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Author Topic: Flight of the Broken-Winged Crane [Exalted 2.5 GSPs & More - Recruitment Thread]  (Read 17211 times)

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Offline Rajah

PAPR is tentatively approved on the condition that the target-number lowering ability is not cumulative with any other effects that lower a target number.

Possible to appeal for "no combination of effects including this Charm can lower TNs by more than Essence/2"? That caps me at 2 now and at 3 until Essence 7 (IE, [Yozi] Inevitability Technique), which is the long-forseeable future. Neither Fate-Rending Desperation nor Soul-Crack Exploitation have caps; perhaps that could be a general cap for effects that lower TN?

NCTA is approved on the condition that I want to see how it plays out.  I'm wary about persistent effects that increase minimum damage, particularly as minimum damage is one of the things that 2.5 tended to put the hammer down on.  Everything else looks good so far tho.

Actually, given the existence of Green Sun Nimbus Flare, it's probably over-enthusiastic on my part. How about just a flat raise of 1, to a total of O3? The real issue with MHM is that it tends to fail against Hardness, and that's solved.

Online Zaer Darkwail

I remember MHM had O tag dmg 2 (and I am also interested on that charm as it's bread and butter to every defiler thanks able mimic workshops and even speed up building times and even conjure crafting materials from bodies of extras). MHM fails on hardness but it should not be taken as weakness which needs removed but rather get means overcome the hardness.

Chorgath's answer to that is turning his body into killing machine with celestial circle sorcery (boosting his Str and also unarmed strike dmg is boosted and he can mimic any melee or martial art weapon he wishes to strike things). Another method is to use summoned minions maul people with hardness.

Not to mention I remember there was Malfean or other yozi charms which laugh off on hardness. Or pick martial arts and combo MA with telekinetic attack (example first charm; five-dragon claw, makes any unarmed attack ignore hardness).

Offline Rajah

I remember MHM had O tag dmg 2 (and I am also interested on that charm as it's bread and butter to every defiler thanks able mimic workshops and even speed up building times and even conjure crafting materials from bodies of extras). MHM fails on hardness but it should not be taken as weakness which needs removed but rather get means overcome the hardness.

The issue is mostly the paradigm shift after 2.5e; ping-spam, which MHM was built for, doesn't work any more and armor is much more of a mainstream consideration (it was made cheaper when perfects were made expensive), against which a flat (Essence) damage is next to irrelevant. It has good native accuracy, but not enough to reliably give you the threshold successes you need, and so you end up in a position where just MHM alone is ineffective.

Inventing an expansion to fix that is more or less the same idea as Five-Dragon Claw, except this is an E4 six-prerequisite Infernal Charm instead of an E1 Terrestial Style opener, and I'm committing 20M rather than spending 1.

Online Zaer Darkwail

True that ping spam is pointless this point and that MHM becomes irrelevant against hardness. Also it would be ironic that She Who Lives By Her Name was beaten by solar who had hardness 12 via wearing reinforced power armor (as she could not muster more than 10L dmg with her MHM).

My own suggestion is house ruled expansion charm or re-purchase of the original again in essence 4 to allow with 1m expenditure to ignore hardness (as first re-purchase allows apply crippling amputation conditions instead of dmg while hitting foes with lethal dmg).

Offline ChaoticSky

True that ping spam is pointless this point and that MHM becomes irrelevant against hardness. Also it would be ironic that She Who Lives By Her Name was beaten by solar who had hardness 12 via wearing reinforced power armor (as she could not muster more than 10L dmg with her MHM).
To be fair, Merela strangled a primordial to death. Which is even more ridiculous (they dont breathe)

Offline ShadowFox89

To be fair, Merela strangled a primordial to death. Which is even more ridiculous (they dont breathe)

 Merela is a Mary Sue, and will have my eternal hatred because of it. She's no better than Stella from Twilight in my view.

Offline Dracorion

Hey, Clinches cause damage regardless of whether or not you're strangling or kicking a guy in the shin.

