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Author Topic: Arena of the Gladiatrix  (Read 573 times)

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Arena of the Gladiatrix
« on: September 07, 2013, 01:53:46 AM »

Gladiatrix:the female counterpart to the male gladiator, an armed fighter who engaged in violent combat with humans or animals for the entertainment of audiences in the arenas of the Roman Republic and Roman Empire. Though unusual, gladiatrices are attested in archaeology and literature. But they are reborn, in the far future, on a planet far from the ancient arenas where they fought

Near the end of the Twenty-first Century, mankind had move one from their first primitive attempts of interstellar travel, with simple rockets. The colonization of Luna and the red planet Mars, prove vital for humans, as both provided the raw materials and the low gravity needed to build much more effect space vessels and orbital stations, which opened up the asteroid belt for mine and the gases of Jupiter, finally allowing man to break away from the home star. Venturing out into the cold void, those first explorers found nearby stars, some of which held worlds that we could either colonize right away or terraform to meet our needs. Soon enough, fleets of ships were carrying the seeds of humanity to new worlds.

For a time, the coalition government of Sol was able to keep this new and distant colonies under control but as more and more were worlds were claimed and cultures began to diverge, the control crumbled. Fleets of renegade colonists, often outcasts or those those beliefs were unacceptable, fled to the outer reaches of human space, establishing new worlds for themselves, new governments and new militaries. Wars, revolutions and rebellions would see humanity, once unified, splinter in dozens of factions.

One such breakaway was the colony of Terra Nostra, home of the Novus Imperium Romanum government. Found by one of those bands of colonialist with rather extreme ideologies, the original settlers, of both sexes, believe strongly in males being the superior sex and that females should serve them. Their leader was also fascinated with Rome, it's rise and fall. Where other colonies spoke English, French, Spanish or Chinese, the NIR official language is Latin. Their army is divided into legions and cohorts, marching beneath golden eagles and red banners.

As years past, the NIR expanded, through colonization or conquest, to control seven solar systems with planets capable of supporting life and thirteen that served as orbiting mining outposts, shipyards or naval bases. Trade flourishes as cheep labor in the form of slaves, craft high quality but low expense goods. However the ever fickle mob desires more and more entertainment. The Senate turned once again to the Empire's Roman roots and the blood sports of old returned in full. Gladiatorial combat, beast fights and the execution of criminals in the arena, to sate the bloodlust of the mob.

At first, men were used in the arena but within a few years of the gladiatorial matches opening up, a charge was brought about. It was decided after deep consideration among the Tribunes of the Senate and their staffs, that ti should be women risking life and limb in the games. After all, men were worth much more working in industry or agricultural jobs, where women might be put to same task but do poorer work. They would be more expendable and the matches more exciting, with more then half naked women fighting for the cheers or jeers of the crowd.

Alright folks, we have what I think is an interesting setting, now I bet you want to know about plot, if your still reading this. Well here we go. Of course this plot may change, depend on how much interest this game gets.

A young man, a member of the Patrician class, who's family business is the purchase, training and fighting of Gladiatrix, is set out on his own. He used to work in the family business but after several arguments with his older brother, he was let out. However, his father decided that no son of his would be left to wander without money, so he gave this young fellow a generous amount of money, enough to set him up in a trade, if he spent it wisely and perhaps a favored slave, as a memento of his life until that point.

Knowing he would be on hard times, if he attempted to learn a new way of life, this young man invests his money in a small school for gladiatrix, which are call Stables. Now new stables open and fail all the time, so there are plenty of empty buildings, which meet his requirements to rent, with enough left over for some equipment, food and a small handful of slaves, untrained and fresh from the vast markets of human (and alien) livestock.

He has one chance at this point. With his handful of slaves, he needs to cram enough training into them, in the short period his money will hold out, so that they might be able to win in the lowest levels of the Games, the small time, almost backroom fights. An owner can make money there and if he does well enough, he can start moving up in the ranks of Stables, until he can enter his girls into what you might call the major leagues, the official, state sponsored games, held on holidays and other special occasions. 

