Making friends or enemies, or perhaps it is strictly business. The town's boys and men get their money ready and this little pop-star will squeeze his holes for every penny to get the hell out of there.

♥ Obsession I  - My character was close to his mother as a child. The mentally ill woman in fact smothered him to a a certain point. Though she and the boy's father hid their fighting as much as possible, in later years after the woman committed suicide my boy realized the wedge she had built between the two. Resenting her instead and trying his best to get on his father's good side. Needy for his love, my character has daddy issues to say the least. Perverted fantasies and issues, once the two move into a new home the boy's aura changes and gets a bit stronger. He can't deny his needs. Fresh & legal, the boy seduces his own blood as much as he can to get some form of twisted love from him.

Obsession II - Similar to the first Obsession, my character is indeed loved and cherished by his mother. However she doesn't need to be mentally ill or dead - though she can be. In this case my character may or may not still be obsessed with his father. This is besides the point. Your character instead is the main focus. The eldest brother whom in fact resents his younger brother from stealing all his mother's love - he in return becomes obsessed with the brother and tries to act out revenge in sexual ways.

♥ The Amish I - My character is left out in the country after an argument with friends. After either walking or waiting along the road-side he either comes upon the Amish or a group of Amish in a horse and buggy come to his ' rescue '  and take him in until they can get him to the city or someone to pick him up due to only going into the city once a week. Due to lacking a phone it seems he is there to stay. Possibly either taking advantage of a good looking Amish man or one teaching a good lesson to my twink.

♥ The Amish II - A group of boys come along my city boy after he has been taken in to one of the family's homes. He's simply walking about, bored with not much to do. That is until he learns that Amish boys are just as dark and sexual as the men in the city - possibly more so.  One or more gang-banging him in the woods, behind church or when he is picked up in the beginning -- treating him to some Amish delights in the buggy.

♥ Nerdy Brother - Your character is my boy's brother. Your character is in college, single or with a girlfriend it doesn't matter. He's smart, enjoys video games probably too much and is very much a nerd. Glasses and Sci-fi or manga, whatever kind of nerd you'd like him to be. However when his younger brother shows up needing a place to stay, your character is struggling to say no. Only brushed off and ignored by the younger boy to numerous extents, including using you - the older brother - for sex!

♥ Nerdy Brother II - Your character is my character's brother. He's 25-35, a major age difference between the two has meant they don't have much in common. Your character is probably married and may even have a kid, a house or at least a nice apartment. Whether he's dating or married, single or has kids - my character is moving in. A fresh 18 year old probably still doing his senior year or newly graduated. Regardless, he needs a place to stay and doesn't give you much of a choice. He shows up whenever he's least needed, though he doesn't mean to be a burden or be trouble - he is. Showing up at work during an important project, entering your office and locking the door behind him just to use you for your lower half. Oh, he'll hold everything against you. He'll tell your wife or girlfriend about some fling with him or someone else, it could even be a lie. Maybe he'll tell her about you spending money she didn't know about or how your character came onto him and bent him over her own child's bed while she was at work and the kid was at school.

♥ Arabian Assault - My character is a young Arab twink whom is going to fetch water for his village's orphanage that he is under the care of. As he makes his way to the supposed neutral ground of their village and an enemy village possibly over-ran with thieving men who assault villages and threaten anyone to challenge them. Your character finds mine and decides to play with him, whether he likes it or not is up to us to decide.
Canon / Themed Plots
I removed my characters because I have too many to add and I often create characters for specific rps. During a chat over a role-play I like to exchange character profiles so we each know what we're working with. If you don't like my character I'll most likely try again to please you with other choices.
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Re: Sugar-Cube Scenarios♥ {MxM}
« Reply #1 on: September 12, 2013, 04:06:58 PM »
The Island Boy plot added.

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Re: Sugar-Cube Scenarios♥ {MxM}
« Reply #2 on: September 13, 2013, 08:33:59 AM »
Friend's Father set and The Butler scenarios added.  ::)

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Re: Sugar-Cube Scenarios♥ {MxM}
« Reply #3 on: September 15, 2013, 09:51:57 PM »
Characters being added, Added Seth & Hyeon. Profiles still to be updated further and added onto.  ::)

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Re: Sugar-Cube Scenarios♥ {MxM}
« Reply #4 on: September 20, 2013, 02:05:01 PM »
3 new pictures added to Hyeon, 3 new plots added

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Re: Sugar-Cube Scenarios♥ {MxM}
« Reply #5 on: October 11, 2013, 07:43:45 PM »
Added Canon / Theme plots, removed character data due to the fact I have so many more ideas for characters. Too many to list!

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Re: Sugar-Cube Scenarios♥ {MxM}
« Reply #6 on: October 17, 2013, 05:37:05 PM »
SIX different possible plots have been added to my ORIGINAL Scenarios. They are the final 6 on the list.

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Re: Sugar-Cube Scenarios♥ {MxM}
« Reply #7 on: October 25, 2013, 02:47:40 PM »
2 Amish ideas added, not really scenarios as they are a little scatter-plotted..

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Re: Sugar-Cube Scenarios♥ {MxM}
« Reply #8 on: November 07, 2013, 08:48:43 PM »
2 nerdy brother ideas added

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Re: Sugar-Cube Scenarios♥ {MxM}
« Reply #9 on: November 26, 2013, 01:10:48 AM »
Now also accepting subs to play with. Which means I play dominant tops too now! :D

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Re: Sugar-Cube Scenarios♥ {MxM}
« Reply #10 on: December 04, 2013, 12:09:00 PM »
Arabian Assault added, --- I should probably start removing some plots before long...

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Re: Sugar-Cube Scenarios♥ {MxM}
« Reply #11 on: January 16, 2014, 03:03:03 AM »
Bloop / Bump  ::)

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Re: Sugar-Cube Scenarios♥ {MxM}
« Reply #12 on: January 17, 2014, 02:47:45 PM »
New look for the thread, it isn't much but looks better. A little more personalized. -- I wish I could change the spoiler bar colors...