Ice in my Veins (F for M-- or anyone who wants to play Loki)

Started by fleacollar999, September 04, 2013, 10:04:21 PM

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Ice in my Veins (F for M)


If this plot catches your eye, but you're worried you don't know enough about Norse mythology, PM me anyway!

I know this request seems really specific, but most details are up for discussion!

Partially based on Norse Mythology, partially based on my own recreation of Asgard, and inspired by Marvel’s THOR movies, Ice in my Veins is the story of Loki Laufeyjarson, brought to Asgard by Odin after they become blood brothers. In order to assimilate his new brother into Asgardian culture and society, Odin married Loki to Sigyn, a beautiful young Æsir goddess known for her patience and loyalty.

That’s where you come in. As Loki, you’ve been forced to come to Asgard and leave your ice jotunn family behind, all to keep a tenuous peace between the two races. With Sigyn, you’re given a chance to make a new start in Asgard—or a chance to punish the Æsir for their arrogance.

I see this story starting off in a Non-Con, Dom/sub situation, but progressing slowly to more romantic scenes. I want this to be a longer term RP—with Sigyn getting pregnant by Loki and bearing his two sons, Narvi and Vali, and perhaps playing out some of the stories from the Norse Sagas.

Sigyn’s pregnancies would be magically shorter—she’s a goddess, after all—and Narvi and Vali would develop pretty fast (again, gods). So there’s no real need to be afraid of having to RP child-rearing scenes—I don’t see that coming into play very much.

Also, I haven’t created the whole universe. It’s fluid and we can change it or create new possibilities for this setting together!

-   Norse Mythology
-   Loki x Sigyn (NOT MARVEL)
-   Long Term
-   Smut AND Plot!
-   Arranged marriage
-   Non-Con to Romance
-   Dom/sub and light bondage
-   Exhibitionism and  humiliation? It’s up to you!
-   Risk of Pregnancy (eventually resulting in 2 children)
-   World building
-   GODS
-   OH MY

Questions, comments, concerns? PM me!


Even if you don't know much about Norse mythology, if the story interests you, please PM me! I'm no mythology expert by any means and I'm not going to bite your head off if you don't know every single detail!