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Started by Mithlomwen, September 09, 2013, 07:31:54 PM

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So I'm not sure where or how I picked whatever this thing is that's taken over my computer. 

I have this annoying add thing, that when I click on sites like Ebay, or Amazon....virtually any site that sells products of some sort, I get these annoying little pop up adds that I can't make go away.  I have ad block on my computer but it doesn't seem to stop those. 

Also, when I view web pages (even here on E) random words or phrases will be highlighted green, and if I hover my mouse over the word I get links for job searches and things of that sort.  o_O 

Any idea how to get rid of these things? 
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In my experience that usually means that you managed to inadvertently install an extension to your browser. Most of these can be easily disabled, but it's a slightly different procedure depending on your browser. In Chrome, for instance, you go to Tools>Extensions. Then find the ones listed that you didn't intentionally install and remove them.


Aha!  *happydance*  I found what it was.  ;D

Thank you so much! 
Baby, it's all I know,
that your half of the flesh and blood that makes me whole...


Some of the little buggers stealth-install, but I've made it a point to read every check-box when installing updates to things like Flash, Java, drivers, etc.  I've caught a few trying to sneak the Ask toolbar or various other undesired tidbits in as 'extras'.
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