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Author Topic: Picture plots, kinks and other ideas (F for M)  (Read 1244 times)

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Picture plots, kinks and other ideas (F for M)
« on: September 09, 2013, 09:35:21 PM »
Hello fellow roleplayers! Welcome to my thread. Come right in, put your feet up and stay a while. I don't bite- that's your job.
Anyways below are rps that currently strike my fancy, pictures to inspire plots, and kinks. Feel free to check out my rabbit hole and on/off thread in the side link or signature. If a plot doesn't strike your fancy but I do send me a pm and maybe we can come up with something!

I prefer posting anywhere between one to three paragraphs, but I admit shorter posts= more frequent replies. Of course great rps with momentum mean the same thing, so I guess we'll just wing it. Only rule I have on length is take the one liners elsewhere.
The only other hard rule I have is that I'm here for positive experiences. Meaning no abusing, torturing or degrading my character. Yes I like force, yes I like some really kinky things and yes I know some people describe the fore mentioned things as fun. I like some pain, but the scales should definitely be in favor of pleasure. Positive reinforcement over negative if we do a master x slave rp, for example.

Anyways those are just some things to know before the fun stuff, but now that its out of the way onto the plots!

"Come Home (Inspiration img NSFW)"
In this roleplay I see a minotaur/ cow anthro working at a bar, or maybe as a prostitute. She isn't treated very well, and isn't very happy. One day, though, a farmer comes through and seeing her situation offers to help, offering to let her come stay with him on his farm.
Perhaps he does it to profit off of her. After all a cow anthro is certainly unique, and the milk from her breasts is incredibly sweet. Or maybe he really wants to help her, and might have feelings for her.
(We can play this roleplay either as a romance, or more as a master/ pet relationship with him tricking her. Open to talking details. )

Twist A: The cow anthro girl is just like any average girl. She's young and thinking about college, and generally sheltered and naive. She gets hired to work on a farm, but when she shows up and the men see what she is they decide they want her for themselves and introduce her to a previously unknown world of pleasure, while also profiting off her milk.

Twist B: The girl is a normal human girl who goes to work on a farm. However the owner of the ranch is a bit of mad scientist and gives her a drug in her food that begins to change her.... to turn her into a cow girl anthro.

"The Front"
In this rp my character is a young woman, fresh out of college. She applies to a temp agency that places her at her first job. However... this office is not as it seems. It is actually a porn company that focuses on 'real experiences'. They advertise that all their women are normal every day citizens, and completely willing.
However they don't mention that the willingness is almost always drug induced. A drug that can be slipped into the morning coffee, or the free lunches, even the HVAC system. It causes arousal, sensitivity, and occasional swelling in erogenous zones, making guys cocks bigger and girls breasts larger. And the drug has some very addictive properties. Once the staff is ready, they start a scenario and begin filming.

Twist: Instead of an office setting this takes place on a farm. Same situation with the drugs, but different sex scenarios. Could include bestiality, if we want.

"They Call it 'Heat'"
There's a new drug on the street. It can cause hallucinations, elation and increased sensitivity, among other symptoms. But it always causes intense arousal, earning it it's name. People on Heat have even tried to make a move on the very cops pulling them in for questioning. They fuck like rabbits, insatiable until they pass out from exhaustion, even requiring medical attention they get so wild. It sounds like fun, but the ability to use it to take advantage of people is clear, so the cops are determined to put a stop to it.
A small squad is assigned to go undercover. They test a serum to counteract the drug, but of course things don't quite work out. My character, one of the undercover cops, ends up drugged and in the wrong place. Of course maybe it isn't such a bad thing.
-This can either be a one shot, or a long term rp with her getting pulled into the dark underworld surrounding this drug.

"Realm of the Dark Elves"
This plot is based on the erotica series Dark Elves by Jet Mykles. In this world there is a dark forest where travelers often enter and never leave. Men are later found dead. Women are kidnapped by dark elves and taken to their underground cities to be their sex slaves and new brides. These elves never have female children, so they must bring in outside women to continue their survival. They then cast a spell on those women that begin to transform their appearance to match that of the dark elves. It also has the side effect of sending them into a sort of heat that only ends when they find a husband and mate. Sometimes, though, that can take a while.
Interested in playing out one such kidnapping and the subsequent adjustment to a new life and culture in this underground hidden world.
Appearance of the elves

"Decadent Aristocracy"
In this rp America is a very different place. Instead of winning its independence, it remains in British rule. This only really changes one thing, one major thing, in that American society is still a class system. Dukes and earls, etc etc hold the power. America is not 50 states but various provinces and regions ruled by aristocrats. And in this society education is held by the rich.
Occasionally, though, the poor lower class youth get into the top schools on scholarships. This is what happens to my character, a lower class girl with a sharp mind and big dreams. She doesn't really make time for romance.
One day, though, one of the aristocratic young men takes notice of her, and what follows is a whirlwind romance. However- the aristocrats have secrets. Behind closed doors they are not prim and proper. In fact aristocratic parties are more like grandiose orgies. And her new boyfriend plans to introduce her to this life, whether she's really ready for it or not.
Inspired by this plot here, that died a death far too early:

On a cold winter's night she breaks into his house. It isn't the first time she has stolen- but it is the first time she gets caught. However, this man has a different idea for justice. No cops are involved. Instead he forces her to spend the night - or maybe stay a little longer than that. Basically a burglary evolves into a master/ slave situation.
Or it could be he forces her to stay one night, but then entices her into staying longer and its more of a romantic roleplay. Either works. Also kind of interested in the guy being a vampire but open to changing details.

"The Incubus"
There was a time, long ago, when demons and gods used to be a part of the mortal realm. Most of them have since been banished... however banishment spells occasionally fail, or are broken.
My character, a young woman fresh out of college, is camping with her friends or otherwise on vacation and walking alone at night. Down a beach, through a forest, the details don't matter. What matters is that it is a full moon on the summer solstice and she is alone when she wanders across the exact point of where an incubus has been locked away for a few hundred years.
She falls into this parallel realm where the demon has complete power. Powers of illusion, to make mortals see, feel or experience everything he desires, powers of arousal, to make her body turn against her, to make it burn with need.
However, he can only hold her in his realm one night. After that, he must entice her to return to it willingly, through dreams or other means. As he corrupts her he will gain power, allowing him to act on the mortal realm for short periods of time, but only in relation to her, for example taking control of mortal men who are near her. When he has completely corrupted her, he will be free to return to the mortal realm, to freedom.

Craving these Kinks/themes:
aphrodisiacs/ drugs/ heat
Master/pet pairing
Any one shot with a vampire, demon or other supernatural being
Playing an anthro or neko

NSFW office pic
NSFW Bedroom
NSFW School image
NSFW Riding
NSFW pinned
NSFW party
NSFW bound
NSFW Milking
NSFW toys
NSFW Anthros
NSFW Black and white
nsfw monster

If any kinks or images inspire you we can come up with a plot around them.

I am definitely craving one shot quickies centered around the images above the right now, especially the black and white image, the bedroom and any combination of images.
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Re: Picture plots, kinks and other ideas (F for M)
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Added the halloween one shot

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Re: Picture plots, kinks and other ideas (F for M)
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Added two, removed  two. Looking for only one or two partners right now

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Re: Picture plots, kinks and other ideas (F for M)
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Added a plot and a picture, removed some plots

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Re: Picture plots, kinks and other ideas (F for M)
« Reply #4 on: June 10, 2014, 10:33:13 PM »
Added "The Front" (Highest craving) and removed some.