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Author Topic: The Cellist and the Rebel(M/f, F/f, other)(Light-Extreme)  (Read 259 times)

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The Cellist and the Rebel(M/f, F/f, other)(Light-Extreme)
« on: September 08, 2013, 12:21:45 AM »
First and foremost, for those of you who take the time to check peoples past post, I have been inactive for quite some time now.  I will admit, I have been going through writers block.  My three main writing partners all quit within a month, and I just lost all motivation to keep going.  One on ones are very important for me as far as my overall muse goes, and my two one on ones disappeared and when shortly there after my group partner left, I just lost the will to write.  But I have missed writing for a while now, but have lacked the motivation.

Then I came across a photo, and all at once, all of that built up muse came back and it just so happened to come with the motivation to give this writing thing a go again.

I would not be creating a wanting thread if I wasn't serious.  I want to start writing, and I think I've came up with the character to get me going again.  That being said, let me give the photo that gave me my inspiration and the character photo I wish to write.


The character is a mix of two of my favorites, neither of which have been played in years.  The premise of the character is actually quite simple, and for once, I am going to try and keep it that way.  For now, I will include a super short and a medium-long explanation.  Though I may expand later.

Now adays, she is best known for tattoos and a rebellious behavior.  Not a care in the world for what the next day brings, so long as she is happy in that given moment.  The time comes when she is forced to grow up, so she performs a guerilla stage show for a major theatre and gets a gig.  So long as her real name is hidden, and her uniqueness(In her eyes, body modifications) are shown.  The theatre only agrees because they know one day her true identity will come out, and they will be all the more well reviewed for it.

She is a mixture of two worlds.  The first of which, the one that she lives in now and the one that she has lived in for the last ten years or so, is the subculture.  Tattoos, piercings, drugs and alcohol.  Loud music, live shows, quick fucks and a live by the moment mentality.   Your prototypical rebellious teen who had too much fun and did not give it up.  She would be wild and blunt when she was in her own world, completely motivated by self-satisfaction without a care in the world for what is to come next.  However, she is growing up against her own desire, and is beginning to look for something more.  Living day by day is fun, but she knows she can have more.  So she decides that her little pastime is worth pursuing again, and she picks up the instrument meaning for more than entertaining a small crowd in a burlesque theatre.

Though she had once been best known as a string instrument prodigy, she had learned to play just about anything that made music.  In her day to day life, she would play anything that was needed to appease a crowd.  But the day came that she wanted to be known for more than a cheap thrill. 

With the help of her best friend, she brought her Cello and Bass into the best theatre in the city(Think The Met of NYC), snuck in when she knew that the theatre would only be filled with the executives, and started to play.    By the time they were set up on main stage and she began to play, security and executives alike had began coming in to stop them.  But when those who were in power heard her play, they stopped the security.  They let her go on for the simple fact that they had spent their entire lives learning to appreciate classical music, and they knew talent when they heard it.  The first song finished, and security and execs alike were spellbound.  But then she picked up her bass, and her best friend made the mistake that would cost them.  She went to the piano that was deemed priceless, and began to knock upon it to make a beat as Annette began to pluck at the bass.  Security took the stage 90 seconds later, arrested them both, and they only avoided charges because Annette had impressed those who needed to be impressed.

Annette gets a gig with the symphony, for the simple fact that they figured out who she was and knew it wasn't an opportunity they could pass up.  She gets what she wants, but only by her standards.  She does not have to hide her tattoos, and they use her "stage name(the name she has been going by in her day to day)" as to avoid the press.  She wants her talent to be recognized before her name, and reluctantly, the symphony agrees.  They know how it will look.  They take in the lost puppy who was once a champion showdog, and in time, they get the chance to say it was they who had pulled her out of the gutter.  She agrees because she knows that her friends will know the truth...but deep down, she just wants people to realize her stage show just isn't a cheap trick.  She wants her talent to be recognized after years and years of wasting it, and finally, she has the venue.

And yeah.  That's the short version.  People who have written with me before would know that that would have taken me 20,000 words in the past, but hey...did my best...may edit eventually so super-shorten it, who knows.  Actually, no, I will add a super shortened version.  One taking this, so love or hate it, but my mind changes rapidly.  :).

Now the most important part!  The story.  I am a character writer, so I know exactly what character I want to write down to her childhood psychology and exactly why she does what she does.  But the story?  Well I can only have complete and utter control over one thing, and that is my character, so I try to keep story ideas open.  So long as the story will work for my character, I will work for the story.  Try and ask for a story that will not suit my character?  I will not give you the time of day.  For the most part, this character is open for about everything.  But if you ask for me to turn her into a slave or a martian or anything of the like, I will deny you.  This is a modern realistic story, with the rare and possible exception, so do not go too overboard with your ideas.

Gender Makeups

I am one of those writers who does not give a flying fuck about the other writers age/gender/ethnicity/whateverqualifieryouwanttoputhere.  The only thing that I ask is that you play your character properly.  If you are a white male playing a ghetto black female, then do not play a cliche.  Play her right, and I will write with you.  Play her as a ratchet ass hoe, and I will hate you and never write with you again.  Or say you are a Dominant white male, and you play a Dominant white male, but you write him like a character out of a smut novel with no writing integrity?  I will still hate you, and never write with you again.