Online Zaer Darkwail

To be fair, Merela strangled a primordial to death. Which is even more ridiculous (they dont breathe)

I would suspect the strangling this case broke primordials spine than suffocating it to death. Higher tier solar hero charms allow grapple planet sized objects and cause multiplied dmg vs them via a clinch.

Merela is a Mary Sue, and will have my eternal hatred because of it. She's no better than Stella from Twilight in my view.

And so is Scarlet Empress a Mary Sue in a way. But overall writers did not write neither char's personalities too well (Mnemon is only a hint how Scarlet Empress behaved before she whored herself to TED canon wise).

Offline Wheresmycow

I wouldn't worry about giving Sanger demonic tattoos.  Part of it is that in terms of narrative, it's uninteresting to me if any ol' demon was melted down and turned into ink.  If Sanger is going to get a demonic tattoo, it's got to add to his legend somehow, and be something I want to excitedly tell my friends about.

Also, I've been so focused on my own pulp novels that I forgot that Sanger appears in other peoples.  ShadowFox and Draco, what did you two have in mind?

Offline Dracorion

Mnemon Jubal, Sanguine Ruby of the Desert

Motivation:Forge a new Dynasty to rule.
Intimacies:+The Realm (Love), +The Scarlet Throne (Covet), +The Empress (Respect), +Mnemon (Respect), +Mnemon Semara (Love), +Cathak Tedow (Respect), +Cheyre Sierra (Protective love), +Tedore Lumiei (Protective love), +Yakedu Siai (Protective love), +Handmaidens (Protective love), -Hubris (Despise), -The Guild (Contempt), -Incompetence (Dislike)
Anima:A burning corona of fire swirling around him, flames licking out sporadically, barely restrained.
Birthday:23rd of Resplendent Fire
Weight:190 lbs
Hair:Orange shoulder-length hair
Eyes:Vibrant green

Character Stats

[] Linguistics•••••[•] Awareness•••••[•] Athletics•••••
[] Lore•••••[] Craft•••••[•] Dodge•••••
[] Occult•••••[•] Integrity•••••[•] Melee•••••
[] Stealth••••[] Resistance••••[•] Presence••••
[] Thrown•••••[] War•••••[•] Socialize•••••
[] Bureaucracy•••••[] Archery•••••Presence - Persuasion•••
[] Investigation•••••[] Medicine•••••Martial Arts - Swords•••
[] Larceny•••••[] Performance•••••Linguistics - Flametongue••
[•] Martial Arts•••••[] Ride•••••Linguistics - Riverspeak••
[] Sail•••••[] Survival••••

Languages: High Realm (native), Low Realm, Old Realm, Flametongue, Riverspeak

Artifact: Red Jade Daiklave, Jade Hearthstone Bracers, Jade Reinforced Breastplate, Skin Mount Amulet••••
Manse: Candent Carbuncle (Daiklave), Seven Leaping Dragons Stone (Skin Mount Amulet), Kata-Sculpting Gem (Hearthstone Bracers)•••••
Connections: The Golden Triumvirate•••••
Backing: 3rd Mnemon Legion••••
Family: Mnemon, Mnemon Semara•••••
Allies: Mnemon Semara••••
Henchmen: Cheyre Sierra (spy/infiltrator), Tedore Lumok, Yakedu Siai (minions/bodyguards/commanders)•••••
Retainers: Five courtesans•••••
Reputation: Accomplished Dragonlord•••••
Mentor: Cathak Tedow (Martial Arts)•••••

Virtues and Willpower

Virtue Flaw: Conviction

Willpower: ••••• •••••

Essence and Charms
Essence: ••••• •••••
Personal Pool: 17/17
Peripheral Pool: 48/48 (40+8)
Overdrive Pool: 0/10

