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Author Topic: Attack on Titan Roleplay Request - Need M or F - Possible [NC][BON][EX]  (Read 537 times)

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It's been at least a hundred years since they appeared. No one know where they came from or why they are here. All anyone remembers is the horror that came soon after. These monstrous beings towering over them. Grabbing up their loved ones. Snapping their necks. Watching still squirming bodies slide down those awful throats. On some of the smaller, thinner ones, you could even see still living people kicking and punching from their stomachs. Cities were flattened. Everything was destroyed.

As far as the coastal village could tell, these beasts, these Titans, were land creatures. Even if they could stand above water level, there were none that they could see on land that could reach them once they got out into the deep ocean. So that's what they did. Believing themselves the last of humanity, they took to their ships. Everything from small boats to large warships.

For a while, the humans thought they had done it. They linked their ships and boats together to create a small ocean community. Things went well at first. The center of their ring of ships was the Brassheart.

A large warship that housed most of the military personnel. It was loaded with various weapons. Everything from newer machine guns to old fashion canons. It was the heart of their new home. For nearly a decade after the invasion of the Titans on land, they lived in peace. Like any society, there was crime and issues, but it seemed no more or less than it had on land.

Soon, people forgot about life on land completely. They had everything they needed here. Living off the ocean came natural to them. They learned to live without the comforts of land. Everything they needed could be pulled from the bright blue waters. Life was good.

At least it was till the fishermen called for help one day. The nets were stuck on something. Divers took to the water and helped tug it loose. To their horror, when nearly the whole population of the ship community managed to pull and drag the net up from the ocean, they were given reason to fear again. It was somewhat smaller in length than the ones on land, but there was no doubting that it was a Titan.

Her massive, eel like tail whipped around, knocking half the fleet into the waters. Her skin was gray and slick. It was as if she was still forming into the creature that she was. Parts of what used to be legs were still able to be seen as they slowly disfigured down her body into the tail. It was horrifying. Her massive hand reached out and grabbed a fistful of children. She swallowed them whole.

The military took up arms as quickly as they could and began to unleash their fury on the eel like Titan. It wasn't enough though. Just like on land, it was never enough. She took dozens of them down with a single swipe of her vicious tail. As if that wasn't bad enough, she wasn't alone.

It rose from the depths like some kind of horror story creature. His disfigured head and body loomed over the ships and with one mighty fist, he sank dozens of the small boats. The two broke the ring of ships and devoured hundreds of humans. Fighting back was useless. It was every ship for itself at this point. All anyone could do was try to get away. Just like last time.

The eel Titan's tail wrapped around ships and dragged them under the water. The giant male picked up whole boats and swallowed them down.

Many got away, the Brassheart included, but many were lost tot he stomachs of these two horrible beasts. From that day, it was a matter of moving. Always moving. The two water titans were not the only ones. Just like on land, they seemed to just appear. There were warning signs, the water would warm up, but other than that, ships disappeared daily. To the point where many believed they were the last.

Game information:

The Brassheart still floats on. After a century, it has managed to stay afloat. Having run out of an actual fuel source it relies on the wind to move it. When that is not enough, all non-essential humans are rounded up and forced to row. It had become a police state among the ship. People live in fear daily of what might happen. Fear of whether they will be used as bait to draw away a sea Titan or forced to row till their arms were dead. Some even commented that it would be better to die by being eaten some days.

The Brassheart is not the only ship left though. There are at least a dozen other, smaller, ships still making their way around. Whenever the Brassheart comes across one, there is usually a Titan near by. The law on the Brassheart is to damage the smaller ship and sacrifice them.

Characters Needed:

Brassheart Fighter:
Gender: Male
Age: 17-25
Characteristics: Cold, cruel, strong, and somewhat heartless.

Unknown from a smaller ship:
Gender: Male or Female
Age: 17-35
Characteristics: Filled with the need for revenge.

I don't want to restrict the character creation, so just basic shells for now. The basic idea would be that a fe/male from a smaller ship manages to get aboard the Brassheart after the leaders of the Brassheart so cruelly left their ship as Titan bait after pretending to befriend them.

It would be a fairly graphic game. Martial law and torture. People being sacrificed and what not. Maybe even a crazy cult.
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