Make an original character, and play it like an original character, or do not bother me.

Alright so back to the gender thing. 

My original thought was to play Annette as a M/f story.  As said, could care less about the typist gender, but that was my original thought.  I want something just along the line of romantic and indecent in a M/f story.  But I am willing to play her in a F/f story, with the right female character.  I have done a lot of F/f stories in my day, and write them well, but the character herself would take an incredibly strong opposite for it to work.  I'm not ruling out a possible F/f story, but in all likelihood, you'd do better with a M/f idea.

And now for Elliquiys favorite part...The smut.

I do not want to write sex 24/7.  I do not want to write a whore.  I do not want to write a character that fucks on the first date.  I do not want to write a character that cannot be around yours without fucking them.  I do not want to write a character that's only thought process is "When can I get my next orgasm yes plz >=|".  Annette is an incredibly sexual character, she will be a tease and a taunt and will probably make your character want her in every single scene.  I want your character to understand that sex is something that has meaning.  Fuck her on the first date?  Probably won't get a second.  At the same time?  Refuse to fuck her 8 in a row?  Well you may not get to a third, let alone an eighth.  I understand the need for sex in a story, I like writing it as much as the next, but I promise you...tension is the key to good sex, and good writing.  Make my character grind her teeth in desire for two scenes, and the third will be amazing.  For me, writing good sexual tension is far more important and straight up fun than writing sex itself.  This story in particular, it's best scenes will involve a lot of build up, and if you're willing to let it build to a peak as opposed to kicking in the door do to impatience...You'll find yourself happy.

Story Ideas
Story ideas.  Short.  Like I said.  I absolutely adore using cliche, simple ideas, and making them complex as all hell.

1.  Your character meets mine in one of her day to day lifes bars.  He watches her perform, and being that it's such a small venue, he approaches her.  Her show would have been something approaching burlesque, without visible nudity, but it was she was naked behind her instrument(bass or cello work).  Your character is a well to do person going to a random place while drunk, and happens to come across Annette.  They sober up during her performance and cannot help but remember her.  After she comes out after the performance to talk to the crowd, your character dotes upon her and tells her she is amazing.  Mentions he is atteneding the upscale theatres performance the next night(where she is performing), and it goes from there.

2. Pretty much the exact opposite of the last, so no need to elaborate.  Sees her first in the high end theatre, then in the dive bar, and approaches her.

3. Lets go random!  Meets Annette in a third venue, you choose, a passing visit.  They click, but she doesn't give her number.  Your chary sees mine in whichever venue, and approaches her after.

4. Old friend who knows of her talents, comes to see her in her first major performance in a decade(at the fancy theatre), and tells her how great she is.  Later in the week, she does one of her normal shows and your chary just happens upon it.  Realizes all the rumors of her downfalls are true, and confronts her on it.

I listed those in order of how I would want them.  However, I would be willing to take any of the four and any other suggestion for the right person.  You offer me brilliance...what can I say, I'm a sucker for good writing.  Just make sure if you throw me a curveball, it's a damned good one.

The writers-You and I.
You!  As a writer, I mean.  Know that I have a standard, and am not willing to accept less than it.  I've played with writers who could give me 5 pages, and writers who could only give me only half a page, who were equally as brilliant.  You give me great story, great character writing, great plot development, and I am happy.  Just don't come at me with some cliche ass Fifty Shades bullshit.  I want confidence, and knowledge of where you plan on taking the plot.  I admit that I like guiding a plot, but do not expect me to write 99% of it.  Annette is a charismatic character, and thus, she will give you a lot to respond to.  But if I give you 5 paras to respond to, do not give me 5 paras of response to what I wrote.  I want to know that when I read your post, I can be excited, because my chary has something of substance to think about.  100,000 words without a single one building on my post is as good as reading my own book.  Only I'd write the 100,000 words, and give myself something to respond to.


I'm a male writer, yeah, I know.  Writing a female.  Especially one like this, who is sexual fluent.  Writing a whore, right?  No.  I write females because I can write romance and tension better with them.  I have experience writing female characters in spades, unfortunately I do not have much experience writing M/f stories.  Not for lack of trying, more for lack of people being interested.  Men do not tend to touch a female character written by a guy, and what can I say, when I write a femme most girls want F/f.  This character is different.  She is not my prototypical female, I'm hoping to finally get a M/f story out of her.  But I wouldn't be all the bothered by the right F/f story.  I just need a good story for her.  She is my first venture into writing for a long time, and I need her to succeed.  Yeah.  Pressures on, boys and girls.  I want to start writing again, and Annette is my first real pull in a long time.

So respond?  This hasn't been long at all, I promise.  Just think about reading the bible, or a dictionary, and I promise it's really short.

This version was also a first take, without proof reading, so there are probably 10,000 errors which I will correct...eventually.  Updates on fixing my fuck ups will be given :D!
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