CHARMS (274xp)
  • First Athletics Excellency
  • Second Awareness Excellency
  • Second Dodge Excellency Excellency
  • Safety Among Enemies
  • Elemental Defense Technique: Fire
  • Second Integrity Excellency
  • Language-Learning Ritual
Martial Arts
  • First Martial Arts Excellency
  • First Melee Excellency
  • Dragon-Graced Weapon: Fire
  • Dragon-Graced Weapon: Water
  • Refining the Inner Blade
  • Dragon Blade Beneficence
  • Second Presence Excellency
  • Auspicious First Meeting Attitude
  • Second Socialize Excellency
Five-Dragon Style
  • Five-Dragon Claw
  • Five-Dragon Force Blow
  • Five-Dragon Fortitude
  • Five-Dragon Blocking Technique
  • Five-Dragon Form
  • Five-Dragon Invulnerability
  • Five-Dragon Fist
  • Five-Dragon Wrath

Combat Statistics
-0[ ]
-1[ ][ ]
-2[ ][ ]
-4[ ]
DYING[ ][ ][ ]

  • Physical
Clinch5153B-1C, N, P
Red Jade Daiklave41911/2L83O

  • Physical
Natural Soak:  1L/3B
Armor Soak: 10L/9B
Total Soak: 11L/12B
Hardness:  8L/8B
Dodge DV:  7
Parry DV:  8

  • Social
Dodge MDV:  8
Parry MDV: 4 [Presence]

Jubal is the youngest son of Mnemon, more militant than many of his family, he was nonetheless gifted with passion and fervor that served him well and impressed his mother. Definitely not a dull child, he proved to have a tongue as sharp as his blade, handling himself easily in the battlefield as well as the social arena. While not as studious as other scions of Mnemon, his mother saw the advantage in having a militant son, and Jubal was treated like a prince. Attending the House of Bells he met his mentor, Cathak Tedow, who taught him martial arts and the two would continue their master-teacher relationship from years. Jubal graduated with honors from the House of Bells, at which point he demonstrated that he had inherited his mother's ambition by securing a position as a dragonlord in the 3rd Mnemon Legion, led by General Carada, through a combination of his own merits and blackmail leverage. Carada was not thrilled about an upstart finding out about his drug trade, but he had little say in the matter, and Mnemon did not mind seeing someone she considered a substandard member of her house being exploited for her son's benefit.

As a dragonlord, Jubal made his fame as part of the third legion's campaign in the West and South. His dragon is responsible for routing the Fair Folk at the Battle of Seahaven. He brokered the peace treaty with the rebel leaders of An-Teng, and cowed the Despot of Gem into paying the full tribute he owed the Realm on time. By all appearances, Jubal would soon replace Carada, but not one day after General Carada left for the Isle after being called back, news arrived of the Isle going dark and the general's whereabouts were unknown. Command of the 3rd legion fell to the satraps of The Lap, where they were stationed at the time, and the dragonlords, among whom Jubal's voice held great weight. The center's disappearance was almost fortunate, as one of the satraps of the Lap had been there at the time, while the other perished when his caraven was attacked in one of the many rebellions against the Realm that sprouted in the South. And so Jubal earned his title when he led the 3rd legion to decimate the delzahn rebels responsible. Mnemon Semara was left as the only remaining satrap of the Lap, Jubal's older sister who favored him greatly. By all accounts, despite the situation of Creation, it seemed the Lap could remain a symbol of stability in the South, under the rule of Mnemon Semara, with the military led by Jubal. Yet, though his sister was all but ready to name him general, Jubal refused and resigned from his post.

Creation, he figured, was going through dark times indeed. Last time things had been bad, an ambitious, intelligent Dragonblood had become the Empress. Why couldn't he do the same? But to do that, he'd need a power, moreso than a base of operations and an army. There were many options available to him, and he intended to go out into Creation and explore them all. The Imperial Manse being foremost on his mind, but with the fog around the Isle it may have been impossible to acquire, Jubal seeks other possibilities for power, as well as allies and locations that could be helpful. He has no qualms about colluding with Anathema to get his way, though the degree to which he trusts them is another matter entirely.

