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May 20, 2018, 01:12:37 PM

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Author Topic: New Thinking [F/F]  (Read 304 times)

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New Thinking [F/F]
« on: September 02, 2013, 09:53:18 PM »
Just a few ideas, thanks for the look. <3

Unfortunately this time I've only come up with FxF ideas, sorry guys! I'll try harder next time for y'all.

In the mean time the only thing I feel I should add before hand is writing ability matters to me. If you don't feel confident you can regularly give me at least three paragraphs or so of quality, we may not be such a good fit. Sorry.

Interested in anything below? Send me a PM and let me know, thanks!

The Ides of Hamilton High

What happens when the order of things in a cozy coastal Carolina town comes apart at the seams? When the teen queen and pride of Hamilton Shores' wealthiest family is outed as a lesbian, both pressure from her family and outrage from a community that feels betrayed leaves her isolated on all fronts. Except for the attentions of one girl in her class that doesn't feel the same hate; one girl that's learned the truth behind the false belief that the teen queen is a lesbian, and the criminal blackmail behind it.

OOC stuff:

Looking for someone to fill the 'one girl' role. I can be as vague and open about the role, or as narrow and directive for the role, as needed by anyone interested. Although it's always fun when people bring their own ideas, right? Sure!

My initial idea is for romantic feelings to develop in pursuit of truth and justice between the two girls.

Love and Murder

A young woman bored with her life and facing a terminal young marriage meets a breath of fresh air; a person that's different, a person that's there's just something special about...about a person that just happens to be a woman. But when a secret affair coming to light is vastly overshadowed by the truth that this new woman is an assassin with a contract for the young woman's husband? Does she stand in the way? Does she turn her back? Does she try to talk the contract killer down and appeal to feelings the young woman is convinced weren't just an act?

OOC stuff:

This is fairly straight forward, and there's all sorts of room for various character types and backgrounds with which the story could easily work. So hopefully it's easily approachable. I thought it up with a mind for playing the assassin, but honestly I could play either role.

The Undying

The initial outbreak took place in New York City. The virus had a delayed reaction, bioengineered into the virus to help it spread globally before any government could react quickly enough to quarauntine and control the spread. Some stories say it was a government weapon gone wrong, others a twisted fantasy by a talented microbiologist wanting to live out his Walking Dead fantasies. It didn't matter, there was no one left to investigate exactly how it happened. When the dust settled, pockets of humanity survived in fortified centers and overlording mass stretches of land nearly grown wild again. Mass communication is limited to short wave radio, and only the biggest of fortified survival centers have any kind of power for any stretch of time. Everyone still lives in fear of the great herds.

A survivor group dubbed the Amazons for their female dominance in group population and influence discover a lone girl at their gates. A girl with a bite mark, but no infection. Word of the discovery soon leaks to nearby survivor groups, and fear grows after scouts are seen that an attack to steal the girl might come at any time. Believing the best chance to get the girl into the right hands is a single scout to sneak past rival groups in the wastelands. Whether this Amazonian scout has plans of her own, however, may well change the fate of humanity itself.

OOC stuff:

This can go anywhere from something romantic to something NC and twisted. Given the zombie genre and the possibilities therein, no a lot of limitations.