Now you might be wondering about characters

As of right now, I'm looking for a handful of players for this game. Depending on the interest, this might change but right now I want the following:

Male 1, owner, played by me
Male 2, plebeian class man, used to work in the family stable, hopes his fortunes might change in this new stable, helps to train and care for the girls, not a necessary character
Female 1, gladiatrix, already either trained or partly trained, considered the "leader" among the girls, helps to train the others, not a necessary character
Female 2, slave, new to the games, untrained and untested
Female 3, slave, new to the games, untrained and untested
Female 4, slave, new to the games, untrained and untested
Female 5, slave, trained as a masseuse and cook, not a necessary character

I would also accept someone that wanted to play say, NPC opponents for the girls or "lesser" slaves brought in to give the other girls their first taste of "live" combat and killing.

Alright, stay tuned for another on of this cool, French Gladiatrix postcards, from about 1900 and I will get into details about society, slavery and Gladiatrix training in this universe.

Society within the NIR is broken down into several classes.

At the top of the heap are Patricians, the ruling class, the nobles, when born male. They own most of the land and business, they fill the majority of the seats within the Senate, hold commissions within the Army and Navy and are very rich.

Next come the Plebeians, the common free man. They can vote, hold public office (at least those that get elected), enlist for military service (which is often a very good way of getting a patrician to favor you), own slaves and tend to be well off.

Then come free women. Born to either class, most free women choose to get married as soon as they can and effectively become their husband's property but such a marriage offers food to eat, a home to live in and protections from random men on the street. Another choice, although not as safe, is to basically sell themselves to a Stable. Those who willing enter a stable as a gladiatrix, sign a contract with the owner, selling them a number of years. During those years she is no more then a slave, however the owner must put aside half of the prize money she wins, which she is given when those years are up, if she's still alive. Now why might a woman do this? Because a free woman with enough money can buy the paperwork and the passage aboard a spaceship she needs to leave the NIR.

Under free women are Proletarii or male slaves. Most often well treated and well fed, male slaves fill the ranks of laborers, working industrial or agricultural jobs. They are usually given a great deal of freedom, often paid a small amount and might be able to buy their freedom, although harsh punishment await those trying to escape their bonds.

And on the very bottom rung, female slaves.. Most get employed in domestic, entertainment or pleasure work, rather then labor. However, there are some held higher then the Proletarii, those luckily enough to be gladiatrix. Even with death around every corner, life tends to be good for the arena fighters. Good food, personal glory, the love of the mob and possible freedom, for those that fight the best.

The NIR is a hub of intergalactic slave trading. Millions of slaves are bought and sold in their markets, some destined to be transported far across the stars and others have already had that trip. Many of this unfortunate people were born into bondage, while others found themselves enslaved as a result of being on the loosing side of a conflict. Others get illegally snatched on other planets and sold off through black market channels or captured in pirate raids. The NIR does it's best to police illegals from getting into the trade or at least thats the public claim. Many officials made deals with criminal elements to keep the flow of new slaves fresh.   

When they are not in the arena, before the crowd, gladiatrices have a fairly good life. Early in the morning they are awoken and fed breakfast. Then they are allowed an hour to exercise (as light or extreme as they please) on their own before the morning's training begins. Until noon, they practice thrusts, cuts, blocks or engage in mock matches, using wooden weapons and padded armor, under the supervision of trainers. Fed again at noon, they get another hour of exercise, before training again into the late afternoon. Before the sunsets, they are taken for massages and bathing, before a final meal and being locked in the cells for the night. Some Stables use separate cells, others use general areas with open alcoves for "rooms".

Most well off Stables maintain a roster of trainers, masseuses and medical professionals on hand at their facilities. However smaller or start up Stables often don't have the funds to have such large numbers of staff. Most professional trainers are given enough medical training to act as a paramedic, if the situation calls for it and some lessons in how to massage, allowing them to provide the basics in a pinch.

There are a few things every gladiatrix must lean;

1. Acceptance
Every girl who would be gladiatrix and a successful one at, must learn to accept the fate she has been given. She must give up hope of escaping the arena alive and invest everything into fighting to please the crowd. To find honor and glory in victory, to fight for those things and her owner.

