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Author Topic: A couple new ideas (NC)  (Read 382 times)

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A couple new ideas (NC)
« on: September 07, 2013, 04:11:55 PM »
A couple of new ideas.

1. Moreaux's Island. It is believed that the Island of Dr Moreaux was just a work of fiction about a mad scientist who was trying to evolve animals into a more human-like state. Recently, a small team of researchers has discovered that the island exists. The experiments have escaped and now control the island. The team of scientists have returned to the island to study the hybrid human-animals. One of the scientists has decided to get a closer look. Using an advanced gene splicing technique, he altered his genetic code with that of his pet cat. He hoped that with his new cat-like characteristics, he would be able to infiltrate the hybrid society. Unfortunately a couple things went wrong. First, his pet cat was female. Not only did ne become an hybrid, but he has become a 'cat-girl'. Second, the experiment worked too well. 'She' now has fur and a tail, but her hands are now paws and her voice has been replaced with a gentle mewling sound. She is unable to tell the other scientists who she really is. They believe that she is simply another hybrid... and it is almost mating season.

2. Trapped as a Pleasure Toy. Realdoll Industries has perfected making realistic pleasure androids programmed to please the most discriminating buyer. I work for Synthetic Pleasures, a rival company. We wanted to learn the secrets about how they make and program their androids. Then I had an idea. Using a neural transfer device, I copied my mind into that of the an android pleasure unit. It was the perfect disguise. Infilitrating Realdoll Industries was simple. However, getting out is proving more difficult. No one believes that I am anything other than a simple pleasure android. How will I escape before I am trapped in a life of pleasure forever?

3. The Dungeon. My job was to escort the princess through the most dangerous dungeon in the land. After the orc shaman's curse, I was trapped in her body and she was in mine. Unused to each others body, we quickly discovered that fighting our way out was impossible. Now we have to use whatever means possible in order to convince the monsters of the dungeon to let us pass. Hopefully, when we return to the Kingdom, the court wizard can sort everything out... assuming we aren't killed first.

4. Lust in Space. The alien spores had a strange effect on our co-pilot. It made him stronger, healthier and more virile. In a matter of days, he grew almost a foot in height and gained a hundred pounds of muscle. It also endowed him with a monstrous member. When the rest of the crew say what happened, they decided to sample the spores too. It effected everyone the same way, even the women. Soon I was the only one on board who wasn't bulging with muscles and testosterone. When their new carnal desires kicked in, they immediately realized that there weren't any woman on board. That is when their gaze locked in on me. Kicking and screaming I was dragged into the dna resequencer. They were going to make me their new pet in order to sate their new desires.
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Re: A couple new ideas (NC)
« Reply #1 on: September 08, 2013, 11:58:23 AM »
I would like to do Trapped as a pleasure doll with you