Mnemon: Jubal's mother, who has mixed feelings about her youngest son, but largely positive. On the one hand, he is not a sorcerous power player in the Realm's politics. Regardless of whatever she might say, Mnemon does find sorcerers and students of the occult to be a bit... above, an opinion biased by her own accomplishments and her mother's. Nonetheless, Jubal is an ambitious, strong-willed Dragon, and a proficient military leader close to herself, and Mnemon sees the advantages of such. Not to mention, Jubal is no slouch in the arena of politics, and is as impassioned a speaker as he is a warrior. All in all, Mnemon does respect Jubal for staying true to himself, playing to his strengths and achieving success because of that.


Mnemon Semara: Jubal's sister, who is many years older than him. She takes more after Mnemon, having been one of the big political power players in the Realm, ambitious and shewd. Through her own painstaking effort and with Mnemon's help, Semara was assigned as one of the satraps of the Lap. It was assumed that she could easily dominate the other two satraps and give House Mnemon access to the Lap's plentiful resources. She supports Jubal's bid for command of the 3rd legion, and was surprised when he rejected the position, though quickly changed her mind after he explained his ambitions.

Mnemon Semara

Cathak Tedow: Jubal's martial arts master, a middle-aged Fire Aspect residing in Port Rawar. A militant Dynast, he has little tolerance for political gains, but he respects his pupil's interest in such things.

Cathak Tedow

Cheyre Sierra: Jubal's subordinate, an unexalted patrician of the Realm, who joined the military in the hopes of serving her country and accruing a reputation and honor for herself despite not being a Dragonblood. Her skill at subterfuge landed her a role as a spy under Jubal's command, where she hoped to attain the honor she sought. She adores and admires Jubal as a capable leader, powerful warrior and benevolent master. He treats her with kindness and fairness, and has taken her as one of his lovers.

Cheyre Sierra
Motivation: Prove that even mortals can attain great honor.
Intimacies: +Mnemon Jubal, +Tedore Lumiei, + Yakedu Siai, +Handmaidens, +Honor, +The Realm, -Dereliction of duty.
Virtues: Compassion 1, Temperance 3, Conviction 3, Valor 2.
Characteristics:Geared toward stealth, theft, finding evidence, social sabotage, and assassination. Also fairly principled and willful.

Tedore Lumiei, Yakedu Siai: Another pair of Jubal's subordinates, talon captains in his dragon. They are exemplary commanders and warriors, having drawn Jubal's eye with the accomplishments and prompting him to take them under his wing. The two admire and look up at their commander faithfully, serving him dutifully whether it be in the battlefield or his bedchambers. Lumiei was a dutiful daughter of the Realm, looked down upon in the military for being a woman and being unexalted, despite her aspirations to serve. Nonetheless, she wasn't discouraged and swore to do her best for the Realm, despite what anyone else might think. Siai hails originally from Lookshy, a disgraced warrior and the sole remaining master of her family's sword style, she was taken in by the Realm and conscripted, and seeks to regain her honor by passing down her disgraced style.

Tedore Lumiei
Motivation: Preserve the glory of the Realm.
Intimacies: +Mnemon Jubal, +Cheyre Sierra, +Yakedu Siai, +Handmaidens, +Duty, +the Realm, -Incompetence.
Virtues: Valor 3, Conviction 3, Temperance 1, Compassion 2.
Characteristics: Geared toward warfare, combat and command. Is also fairly educated in academic knowledge and dealing with bureaucracy.

Yakedu Siai
Motivation: Perpetuate her father's sword style.
Intimacies:+Mnemon Jubal, +Cheyre Sierra, +Tedore Lumiei, +Handmaidens, +the Realm, +Helping others, -Avarice, -Slavers, -Lookshy.
Virtues: Compassion 3, Temperance 2, Valor 2, Conviction 2.
Characteristics: Favors melee, warfare and command, as well as more flavorful abilities like Performance and Craft.

Handmaidens: Jubal's faithful handmaidens, handpicked loyal beauties originating from the Threshold that serve his ever mundane need, from cooking his food to washing his clothes, to washing his body or tending to his home. He does not treat them any less kindly than he does any of his military subordinates, as he holds all the girls and their professions in equal regard. Their names are Early Summer Rain, Fluttering Dolphin, Joyous Amethyst, Glorious Dayspring and Radiant Sky.

