A few pilfered ideas

Started by Nexus1199, September 03, 2013, 11:25:40 PM

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1. There is a school boy who appears to be like any other young man, but is very intelligent and sexually active. He had grown bored with school work and has been looking for a challenge. So, He has decided to take on a different kind of challenge to help satisfy her sexual lust. He's been devising a plan to kidnap a female, break her, and train her to be his little house pet. Not wanting his parents to know about her, He plans on keeping her locked up in certain places in the house or lock her up in a dog house far in the woods next to a shed. He is sure He'll figure something out when the time comes. he has managed to keep his videos secret from her parents, after all.
(this one will involve Enslavement, Domination, Rape, Training, Humiliation, Watersports, and Branding.)

2.There is an average young man who lives alone in a one story building. He’s been feeling a bit lonely and has started feeling that there was something missing. He’s been wanting a female companion, but he’s been rejected constantly. Feeling he has no other choice, he decides to just take what he wants. He plans to bring a young female into his home where he will then train her to be his pet. Forcing her to walk on all fours, eat out of a bowl, use the bathroom outside, sleep on the floor, ext, but he also plans to use her body any way he wishes.
(this one will involve Enslavement, Domination, Rape, Pet-Training, Torture, Humiliation.)

3. There is a young man who would spend his life mooching off of others. He would ask for money from his family, but they just had enough of him and kicked him out. Seeing no other choice, he decides to move in with his girlfriend. He would force her to cook, clean, and even make her give him money. He would pretty much treat her as a slave while living in the apartment. When making her cook, he would always make sure she gets a very small portion since he doesn’t want her getting fat. She is pretty much trapped in the house until it is time for her to work since he wouldn’t let her leave. He would abuse her physically and mentally, forming her into something he desired. He would often tell her that he wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t for his family kicking him out.
( This one shall involve Enslavement, Domination, Rape, Molestation, Pet-Training, Torture, and Watersports)

4.There is a young man that appears calm, kind, and sweet, but he has a dark hobby. He enjoys manipulating young woman into doing what he wants. Most of the time, he’d ask for money or get them to pay for him, but what he really enjoys is his sexual encounters with them. It starts out just with oral and typical sex, but he’d coax them into doing other lewd acts to the even more extreme, even if they don’t want to do it or even like it. He finds it entertaining to put them into such degrading and humiliating situations. Once he has his fun, he’ll usually pass her onto his friends while he relaxes.
(This one shall involve Domination, Molestation, Manipulation, Pet-training, Humiliation, Watersports, and Branding)