Dominant male partner wanted for NC/ D/s / Ex

Started by wrathflame, July 16, 2008, 11:27:46 AM

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I need a male partner for a long-term RP. He would play the main role, but he would also play other roles as needed. A short synopsis:

A female cop is trying to end her career in vice and advance in the police force, mostly to get rid of her crummy missions and obsessed chief, who has had "plans" for her from the beginning. Her last mission, though, calls for her to infiltrate herself in a criminal gang (bikers, drug-dealers, etc, this is to be decided if you're interested, but i would prefer bikers). She had had certain ties with similar activity before she became a cop, and has kept her distance ever since, but is now forced to return. However, her chief wants to take her out as revenge (members of his family interracted with her in the past, and he wants to eliminate her for it). He sends her into a dangerous gang. There, she must become one of them, do what they do, and in the end, make arrests based on evidence she collects. Knowing she would be desperate to take the mission in order to advance in rank and escape vice, her chief takes advantage of her in his office, alone or with others (m or f, both work, and this remains to be decided if interested). She accepts everything he does to her only to get away, hoping she would only see him again when reporting the results.

She struggles to impress the gang, putting on quite a show of being rough, independent, strong, a true asset for the team. She gets in and gets respect because she seems to be a natural at what she's doing. She attracts the attention of the gang leader, a powerful man with secrets of his own. There is huge sexual tension between them but he ends up trusting her. When information is leaked by her chief, in order to get her killed, the gang leader decides a different kind of punishment is due. In the end, all truths come out, and he must decide if she is worth believing and keeping, and worth chaging his life for, or they will both die in the fire exchange.

Now, I am all for happy endings, but for this one, I want a happy ending with numerous twists and conflicts. I mean, sure, I am a romantic, but I want some serious non-consensual, forced, bondage and rough action going on. Blackmail is excellent, mind games are superb, and I need the tension.

I love writing quite a lot, I won't write a short novel in each post, but I hate single sentences or even single paragraphs. Also, I want a partner who does not try to control or impose what my character feels/does/thinks. They interract, but they decide for themselves what goes on in and outside them, ok?
This is the synopsis, but of course, it mostly has guideline purpose. I would like biker gangs because I find them fascinating and they would be a good source for a rich and active RP. But I am willing to discuss and accept other variants. What I do want to be kept is the setting : modern, urban, underground, but nothing SciFi or fantasy. The characters, especially the main male role has to be alpha, but please, not the most sadistic, cruel or heart-less you can create. I want domination and yeah, rough-housing, but not gore.

I await questions and suggestions.
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I am interested about this one, will send you a PM with some things related :)
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