Joyous Amethyst (far left), Early Summer Rain (middle left), Glorious Dayspring (center), Fluttering Dolphin (middle right), Radiant Sky (far right)

Motivation:Serve Mnemon Jubal to the best of their ability.
Intimacies:+Mnemon Jubal, +Cheyre Sierra, +Tedore Lumiei, +Yakedu Siai, +Order, +Cleanliness, -Unruliness, -Disrespect for other's belongings.
Virtues: Compassion 3, Temperance 3, Conviction 2, Valor 1.
Characteristics: Favor homely skills, maybe some field medicine, and a tiny bit of combat training for self-defense. Each girl could have a particular ability or specialty or two that set them aside from the others.

Total: 710
  • Attributes: 156
  • Abilities: 156
  • Specialties: 24
  • Virtues: 30
  • Willpower: 36
  • Essence: 30
  • Backgrounds: 144
  • Charms: 130
Spent: 706
Left: 4
« Last Edit: September 14, 2013, 03:09:23 pm by Dracorion »

Offline ShadowFox89

 So, WheresmyCow and Rajah, I need to talk to you two about Cail/ana's pulp story and your character's guest role in it. How do you want to do the talking and where?

Offline Wheresmycow

So, WheresmyCow and Rajah, I need to talk to you two about Cail/ana's pulp story and your character's guest role in it. How do you want to do the talking and where?
Any way you want.  In thread, or PM.  You can just give the details of your pulp, suggest how Sanger can help, and I can provide the motivation, or if you want me to suggest the ways he can help, I can do that too.  It's your pulp story, Sanger is just a guest-star.

Offline Dracorion

By the way, here's a charm I'd like to request which I think DBs sorely need:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Harmonious Dragon Stance

Cost: 1m; Mins: Melee 3, Essence 2; Type: Reflexive (Step 2)
Keywords: Combo-OK, Cooperative, Leader, Merged, Stackable
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite Charms: None
The Dragon-Blooded learn to empower their most basic abilities beyond that of mortal stock. Elemental energy buoys his body with grace and strength. When defending against an attack, the Exalt may spend one mote to ignore two points of penalty that applies to his Melee PDV. When fighting alongside an allied Dragon-Blooded, who possess this charm, within (Essence x 20) yards, he ignores an additional point. At Essence 3, this later effect is enhanced increasing it's benefit to two additional points if three total Dragon-Blooded fight with him.

Merged: Dodge

Online Zaer Darkwail

Dracorion: Here is good pic for Mnemon I think;

Offline Dracorion

Thanks Zaer, I already found a picture I think works. Though, frankly, I don't think Mnemon really needs a picture, considering everyone should know her. Which is why I only focused on her relationship with Jubal.

Anyway, now that I'm all caught up, I'll be PMing Wheresmycow and Rajah about pulp stories once I figure those out. Re Z L, feel free to PM me about your ideas if you like, or I will once I get my head on straight.

Offline CessaliTopic starter

I'd forgotten that there were other TN-reducing effects in Yozi Charms out there outside of Mythos Exhultant and Fate-Rending, which was what I was grounding the thought on!  Revised approval for PAPR is as-is.  NCTA increasing the Overwhelming only by 1 will abate my concerns for the time being.

Jubal gets +10xp for the origin story; Harmonious Dragon Stance meets tentative approval.  I'll go math for sheets later Fridayish.
« Last Edit: September 13, 2013, 02:49:23 am by Jarick »

Offline ShadowFox89

 Gonna try and get a background up and then work on the pulp fiction stuff.

Online Zaer Darkwail

Just note to Dracorion: The first charm in dodge tree got errated so that it ignores Dex amount DV penalties when you spend a mote until your DV refresh. So you can get -5 to parry and dodge DV's penalties off.

Offline Dracorion

Yeah, Zaer, I'm aware about Threshold Warding Stance, but paying 1m to negate one point of penalty is horrendously inefficient.

