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Author Topic: Ideas, Requests, Plots, Themes  (Read 677 times)

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Ideas, Requests, Plots, Themes
« on: September 03, 2013, 08:07:08 PM »
Please consider this thread very much a work in progress. I'm not very good at expressing what I'm looking for, but I'm trying to organize my thoughts better.

Some general points:
  • Please contact me by PM if you'd like to discuss something in this thread (or something else!)
  • A lot of these are quite vague: I have more details that I can provide, but I don't want to constrain someone's creativity by scripting for them
  • A couple of these are MMF or MFF plots. In these, I don't mind whether we find three individual players, or one of us takes on two roles. I know generally MMF roles don't get picked up, but I've tried to provide an equal spread of MFF scenarios too.
  • Most details about the stories are flexible.
  • Content codes are just suggestions.

The Kept Woman (MF, D/s)

A long-term, romantic exploration of D/s. It started with him holding her chair for her and paying for dinner, but soon he was telling her what to wear and who she could spend time with. A controlling, demanding kind of domination is necessary, and not purely smut-oriented.

Electronic Dance Music (MF?, VAN)

More of a general theme than a plot, I'd love to have EDM feature in a storyline, whether meeting at a rave, clubbing in the Balearic, or trying to make it on the underground circuit. It would be cool to feature knowledge of the genre as a subplot. Likely to feature drug references.

It's Called Adult For A Reason (MF?, VAN?)

A long-term, romance storyline featuring other sexual aspects. A young couple enter the world of pornography and find it affects their relationships with their families, friends - and each other. Could become a multiple character story.

Sizing Up The Opposition (MF, VAN)

A romantic storyline, with possible quirky comedy. He's a basketball player, she's a gymnast. They're attracted to each other, but the height difference is a genuine obstacle to their success as a couple. A long term story following their attempts to come to term with this.

Unchained (MF, BON?)

A story of perspectives. A freedom fighter frees a slave courtesan: who does not want to be freed and regards her "liberator" as having violated her. Will he allow her to return to servitude, or convince her to accept her freedom - or find a third path? I'd prefer a sci-fi or fantasy setting for this.

Yin-Yang (MF, VAN?)

An taboo interracial romance. I'd really love to do one set in South Africa, but I'm open to other settings.

An Uninvited Guest (MMF, VAN?)

A cheating/adultery romance. A young wife can't stand the friend of her new husband's who's come to stay with them for a while. She doesn't like him at all, she doesn't want anything to do with him, she can't wait for him to leave - so, wait, why is she getting into bed with him?

Scars of War (MMF, NC?)

A different kind of cheating/adultery story. A young couple offer to take care of their friend when he returns from military service. But he's been changed by combat and grief, and hardened to life. Can the wife coax life out of him, and how will her efforts to help him affect her marriage?

Size Really Does Matter (MMF, VAN)

Another cheating/adultery story, with a twist. I see so many "size matters" cuckold stories that I thought a reverse on that might be fun: specifically, a woman cannot have anal sex with her well-endowed partner, but begins to enjoy it with a more realistically-sized lover. Kind of a silly idea, but an effort to push my normal limits and have fun.

Extra Lessons (MMF?, VAN)

A teacher-student-student love triangle story. Quite a basic idea, could go in a number of different directions.

What We Want (MMF, VAN)

A cliche complex romance. A couple want to get pregnant, and bring in their friend to help. There's nothing artificial about the insemination - or the consequences it has for their subsequent relationship.

A Teacher's Duty (MFF, D/s)

A student and her father are having an affair together, and her teacher discovers this shocking secret. But does she simply confront them - or does she end up getting sucked into their dynamic?

The Two Cultures (MFF, VAN)

A romantic, taboo storyline. One sister is arty and flighty, one rational and scientific. Both fall for the same man. As the competition and jealousy heats up, how much does sibling rivalry trump desire?

What Does He See In Her? (MFF, VAN)

A romantic love triangle. The partner of an artist becomes jealous and suspicious of his relationship with his beautiful model.

Things Will Never Be The Same (MFF, VAN?)

A twist on the adultery/cheating stories, this time featuring two women as the married couple. They're lesbians - at least, until he arrives.

Blood Is A Bodily Fluid Too (MFF, EX)

Two friends becomes the infatuated apprentices of a depraved serial killer, and compete for his affections in increasingly severe acts of criminality. This one would be really pushing the boat out in terms of kinks for me, so some of the story could be omitted and hinted at off-screen: it's more about the psychological element than the gore.

I find it so hard to put down what I want that I've never been good at idea/request threads. So for this one, I've tried to be consistent to a particular theme that interests me and riff my general setting ideas around that. The theme is therefore more important than the details of particular scenes, and the content of these could verge from almost Vanilla to almost Extreme. Contact me if any are workable or other ideas following on from this theme present themselves.

Current Theme: Bullying

I would never sanction bullying in real life (including OOC bullying related to E: this is all strictly roleplay). But many people play out things they would not really sanction in real life - abuse, violence, infidelity, and worse - through the medium of roleplay. So I'm looking to take that taboo feeling of being picked on, pushed about, teased and mocked, treated as less than equal, and develop it in some scenes. To reiterate, the scene ideas are mere sketches: details could change once we add our colour, so the "sample plots" I've included are just thoughts, and not intended to be prescriptive.

New Girl

She's the new girl at work, and doesn't fit in well with the masculine culture. Pretty soon, she's been identified as a bit of a weak link and starts getting picked on and singled out by the biggest bully.

New Boy

She knows how hard it is to be new, so when the transfer student arrives, she makes an effort to befriend him. Except it turns out he's a massive bully and pretty soon is more popular than her, using his new status to take what he wants from her.

The Houseguest

A domestic setting. An old friend/family member has returned from military service and needing to get back on his feet, comes to stay at the house for a while. But it's clear his military ways haven't left him: he's a mean bully, pushing everyone around, and taking what he wants.


A woman begins a secret affair with a man who bullies her partner. Despite him being a jerk she finds herself giving in more and more to his wicked demands.


A diligent student starts tutoring a wayward bully. But instead of getting him to reform his ways, she just ends up making herself his next victim.

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