2. Final Submission
Not every match ends with one gladiatrix killing another in the heat of combat. In fact, most do not end that way. Most matches end with one of the fighters either surrendering or being captured. Those unable to continue the fight because of injury or fatigue, may lay down their weapons and kneel before their opponents and accept a warrior's judgement. To be captured, a gladiatrix finds herself finds herself unable to fight back, usually by being knocked down, unarmed, with the opponent's weapon at a vital spot on the body, to await the judgement of the crowd or the match's host. In both cases, the defeated assumes what is call the Final Submission Stance, which is to say she kneels, her legs spread apart, chest thrust forwards, shoulders back, rising to meet a blade and showing no fear. Those who submit and must die, get a swift and honorable death, those that moan, whimper and show fear, die hard and slow.

3. The Duties
First Duty, obey the owner. Second Duty, fight and fight well. Third Duty, kill without pity. Final Duty, Die with honor.

Character Sheets

Free person
Code: [Select]
[b]Appearance[/b]: (pictures are okay, when they come with a written description, at least a paragraph)

Code: [Select]
[b]Gender[/b]: (female only)
[b]Sexuality[/b]: (this is simply for what she might enjoy, rather then who's attention she might get) 
[b]Appearance[/b]: (pictures are okay, when they come with a written description, at least a paragraph)
[b]Fighting Style[/b]: (weapons she'll be best with, shield type, more defensive or aggressive)

Code: [Select]
[b]Sexuality[/b]:(this is simply for what she might enjoy, rather then who's attention she might get)
[b]Appearance[/b]: (pictures are okay, when they come with a written description, at least a paragraph)
[b]Skills[/b]: (What are they trained for?)


Name: James Marcius Torquatus
Species: Human
Age: 24
Gender: male
Sexuality: straight, dominated
Appearance: Not your typical Patrician youth, with hands that haven't known work, spending the day lazing about, James has callused hands and tanned skin from a little over eight years training female fighters for the arena. His body is strong, lacking fat but made from lean muscle. His dark brown, almost black hair is allowed to hand loose, nearly to his shoulders, where it curls slightly. His eyes are also dark and commanding, filled with a superiority over all those he sees. He is tall, standing nearly six and a half feet, some the soles of his feet to the crown of his head. On feast days and at the arena, he wears the formal toga but most other times, he can be found wearing more modern clothing, like jeans and t-shirts.
Class: Patrician
Profession: Stable owner and gladiatrix trainer
History: James was born the second son of Mark Leonius Torquatus. His father had been a promising Naval officer, until he was crippled in a raid on a pirate headquarters. Retiring from the Navy, with a large pay out and drawing on family wealth, Mark set himself up first as a slave trader and the owner of a gladiatrix stable. As time passed the more profitable business became the stable and the trade in slaves dwindled away to a handful of contracts, making the recruitment of new fighters, easier. Later in life, he had two sons, Justin and James, who where both taught in the finest schools Nova Graecia, had to offer.

Both boys were exposed to violence and debauchery at a young age. Immensely proud of his sons, their father took the boy with him to every arena match he went to and to the weekly (sometimes daily) parties. Much like the parties of ancient Rome, this events were filled with rich foods, alcohol flowing freely and more often then not, orgies at the very end. They also featured a slightly different form of gladiatrix combat, called Conquest. Two (or more) gladiatrices would be stripped of what little clothing they wore and made to fight bare handed, often wrestling, until one defeated the other. The winner of the fight was then allow (and expected) to sexually take the loser with a provided strapon. The loser would then be passed around to any free person who wanted her, which was often the trigger for the party's orgy.

Like his older brother, Jame was enlisted in the Naval Reserve, once he was old enough and brought into the family business. From the age of fourteen, he learned how to buy, train and fight gladiatrices. He often would go out, perchance a slave and bring her back to the stable, train her and then be allowed to fight her in the smaller, side matches of the main state sponsored events.  Often, game masters would pit his fighters against those of his brother, turning the two from already argumentative siblings, into rivals.

This rivalry would come to a head, then their father retired to his country estates, to enjoy his remaining years, leaving Justin in control of the stable. Within weeks and several arguments later, James was fired and thrown out, nearly all of his fighters taken from him, as they were bought with company money and therefore belonged to the stable, not him. Angry but armed with a decent enough back account, he plans to teach his brother a lessen. He has the skills and will put them to use in starting his own stable and beating his brother in the Governor's Games but first, he needs some slaves, a building and to win fights in the underground, until he gets properly noticed and can buy his way into the official games.