Compared to Solar "pay 2m to ignore all DV penalty" charms, I think 1m to reduce 2 points is fair, plus a little extra cooperative buff is thematic and I think still not too powerful.

By the way, Jarick, how do you want to handle Jubal's henchgirls and retainers?

Online Zaer Darkwail

Dracorio; the charm negates Dex amount of penalty from your DV with 1m use (not 1m per -1, but 1m -dex dots amount). It cannot stack ofc so max penalty you can get off is 5 before essence 6 and increasing Dex. So not ultimate 'negate all DV penalty' button like solars do but you can negate -5 which means you can negate quite lot of penalty.

Offline CessaliTopic starter

As far as distinctly player-affiliated characters like retainers, henchfolk, familiars (demonic or otherwise), and the like go, I'm inclined to suggest that there be something along the lines of joint custody.  They'll be available when you need them (unless Something Strange is going on), you're welcome to use them in your own posts for conversations and interactions, and I'll handle them the rest of the time.

Offline Dracorion

Sounds good, Jarick. Don't need me to stat them out or anything?

Also, Zaer, here's the errata for Threshold Warding Stance:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Threshold Warding Stance

Keywords: Combo-OK, Stackable
In addition to canceling all environmental penalties to Dodge DV, this Charm also negates a single point of other penalties. Multiple activations of this Charm can be stacked to cancel up to a maximum of (Dexterity) points of penalty.

The way I'm reading it, it's saying that activating the charm once (which costs 1m) would negate one point of penalties. To negate more points, you'd have to activate the charm more times, paying 1m each time.

Online Zaer Darkwail

Oh yeah, it seems to be 1m negation per point. In another game player used it to negate all other penalties with just 1m.

Offline CessaliTopic starter

A quick snapshot of Motivations, Virtues, or Intimacies will suffice; if you'd prefer to be more specific, you're absolutely welcome to go into detail.

Offline Rajah

Red-Drenched Maw and the Legend of the Sixth Maiden (Vali)

All is not well in the life of the Artist in Ichor and Antinomy! A curious message delivered in the form of an entire village infected with the same memetic vocal tic leads our hero to return to the Western lands of his birth and his mortal family...where Fate itself appears to be frayed and twisted around a newly-unearthed ruin whose Old Realm glyphs proudly proclaim it the sleeping place the Sixth Maiden! Incursions of Fair Folk, Sidereals driven insane, and mounting evidence that literally nothing is as it seems threaten everything Maw once held dear - and might well have spelled certain disaster, if not for his discovery of an unexpected ally in Valiant Reign of Hope, whose own investigation due to her trade interests and a vanished ambassador was well ahead of his own. With her knowledge, resources, and talents in bringing stability to a region coupled to his prowess and desperation, will the pair be able to keep the place from tearing itself apart, shatter the multiplying chains of a false destiny that unattended could birth a new Ishvara, and rescue Maw's family and Vali's citizens from the depths of the Wyld?

Red-Drenched Maw and the Secret of Dog Island (Elias)

Hunting down a sifu who once betrayed his trust leads Red-Drenched Maw to the misty cliffs of Daoshalde, better known as Dog Island, a curious little city-state discovered by an An-Teng exploratory force some six months prior that appears to be run entirely by sentient dogs. Things take a turn for the weird when Maw realizes that rather than sticking out like a sore thumb, a strange encounter suggests his sifu appears to have become a dog like the rest of the island - and his suspicions are deepened upon meeting Elias, there to unravel a string of abductions that had inconvenienced his latest scheme. They soon discover that the whole island is a Third Circle Soul of Szoreny, broken by a botched summoning and obsessed with replicating Creation in canine the process, meeting their own decidedly creepy dog dopplegangers. That's when they discover the island isn't just replicating Creation, it's replacing it - violently! Can two Green Sun Princes muster enough guile and ferocity to escape the twisted ambition of an Unquestionable made manifest, before they're devoured alive by their mastiff Mark IIs?