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Author Topic: Bad first impressions (Bondage+)  (Read 799 times)

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Offline Whiskey JackTopic starter

Bad first impressions (Bondage+)
« on: September 05, 2013, 08:48:41 PM »
Alright, so a recent and unexpected visit from a  surveyor working for the census bureau has left me with the idea for a story that, while perhaps a bit absurd, might have a lot of potential for very dramatic and poignant relationships between the characters involved.

* * * *

Somewhere, in a dank, concrete pit, a woman lay in a huddled mass, her flesh shivering in the cold air and her hair matted and sticky with sweat. A dark silhouette loomed over her, his features partially hidden by the bright light that backed him. The long shadow he cast fell across his captive, who whimpered quietly as she writhed slightly, her arms testing the leather sheath that trapped them with straps and laces so tightly behind her. A slight shimmer of light reflected off the inky black tape he had layered over her mouth, all to hold in the pair of her own panties he'd stripped from her after bringing her down and locking her inside this private little hell. It was just another day for the happy couple, another evening of their passionate roleplay. By day, they were upstanding, moral people, but away from prying eyes, with the lights turned low, they fell into roles taboo and tantalizingly perverse. It didn't matter to them what anyone else thought . . .

Outside, in a sedan almost a decade old, a young woman rolled up to the secluded house. Every few years, the government takes detailed stock of the lives of its citizens, compiling data on every man, woman, and child across the nation. It's that time again, and today, a young woman, still fresh on the job and only recently out on her own, has come to survey the people living in this quaint little house just outside of town. With her little lap top in hand, she walked up and rung the bell. After a minute of silence, she rang it twice more, impatient, and more than a little nervous, and a few moments later, a man answered, looking flustered and wearing a bathrobe. Despite his protestations, she was quite insistent, and after a short argument, he relented, and let her inside. Leaving her alone in the living room, he went to put on a fresh change of clothes and clean himself up.

There was a certain thrill to being inside a strangers home, and it only took a few minutes of being left alone for that thrill to spark the young woman's curiosity. She strayed past the living room and into the home proper, peaking in doors and looking at old photos. The young woman would have left the basement alone had it not been for the quiet, muffled moaning she heard from the barely open door. Little did she know what she'd find down there in the dark. With her discovery came panic, and sudden urge to phone the police, something the man just couldn't allow. Unbeknownst to her, she'd walked in right in the middle of their game, and in the heat of passion, his head reeling with fear, he grabbed her roughly, the light glinting in his eyes as he reached for the roll of tape he'd left just a scant few feet away . . .

* * * *

This is the story of a young couple whose playtime is intruded upon by an unexpected and unwelcome guest. Out in the world, they're regular people, upstanding members of society with jobs, responsibilities, and reputations. When their visitor threatens to expose their private lifestyle choices under mistaken pretenses, a rash and damning decision is made, and the couple moves from fantasy into grim reality.

I'm hoping that, through these characters, will be able to explore what happens to people when fantasies turn uncomfortably real, when boundaries are crossed, when the fear of persecution forces difficult decisions, and just how dark love can be, all while having a bit of kinky fun. This story should examine the difference faces people wear in and out of the bedroom, and the different roles they assume as the situation demands, as well as the rather dark subject of stockholm syndrome.

I'd like to find one or two people to help me bring this all to life, filling the roles of the two women. I'm not particularly fussed whether each character has their own actor or not.

If the idea strikes a chord with you and you're interested in either hearing more or discussing some ideas with me, please hit me up with a private message. I'd be happy to hear from just about anyone on this.

Thanks for your time,


Offline Emma Frost

Re: Bad first impressions (Bondage+)
« Reply #1 on: September 07, 2013, 09:46:47 PM »

I am interested in being the Government Employee. Please take a look at my ons/offs and feel free to check out my past posts to see if our writing styles would mesh. Although I usually write in first person, I could try to write in third if you would prefer.

Thank you!

** I would not play Emma Frost obviously

Offline Whiskey JackTopic starter

Re: Bad first impressions (Bondage+)
« Reply #2 on: October 19, 2013, 02:35:02 PM »
My partner, Jazzy, and I have started, the story, but we're still hoping to find someone interested in playing the role of the intrepid young census agent whose curiosity puts them all down a bad path.

If you're interested in the story, I'd love to speak with you.